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Arms Navarre Arms
   The Navarres of Meaux and New France
   Text by: Marshall Davies Lloyd
   Art by: Marshall Davies Lloyd
Robt. de N. Robert de Navarre: artistic interpretation detail
   1709 Parish of Villeroy--Nov 1791, Detroit
   from Olive Chapman Lauther's Robt. de Navarre:
   the last of the Bourbons
, p iv. tree
Robt. de N. Robert de Navarre: arma virumque
   Book/Cadillac Hotel (1924)articleHigh Quality Burton Library Picture
   220 Michigan Ave. Entrance, Detroit, MI.
   Photo: Constance E. (Taylor) Anderson. See aerial photo.
Fort Fort Pontchartrain (Detroit) 1705 detail
   Charles R. Tuttle, General History of the state of Michigan: with
   biographical sketches, portrait engravings, & numerous illus.

   Detroit: R. D. S. Tyler & Co., p. 273
Catherine Mary Catherine (Navarre) Macomb. tree
   born: April 12, 1757 Detroit, MI.
   died: November 17, 1789 New York, NY.
McDougall George McDougall. tree
   born: Oct. 19 1766, St. Claire, MI. letters
   Adj. General, MI Terr. (1806-1818)
   son of Mary Frances Navarre
Peter Peter Navarre tree
   born: March 28, 1790 Detroit, Michigan.
   died: March 20, 1874 Toledo, Ohio.
Robert Robert F. Navarre, son of Col. Francis
   born: River Raisin, 11 Sept.,1791
   died: Monroe, Michigan.
   Photo: Courtesy of Monroe Historical Society.
1871 Veterans of 1812 Reunion (1871): at Guyor's Island
   Survivors of the Massacre of River Raisin
   Gen. Custer with Peter and Robert F. Navarre
   Photo: Courtesy of Monroe Historical Society.
Navarre Tract Navarre Tract 800 acres, Oregon Oh Full Pic
   Jacques, Robert, Peter, Antoine, Francis, & Alexis Navarre
   C. E. Sherman, Original OH Land Subdivisions,
   Vol. 3, p. 145, Fig. 6 [by Treaty of Maumee, 1833]Treaty of Maumee
Victoria Cadaract Victoria Cadaract (1830-1915)
   ca. 1900 at Curtice, Ohio.Victoriaarticle
   Step Dau. of Francis H. Navarre
   Photo: Courtesy Pat Tucker.
Victoria Cataract Cabin of Victoria Cataract (1830-1915)
   ca. 1900 on Thad Taylor's farm near Curtice, OH.Victoria
   now the Chippewa Golf Course
   Photo: Courtesy Pat Tucker.
Catherine (Gaillard) Navarre Catherine (Gaillard) Navarre (1814-1892) tree Dale\'s photo image from book Bettajoyces copy
   Mother of Maria (Mrs. Robert R.) Navarre
   Josephine Fassett's Hist. of Oregon and Jerusalem, p. 279.
   Submitted: by Dale S. Redd.
Robert C. Navarre Robert C. Navarre (3 Dec 1830-11 Jul 1899) tree card
   Lighthouse Keeper, husband of Lucinda. note
   Eldest sibling of Maria (Mrs. Robert R.) Navarre. vet
   Toledo Pub. Lib. [Local Hist.]: Picture File--Portraits.
Samuel Navarre Samuel R. Navarre (1833-1902) tree
   and Phillisa (Navarre) Navarre (1843-1923)
   Brother of Maria (Mrs. Robert R.) Navarre. vet
   Photo: J. Fassett, Hist. of Oregon and Jerusalem, p 280.
1893 Momeneetown 1893 Momeneetown Schoole-text
   "Class of 1893 to Assist in Momeneetown Reunion"
   Saturday, April 10, [prob. 1943]
   Submitted by: Mary Ellen Schreiter
George and Mary (Momenee) Navarre George & Mary E. (Momenee) Navarre tree
   Golding Wedding Anniversary (30 Jun 1924)
   Bro. of Maria (Mrs. Robert R.) Navarre, sister of Enos Momenee.
   Photo: grandson Richard "Dick" Livingston.
Golden Wedding Double Golden Wedding 19 April 1933 Photo
   Julia Evelyn (Navarre) Fields tree
   & dau. Evelyn J. (Perry) Long tree
   photo: Bend in the River
Believe it or Not Double Golden Wedding 19 April 1933 Cartoon
   Julia Evelyn (Navarre) Fields
   & dau. Evelyn J. (Perry) Long
   image: Ripley's Believe it or Not 10 March 1937.
Jane (Navarre) Navarre Jane (Navarre) Navarre (1860-1935) tree
   Mrs. Lambert E. Navarre; Posthumous dau. of Robert T.
   Youngest sibling of Maria (Mrs. Robert R.) Navarre.
   Photo: Toledo Blade, obit. Friday, 29 Nov, 1935.
Robert Robert R. Navarre (1830-1914) tree
   born: Sept. 3, 1830 Near Presque Isle, Ohio.
   died: Jan. 7, 1914 Toledo, Ohio.
Maria Maria Archangele (Navarre) Navarre (1839-1923) tree
   born: 27 Oct 1839 Monroe, MI.
   died: 4 Jul 1923, Toledo, OH.
   submitted: by Sally Marie (Wiser) Cousino.
Jennie Jennie Navarre c. 1895? (1875-1965) tree
   Granddau. of Peter's brother Alexis.
   Navarre-Williams Papers [collection 0042]
   Canaday Center for Special Collections, U. of Toledo Libraries
Williams 55th Wedding Aniversary c. 1921? article
   Mary Elizabeth Navarre (1845-1932). obit tree
   Cadwalader M. Williams (1841-1923). obit tree
   Courtesy: Juanita Nelms Edgar
Navarres and Kellys Navarres and Kellys, Bay Shore (1890s)
   Isaac Wright. The East Side: Past and Present.
   Toledo: 1894.
   page 64
Mary J. Navarre Mary Josephine (Navarre) Bodi tree
   born: November 3, 1895, Ohio
   died: June 19, 1988, Granada Hills, CA.
   photo: courtesy John Bodi
Photo Album William Navarre (1863-1945) tree
   born: August 18, 1863 Momineetown, Ohio.
   died: October 16, 1945 Toledo, OH
Ellen Ellen (Navarre) Williams/Daso/Gallagher (1867-1925) tree
   born: June 14, 1867, Lucas Co., Oh.
   died: October 26, 1925, 839 McKinley Ave., Toledo, OH
Emma Emma (Navarre) Faneuff (1872-abt. 1895) tree
   born: April 09, 1872, Lucas Co., Oh.
   died: October 02, 1897, Walbridge, Lucas Co., Oh
Mary Mary (Navarre) Eaton/Walters/Carlon (1873-1955)Mary Navarre
   Born: 26 May 1873, Toledo, Ohfamily tree
   Died: 5 Jan 1955, Oregon, Lucas Co., OH
Uncle Lou Photo album Louis André Navarre (1875-1952)
   Born: 9 Sep 1875, Toledo, Oh
   Died: 15 Aug 1952, St. Vincent's Hospital, Toledo
Photo Album Edward Paul Navarre (1880-1956)
   born: 11 Feb 1880, Bono, OHfamily tree
   died: 2 Mar 1956, Toledo, OH
William William Navarre tree
   with Robert H. Navarre's Rifle.
   from Toledo Blade article
   submitted: by Terry Breymaier.
N. Elem. Navarre Day, Navarre Park (9/29/2000)
   Terry Breymaier as Robert the Scout
   with the kids of Navarre Elementry
   submitted: by Terry Breymaier.
ptr and rbt Black Swamp Festival, Pearson Metropark (10/1/2000)
   L: Terry Breymaier as Robert the Scout
   R: Larry Michaels as Peter the Scout
   submitted: by Terry Breymaier.
ptr and rbt Peter Navarre Day, Navarre Park (9/13/2002)
   Robyn Hage, Marshall Lloyd, Terry Breymaier as Robert
   Larry R. Michaels as Peter the Scout
   submitted: by Marshall Lloyd.

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