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Careful: In this table "Husband" often only means "Head-of-house." There are many typos in this chart as it reflects an index and not the census itself. ALWAYS compare to the original census.
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NameRelationColorAgeBirth PlaceImageNumVisitRelatives
OhioLucas, Toledo0055Charles A ArquetteHusbandW31Ohio000909320043Wife Minnie E 31, Kansas
Daughter Naomie V 11, Ohio
Son Russel C 09, Ohio
Son Lester 05, Ohio
Son Clifford 04, Ohio
OhioLucas, Toledo0117Victoria ArquetteMother-in-lawW69Michigan000909430154Husband Charles Sauer (W)
OhioLucas, Toledo0117Charles SauerHusbandW33Ohio036002120154Wife Helen 26, Ohio
Daughter Viola 03, Ohio
Son Roy NR, Ohio
Mother-in-law Victoria Arquette 69, Michigan
OhioCuyahoga, Cleveland0298John BukyHusbandW41HUNG001309060025Wife Emma 33, HUNG
Daughter Emma 12, HUNG
Daughter Helen 10, HUNG
Son John 07, Ohio
Son Victor 05, Ohio
Son Bodi 03, Ohio
Daughter Irene NR, Ohio
OhioLucas0021Adam BodiHusbandW30Ohio002002750140Wife Cora 26, Ohio
Daughter Ercle 08, Ohio
Son Norman 05, Ohio
Daughter Bessie 03, Ohio
Daughter Hellen NR, Ohio
OhioOttawa0167Alfred B BodiSonW25Ohio002002930072Husband Mary Cairl (W)
OhioLucas0021Ambro BodiHusbandW27Ohio002003040299Wife Mirtle 17, Ohio
OhioLucas, Toledo0150Andrew BodiHusbandW32Ohio002003070213Wife Cora 30, Ohio
OhioOttawa0168Asa BodiHusbandW53Michigan002003300098Wife Sarah 68, Kentucky
OhioLucas, Toledo0151Charles BodiBoarderW24HUN002003770309Husband Joseph Kovacs (W)
OhioLucas0021David BodiHusbandW53Michigan00200422, 002004230070Wife Anna 40, Michigan
Son Clarance 15, Ohio
Son Chester 12, Ohio
Daughter Mary 10, Ohio
Son Leo 07, Ohio
Son Emery 05, Ohio
Son David 03, Ohio
Son Richard NR, Ohio
Daughter Elizibith 26, Ohio
OhioSandusky0121David BodiHusbandW60Michigan002004240169Wife Mary 55, Ohio
OhioOttawa0168Dick BodiHired manW34Ohio002004300068Husband Fredrick Velliquette (W)
OhioLucas, Toledo0037Henry BodiHusbandW50Ohio002006030260Wife Mary 48, Ohio
OhioOttawa0168Isaac BodiHusbandW26Ohio002006280072Wife Anna 25, Ohio
Daughter Loretta 05, Ohio
Son Isaac 03, Ohio
Daughter Bessie 02, Ohio
Son Cleo NR, Ohio
OhioLucas0021Isidore BodiHusbandW43Ohio002006310071Wife Gertrude 27, Ohio
Son Lidus 08, Ohio
Daughter Laura 02, Ohio
OhioGuernsey0015John BodiBoarderW28Hungary002006890242Husband Joe Zakyan (W)
OhioLucas0021John BodiAdopted son 24Michigan002006960281Husband William W Bodi (W)
OhioLucas, Toledo0151John BodiBoarderW40HUN002006970312Husband Joseph Gaali (W)
OhioOttawa0168John BodiHusbandW69Ohio002007000097Son William 35, Ohio
OhioCuyahoga, Cleveland0295Joseph BodiHusbandW48HUN002007370059Wife Susan 42, HUN
Son Louis 13, HUN
2 non-relatives
OhioLucas, Toledo0151Joseph BodiBoarderW26HUN002007410068Husband Barney Laszlo (W)
OhioOttawa0168Joseph BodiBoarderW38Michigan002007420101Husband Philip Boboean (W)
OhioGuernsey0015Julius BodiBoarder 21Hungary002007550242Husband Joe Zakyan (W)
OhioMedina, Medina0139Julius BodiROW22HUN002007560328Husband Charles Puczak (W)
OhioLucas, Toledo0151Martin BodiHusbandW32HUN002008180285Wife Katherine 26, HUN
Son Alexander 02, Ohio
Daughter Marie NR, Ohio
NR John Mollnar 14, HUN
3 non-relatives
OhioLucas, Toledo0151Michael BodiBoarder 20HUN002008460068Husband Barney Laszlo (W)
OhioLucas0021Myrtile BodiNR 22Michigan002008570281Husband William W Bodi (W)
OhioLucas0021Peter BodiHusbandW60Michigan002008870154Wife Jullia 61, Ohio
Son Woaha 42, Ohio
OhioLorain, Loraine0096Sam BodiBoarderW41HUN002009240562Husband Istvan Olaji (W)
OhioLucas0021Sam BodiHusbandW47Ohio002009240155Wife Edith H 42, Ohio
Son Charles S 22, Ohio
Son Amiel L 17, Ohio
Daughter Gertrude E 15, Ohio
Son Ruben H 13, Ohio
Daughter Florince A 09, Ohio
Son Roley D 02, Ohio
OhioLucas0021William W BodiHusbandW43Ohio002100790281Wife Cathern 44, Ohio
Son Harvey 19, Ohio
Son Roy 13, Ohio
Daughter Hazel 08, Ohio
Adopted son John 24, Michigan
NR Myrtile 22, Michigan
OhioOttawa0167Mary CairlHusbandW49PENN007601040072Son Alfred B Bodi 25, Ohio
OhioLucas, Toledo0151Paul GaalBoarderW37HUN012800350285Husband Martin Bodi (W)
OhioLucas, Toledo0151Ignase MollnarBoarderW42HUN024603560285Husband Martin Bodi (W)
OhioLucas, Toledo0151John MollnarNRW14HUN024603670285Husband Martin Bodi (W)
OhioLucas, Toledo0151Joseph NamisBoarderW22HUN027002440285Husband Martin Bodi (W)
OhioCuyahoga, Cleveland0295Andrew PowdrachBoarderW18HUN028108640059Husband Joseph Bodi (W)
OhioLucas, Toledo0065Catherine M BreymaierServantW17Ohio005100950194Husband John F Raab (W)
OhioTuscarawas, Zoar0129Charles J BreymaierHusbandW38Ohio005101150019Wife Harriet E 32, Ohio
OhioTuscarawas, Zoar0129Elsie BreymaierGranddaughter
26Ohio005101830010Husband John Greotzinger (W)
OhioCuyahoga, Cleveland0398George BreymaierHusbandW31Ohio005102410015Wife Lucetta C 33, Ohio
NR Isabelle N 09, Ohio
Daughter Ethel J 07, PENN
Daughter Ella G 04, Illinois
Son George C NR, Ohio
OhioCuyahoga, Cleveland0398Isabelle N BreymaierNR
09Ohio005103070015Husband George Breymaier (W)
OhioTuscarawas, Zoar0129Joseph BreymaierHusbandW49Ohio005103850008Wife Bertha 49, Ohio
OhioTuscarawas, Zoar0129Regina BreymaierDaughterW50Ohio005104950010Husband John Greotzinger (W)
OhioCrawford, Bucyrus0009Stephan BreymaierHusbandW57GER005105300063Son August 29, Ohio
Son Arthur 17, Ohio
Son-in-law Arnern Shultz 25, Ohio
Daughter Cora 24, Ohio
Grandchild Thelma NR, Ohio
Grandchild Florence NR, Ohio
OhioTuscarawas, Zoar0129John GreotzingerHusbandW75GER013706990010Daughter Regina Breymaier 50, Ohio
Granddaughter Elsie 26, Ohio
Son Charles Greotzinger 32, Ohio
1 non-relative
OhioCrawford, Bucyrus0009Arnern ShultzSon-in-lawW25Ohio034308090063Husband Stephan Breymaier (W)
OhioTuscarawas0114Charlotte BreymeierHusbandW69Ohio005101210169 living alone
OhioTuscarawas0114Jacob BreymeierHusbandW47Ohio005103150168Wife Caroline 39, Ohio
Son Walter 19, Ohio
Son Herman 12, Ohio
2 non-relatives
OhioTuscarawas0114Charles FromanHired manW25Ohio12203600168Husband Jacob Breymeier (W)
OhioTuscarawas0114Harry SwinehartHired manW20Ohio035909420168Husband Jacob Breymeier (W)
[Top]Chio / Kio
OhioFranklin, Columbus0088Callie BaerMother-in-lawW65CHIO003403790175Husband Thos Akey (W)
OhioHamilton0317Caroline BrayMother 75CHIO003403890181Husband Harry Bray (W)
OhioLucas, Toledo0045Charles ChioBoarderW30Ohio005200270047Husband Samuel Elliott (W)
OhioSandusky, Fremont0113Clara J ChioHusbandW54Ohio005200330008Son Clyde L 31, Ohio
Son Charles 15, Ohio
Son John 05, Ohio
OhioCuyahoga, Cleveland0054Donald ChioGrandson 02Ohio005200400199Husband Emma Keys (W)
OhioSandusky, Fremont0109Dorothy ChioNieceW06Ohio005200410020Husband Lewis Kuyken (W)
OhioLucas0021Joe ChioBoarderW19Ohio005200940249Husband Lowis R Kester (W)
OhioLucas, Toledo0127John ChioHusbandW49New York005200970444Wife Goldie 48, Michigan
OhioLucas0021Leo ChioHusbandW23Ohio005201110226Wife Lula 20, Ohio
Daughter Mildred 03, Ohio
OhioJefferson0114Margaret ChioServantW26New York005201210057Husband Elizabeth Whitten (W)
OhioCuyahoga, Cleveland0054William ChioGrandsonW09Ohio005201700199Husband Emma Keys (W)
OhioCuyahoga, Cleveland0054Emma KeysHusbandW49New York018908570199HUSB Benjamin F 53, N H
Daughter Lotta M 18, Ohio
Son Ralph A 18, Ohio
Son Arthur D 11, Ohio
Daughter Ruby I 11, Ohio
Grandson William Chio 09, Ohio
Grandson Donald 02, Ohio
OhioSandusky, Fremont0109Lewis KuykenHusbandW21Ohio019105680020Wife Nellie 22, Ohio
Niece Dorothy Chio 06, Ohio
OhioLorain, Loraine0096Sajos KioBoarderW24HUN
0210Husband Joe Miklos W
OhioLucas0019Albert CousinoHusbandW45CAN005609450132Wife Rose 36, Ohio
Son George W 17, Ohio
Son Walter 15, Ohio
Son Lawrence 11, Ohio
Son Edmund 08, Ohio
Daughter Alice R 03, Ohio
OhioLucas, Toledo0045Alton D CousinoHusbandW26Michigan005609470174Wife Ella 19, Ohio
OhioLucas, Toledo0050Berman B CousinoHusbandW31Michigan005609570171Wife Adie R 26, Michigan
Daughter Alma M NR, Ohio
OhioCuyahoga, Cleveland0354Charles CousinoHusbandW45Michigan005609610038Wife Elizabeth 46, Ohio
Son Charles W 18, Ohio
Son Clifford A 13, Ohio
Stepdaugther Alma West 26, Ohio
OhioLucas, Toledo0031Clarence CousinoHusbandW27Michigan005609650145Wife Mercede 28, Michigan
OhioLucas0021Dave CousinoHusbandW31Michigan005609680087Wife Sarah W 17, Ohio
OhioLucas, Toledo0045Elizaneth CousinoAuntW50Michigan005700130069Husband John M Schlater (W)
OhioLucas, Toledo0153Evelyn CousinoServantW17Ohio005700170183Husband John Dosh (W)
OhioLogas, Toledo0074Frank CousinoROW41FRAN005700220038Husband Frances Mitchell (W)
OhioLucas0021Fredrick CousinoHusbandW26Michigan005700250097Wife Susie 24, Michigan
Son Ervin 04, Ohio
Daughter Gladys NR, Ohio
OhioOttawa, Port Clinton0170Henry M CousinoHusbandW46Michigan005700350515Daughter Alta 26, Michigan
Daughter Clara 21, Michigan
Daughter Ada 19, Michian
OhioLucas0159James CousinoHusbandW38Michigan005700410157Wife Mary A 32, Michigan
Daughter Fred M 11, Michigan
Son Arnold W 09, Michigan
Son James R 07, Michigan
Daughter Beulah 02, Michigan
Son Frank NR, Michigan
OhioLucas0023Jamiary T CousinoHusbandW39Michigan005700440232Wife Luyc 34, Ohio
Son Leonard 14, Ohio
Daughter Magdelene 12, Ohio
1 non-relative
OhioLucas0021Joseph CousinoHusbandW52Michigan005700640090Wife Mary 51, Michigan
Daughter Eveline 17, Ohio
Son Richerd 14, Ohio
Son Ezra 12, Ohio
Son Hubert 09, Ohio
Son Salmon 07, Ohio
OhioLucas0021Lawarnce J CousinoHusbandW38Michigan005700690096Wife Ida M 35, Michigan
Son Walter P 11, Michigan
Daughter Mirtle M 10, Michigan
Son Loyd L 08, Michigan
Son Clayton M 06, Michigan
Son Patrick T 03, Ohio
Son Robert F NR, Ohio
OhioLucas0021Lyman CousinoHusbandW20Ohio005700740184Wife Alma 24, SWED
Daughter Virginia NR, Ohio
OhioLucas, Toledo0077Martin CousinoBoarderW44Michigan005700770003Husband Harold R Farrell (W)
OhioLucas0021Mary CousinoMother
78Mighigan005700790187Husband Richard Cousino (W)
OhioLucas, Toledo0144Michael CousinoHusbandW43Michigan005700840220Wife Alice 39, Ohio
Daughter Zoa 21, Ohio
Son Arthur 18, Ohio
Daughter Grace 15, Ohio
Daughter Edna 12, Ohio
Son David 08, Ohio
Daughter Alta 06, Ohio
Daughter Goldie 04, Ohio
Daughter Beatrice NR, Ohio
Daughter Mabel NR, Ohio
OhioLucas0021Napoleon CousinoNephew
30Ohio005700880187Husband Richard Cousino (W)
OhioLucas, Toledo0142Oscar CousinoBoarderW23Michigan005700920108Husband Mary Gonia (W)
OhioLucas0021Richard CousinoHusbandW41Michigan005700990187Wife Delia 37, Ohio
Daughter Iva M 16, Ohio
Daughter Avon C 10, Ohio
Daughter Anna L 03, Ohio
Daughter Violia D NR, Ohio
Nephew Napoleon 30, Ohio
Mother Mary 78, Michigan
OhioLucas, Toledo0042Ross CousinoROW42Michigan005701020022Husband Thomas Coffe (W)
OhioErie0045Russell CousinoHired manW18Ohio005701020090Husband Jerome Hoffner (W)
OhioLucas0021Victor CousinoHusbandW43Michigan005701150217Wife Fiella 42, Ohio
Son Elmer 21, Ohio
Daughter Elva 13, Ohio
Son Alfia 10, Ohio
Son Ragga 10, Ohio
OhioLucas0023Jennie Morninee Mominee?ServantW16Ohio026407080232Husband Jamiary T Cousino (W)
OhioLucas, Toledo0045John M SchlaterHusbandW28Ohio034407200069Wife Hattie 26, Ohio
Aunt Elizaneth Cousino 50, Michigan
OhioCuyahoga, Cleveland0354Alma WestStepdaugtherW26Ohio038705430038Husband Charles Cousino (W)
OhioLucas0024Louis F BergerHusbandW30Ohio004101340141Wife Clemenza 25, Ohio
Daughter Hazel 04, Ohio
Son Louis M NR, Ohio
NR Noah Cousmo [Cousino] 40, Michigan
Wife Gustine [Mominee] 38, Ohio
OhioDefiance, Defiance0003Albert B DekayHusbandW41New York008302810123Wife Minnie J 38, CAN
Daughter Marion E 09, New York
OhioLucas0023George E DekayHusbandW74N J008304940239Daughter Belle C 33, Ohio
1 non-relative
OhioLucas0023Meik ReilyHired manW34Michigan031101160239Husband George E Dekay (W)
OhioLucas, Toledo0152Joseph Desana, SrHusbandW50Michigan008501020548Wife Eliza 50, Michigan
Daughter Elsie 26, Michigan
Son Joseph, Jr 23, Michigan
Son Arthur 21, Michigan
Daughter Pearl 16, Ohio
OhioLucas, Toledo0153William F DesanaHusbandW27Ohio008503430147Wife Fannie 26, Ohio
Son William J NR, Ohio
OhioLucas, Toledo0141Maxim Fancuff [Faneuff]HusbandW28CAN11506360202Wife Olive 27, Ohio
Daughter Varie 07, Ohio
Son Persey 04, Ohio
Son Delbert 03, Ohio
OhioWood0192Henry J Taneoff [Faneuff]HusbandW33CAN037002490074Wife Mabel M 30, Ohio
Son Henry J 08, Ohio
Daughter Mary E 06, Ohio
Daughter Alloe [Alice] M 04, Ohio
Son Frank T 02, Ohio
Son Edwin S NR, Ohio
OhioLucas0021Isarel [Israel] FaneuffBoarderW18OH
Mose Perry
OhioLucas, Toledo0103Peter FaneuffHusbandW50CAN
0145Wife Onie 51 Virginia
OhioAshtabula, Ashtabula0012Carrie L DartDaughterW40Illinois009603620150Husband Lucinda R Fassett (W)
OhioLucas, Toledo0041Alonzo D FassettHusbandW65PENN010803410056Wife Margaret 65, New York
OhioColumbiana0061Altha FassettSister
76Ohio010803420004Husband Joseph E Fassett (W)
OhioHuron, Monroeville0045Charle A FassettHusbandW49PENN010803610160Wife Eva V 46, New York
Son Hubert W 20, New York
Son Charles W 19, New York
OhioLucas, Toledo0044Clifford FassettHusbandW24New York010803760311Wife Elsie 20, Ohio
Daughter Eva 02, Ohio
Son Charles NR, Ohio
OhioCuyahoga, Cleveland0158Edward FassettBoarderW28MASS010803880014Husband Samuel Ohmer (W)
OhioMontgomery, Dayton0067Francis FassettHusbandW41Missouri010804070242Wife Sallie 40, MISS
Son Franis M 15, Arkansas
Son Oliver K 13, Missouri
Daughter Alice 05, Ohio
1 non-relative
OhioAshtabula, Ashtabula0009Francis C FassettFather-in-lawW68Ohio010804070161Husband Mirt A Tilly (W)
OhioColumbiana0061George G FassettHusbandW38Ohio010804230003Wife Margret J 36, Ohio
1 non-relative
OhioAshtabula, Conneaut0021George W FassettHusbandW44Michigan010804250203Wife Amy G 40, Ohio
Daughter Ethel E Scarls 21, Ohio
Daughter Mable M Fassett 18, Ohio
Son Roy R 14, Ohio
Daughter not named NR, Ohio
Son-in-law Fred H Searles 21, Ohio
1 non-relative
OhioAshtabula, Ashtabula0009Harrett S FassettDaughter
36Ohio010804300124Husband Charles R Stanhope (W)
OhioAshtabula, Ashtabula0009Harry J FassettSon-in-lawW40Ohio010804340124Husband Charles R Stanhope (W)
OhioCuyahoga, Cleveland0368Helen FassettSILW33Ohio010804370276Husband John C Semon (W)
OhioCuyahoga, Cleveland0193Henry FassettHusbandW53Ohio010804390107Wife Jennie 42, Ohio
OhioHamilton, Cincinnati0271Henry FassettHusbandW48Indiana010804400242Wife Henrietta 45, Ohio
Daughter Rose 23, Ohio
Daughter Mary 22, Ohio
Son Will 21, Ohio
Daughter Henrietta 19, Ohio
Daughter Hilda 18, Ohio
Daughter Othelia 16, Ohio
Son Henry 13, Ohio
Son Edwin 11, Ohio
Daughter Coletta 06, Ohio
OhioLucas, Toledo0078John E FassettBoarderW52PENN010804750091Husband Albert Poole (W)
OhioPortage, Kent0098John G FassettHusbandW34Ohio010804760280Wife Ida 32, Ohio
OhioColumbiana0061Joseph E FassettHusbandW56Ohio010804870004Sister Altha 76, Ohio
OhioAshtabula, Ashtabula0009Lily M FassettMother
60New York010805000240Husband Perry H Fassett (W)
OhioAshtabula, Ashtabula0012Lucinda R FassettHusbandW75New York010805060150Daughter Carrie L Dart 40, Illinois
OhioAshtabula, Ashtabula0009Lucy E FassettMother-in-law
60Ohio010805060161Husband Mirt A Tilly (W)
OhioLucas, Toledo0066Mary W FassettMother-in-lawW76Ohio010805190225Husband Morris J Riggs (W)
OhioAshtabula, Ashtabula0011P Neal FassettHusbandW22Ohio010805350065Wife M Nave 20, Ohio
Daughter E Adelle 01, Ohio
OhioAshtabula, Ashtabula0009Perry H FassettHusbandW37Ohio010805370240Mother Lily M 60, New York
OhioCuyahoga0124Philo FassettHusbandW35Ohio010805390079Wife Cassabell 23, Ohio
Daughter Phyllis NR, Ohio
OhioAshtabula, Ashtabula0009Rose FassettMother-in-lawW50Ohio010805460227Husband David Loeb (W)
OhioColumbiana0061Rhea V KesselBoarderW05Ohio019101820003Husband George G Fassett (W)
OhioAshtabula, Ashtabula0009David LoebHusbandW48CAN020808160227Wife Mary N 28, Ohio
Daughter Mina L 04, Ohio
Mother-in-law Rose Fassett 50, Ohio
OhioMontgomery, Dayton0067Mary C OdonnellServantW60Brazil027406720242Husband Francis Fassett (W)
OhioAshtabula, Conneaut0021Lana M RobertsBoarderW18PENN029805950203Husband George W Fassett (W)
OhioLucas, Toledo0066Morris J EiggsHusbandW48Iowa030101420225Wife Alma F 52, Ohio
Mother-in-law Mary W Fassett 76, Ohio
OhioAshtabula, Ashtabula0009Charles R StanhopeHusbandW74R I033502950124Wife Mary W 74, Ohio
Son Clara R, Jr 34, Ohio
Son-in-law Harry J Fassett 40, Ohio
Daughter Harrett S 36, Ohio
OhioCuyahoga, Cleveland0368John C SemonHusbandW34Ohio035804840276Wife Grace E 35, Ohio
SIL Helen Fassett 33, Ohio
OhioAshtabula, Conneaut0021Ethel E ScarlsDaughterW21Ohio036307570203Husband George W Fassett (W)
OhioAshtabula, Conneaut0021Fred H SearlesSon-in-lawW21Ohio036307610203Husband George W Fassett (W)
OhioAshtabula, Ashtabula0009Mirt A TillyHusbandW42Ohio036801700161Wife Birdie E 37, Ohio
Daughter Louise E 14, Ohio
Father-in-law Francis C Fassett 68, Ohio
Mother-in-law Lucy E 60, Ohio
OhioLucas0021Otto F HarrisHusbandw34Ohio016909110003Wife Pearl [Fassett] 34, Ohio
OhioLucas, Toledo0129Frank GarriganHusbandW42Ohio013607630099Wife Alice 28, Michigan
OhioLucas0023John GarriganHusbandW39Knetucky013608430189Wife Katharine 39, Ohio
1 non-relative
OhioLucas, Toledo0150Philip A GarriganHusbandW50Ohio013609340133Wife Alice 47, Ohio
Son Robert A 17, Ohio
OhioLucas, Toledo0151Thomas GarriganHusbandW47Ohio013700050153Wife Mary 43, Ohio
Daughter Marie 16, Ohio
Daughter Helen 10, Ohio
OhioLucas0023Jay TrantBoarderW14Ohio037604830189Husband John Garrigan (W)
OhioWood0192Robert GaulHusbandW29GER012800480115Wife Delia 28, CAN
Daughter Rose A 09, GER
Son Clarence R 02, Ohio
OhioLucas, Toledo0142Frederick BerryBoarderW20Ohio003407470108Husband Mary Gonia (W)
OhioLucas, Toledo0142Oscar CousinoBoarderW23Michigan005700920108Husband Mary Gonia (W)
OhioLucas0044William CannanBoarderW35Ohio006807840014Husband Rosa Gonia (W)
OhioLucas, Toledo0142Edward FrancesBoarderW39Ohio12102730108Husband Mary Gonia (W)
OhioLucas, Toledo0142Eli Le GoniaHusbandW28Michigan013103830107Wife Ethel B 24, Ohio
Daughter June M 03, Ohio
Daughter Ethel 01, Ohio
Daughter Doorthy NR, Ohio
OhioLucas, Toledo0037Martin R GoniaNephew
16Ohio013104860249Husband Colin J Mclellan (W)
OhioLucas, Toledo0037Mary GoniaMother-in-lawW81Michigan013104900249Husband Colin J Mclellan (W)
OhioLucas, Toledo0142Mary GoniaHusbandW47Michigan013104900108Son Lloyd 13, Ohio
6 non-relatives
OhioLucas, Toledo0103Peter GoniaHusbandW37Michigan013105080166Wife Emma M 35, GER
Son Grant P 14, Ohio
Son Orrin J 13, Ohio
OhioLucas0044Rosa GoniaHusbandW40Ohio013105150014Son Oliver 23, Ohio
1 non-relative
OhioLucas, Toledo0142Frederick KasteoBoarderW44Ohio019006760108Husband Mary Gonia (W)
OhioLucas, Toledo0037Colin J MclellanHusbandW42CAN023304680249Wife Julia 42, Ohio
Mother-in-law Mary Gonia 81, Michigan
Nephew Martin R 16, Ohio
OhioLucas, Toledo0182William RyanBoarderW44Ohio031207040108Husband Mary Gonia (W)
OhioLucas, Toledo0142Charles Schwastrewal*BoarderW45Ohio032504630108Husband Mary Gonia (W)
OhioMontgomery, Dayton0114Anna M HalsteadWife
48Ohio015801720018Husband Millier Harlan (W)
OhioMontgomery, Dayton0114Merrie C HalsteadDaughter
15Ohio015802320018Husband Millier Harlan (W)
OhioMontgomery, Dayton0114Thomas W HalsteadGW54Ohio015802430018Husband Millier Harlan (W)
OhioCuyahoga, Cleveland0404Violet HuntMAW17Canada016403570025Husband John Millier (W)
OhioMontgomery, Dayton0114Millier HarlanHusbandw52Ohio017306810017Wife Laura B 42, Ohio
Son Clarence L 10, Ohio
Daughter Datha L 08, Ohio
G Thomas W Halstead 54, Ohio
Wife Anna M 48, Ohio
Daughter Merrie C 15, Ohio
OhioStark0209Jacob LuginbuhlHired manW78Switz021406190139Husband Michael Millier (W)
OhioAllen, Lima0019Frank C MillierHusbandW38Illinois024706280197Wife Olive 35, Ohio
Daughter Effa 16, Ohio
Son Dana 14, Ohio
Son Carl 12, Ohio
OhioCuyahoga, Cleveland0404John MillierHusbandW37Canada024804740025Wife Lena G 31, Canada
Son John Kerr NR, Ohio
1 non-relative
OhioLucas, Toledo0155Joseph MillierHusbandW72CAN024807280148Wife Amelia 65, CAN
OhioCuyahoga, Cleveland0192Junes P MillierLOW36Georgia024807950015Husband Bessie M Webb (W)
OhioUnion, Richwood0153Lizzy MillierBoarderW66Ohio024809200082Husband Elizabeth K Vaughan (W)
OhioOttawa0164Louis B MillierHusbandW33Ohio024809520022Wife Jennie 30, Ohio
Son Urban L 10, Ohio
Wife Cleo V 09, Ohio
Son Roy S 07, Ohio
Son Almerick B 04, Ohio
Daughter Florence T 03, Ohio
OhioStark0209Michael MillierHusbandW38Switz024902730139Wife Louisa 32, Switz
Daughter Freeda E 08, Ohio
Son John J 04, Ohio
Daughter Clara M 02, Ohio
1 non-relative
OhioMarion0099Oliver MillierHusbandW25Ohio024903930157Wife Ada 19, Ohio
Daughter Viola NR, Ohio
OhioSummit0175Ray W MillierHusbandW37Ohio024905330094Wife Grace 29, Ohio
Daughter Elsie Grace 11, Ohio
OhioBelmont0039Millier PuevicoBoarderW22Montenegr027704330183Husband Reaster Droop (W)
OhioLucas0023Claren BavenhtselNephewW33Ohio001206630152Husband Charllotte Momany (W)
OhioLucas0023Doretha Dlaughterbec*MotherW90GER008900890152Husband Charllotte Momany (W)
OhioLucas0023Charllotte MomanyHusbandW52Ohio025302520152Daughter Florence 20, Ohio
Boy Dean 18, Ohio
Mother Doretha Dlaughterbec* 90, GER
Nephew Claren Bavenhisel 33, Ohio
OhioLucas0023Dean MomanyBoy
18Ohio025302560152Husband Charllotte Momany (W)
OhioLucas, Toledo0057Julia BartleyMother-in-lawW78German004304450390Husband Isadore Momenee (W)
OhioLucas0023Caroline MomeneeMother-in-lawW68Michigan025302480265Husband Richard Navarre (W)
OhioLucas, Toledo0144Edward MomeneeHusbandW27Ohio025302600278Wife Elizabeth 27, Ohio
Daughter Helon 03, Ohio
OhioLucas, Toledo0091Emma MomeneeHusbandW54Michigan025302660264Son Anthony J 33, Ohio
Son Henry 24, Ohio
OhioLucas, Toledo0157Emma MomeneeHusbandW56Ohio025302660084Son Anthony J 33, Ohio
Son Henry 24, Ohio
Son-in-law Frank Roach 30, Michigan
Daughter Elmira 27, Ohio
OhioLucas0023Enos MomeneeHusbandW60Michigan025302660233Wife Elisabeth 56, Ohio
Son Edward J 25, Ohio
Son Leo E 21, Ohio
Daughter Ada E 18, Ohio
Son Walter T 16, Ohio
OhioLucas, Toledo0057Isadore MomeneeHusbandW47Ohio025302900390Wife Elizabeth 49, Ohio
Daughter Irene 23, Ohio
Son Omer 21, Ohio
Son Alphonse 18, Ohio
Mother-in-law Julia Bartley 78, German
OhioLucas0023Roma MomeneeHusbandW23Ohio025303470234Wife Octavia 21, Ohio
OhioLucas0023Wallace MomeneeHusbandW34Ohio025303570258Wife Alice 27, Ohio
OhioLucas0023Richard NavarreHusbandW55Ohio026509340265Wife Caroline 46, Michigan
Son Loui 18, Ohio
Son James 10, Ohio
Son William 06, Ohio
Mother-in-law Caroline Momenee 68, Michigan
OhioLucas, Toledo0157Elmira RoachDaughter
27Ohio029906810084Husband Emma Momenee (W)
OhioLucas, Toledo0157Frank RoachSon-in-lawW30Michigan029908250084Husband Emma Momenee (W)
OhioScioto, Portsmouth0148Harland NavarreBoarderW23Michigan026508860319Husband James Hendershot (W)
OhioLucas0158William BettingerHusbandW53Ohio002208690161Wife Mary 50, Ohio
Nephew William Mominee 15, Ohio
OhioLucas, Toledo0111Fannie ColemanHusbandW42Indiana006300950301Nephew Anthony Mominee 42, Ohio
OhioLucas, Toledo0111Fannie ColemanHusbandW42Indiana006600950301Nephew Anthony Mominee 42, Ohio
OhioLucas0023James C GariganBrother-in-lawW52Ohio013608270187Husband Charles J Mominee (W)
OhioLucas, Toledo0050Edwin S LabadieBrother-in-lawW22Michigan020905190122Husband Joseph Mominee (W)
OhioLucas, Toledo0050Raphel O LabadieBrother-in-law
28Michigan020905660122Husband Joseph Mominee (W)
OhioLucas0024Adolphus MomineeHusbandW24Ohio025302360140Wife Magdaline 24, Ohio
Son Floyd A 01, Ohio
OhioLucas, Toledo0111Anthony MomineeNephewW42Ohio025302420301Husband Fannie Coleman (W)
OhioLucas, Toledo0056Charles MomineeHusbandW42Michigan025302510281Wife Corie 37, Indiana
Son Earl 13, Ohio
Daughter Ethel 11, Ohio
Son Edwin 09, Ohio
Daughter Irene 04, Ohio
OhioLucas0023Charles J MomineeHusbandW42Michigan025302520187Wife Mary J 42, Ohio
Brother-in-law James C Garigan 52, Ohio
OhioLucas, Toledo0157Clara MomineeHusbandW30Ohio025302530160Brother Herman I 20, Ohio
OhioLucas0023Cornelius MomineeServant
15Michigan025302550191Husband Louis Mominee (W)
OhioLucas0023Fredrick MomineeHusbandW43Ohio025302750259Wife Pearl 40, Ohio
Daughter Lousinda 20, Ohio
Son Edward 18, Ohio
Daughter Jennie 16, Ohio
Son Fredrick 14, Ohio
Son Richard 12, Ohio
Son Theodore G 03, Ohio
Son Sylvester A NR, Ohio
OhioLucas, Toledo0157Herman I MomineeBrother
20Ohio025302850160Husband Clara Mominee (W)
OhioLucas, Toledo0152Jerome MomineeHusbandW44Michigan025302970252Wife Katy 37, Ohio
Son Norman 18, Ohio
Daughter Avon 16, Ohio
OhioLucas0021John MomineeHusbandW58Michigan025303020084Wife Silmore 43, Michigan
Son Nesse 26, Michigan
Daughter Eva 19, Michigan
Son Cornelius 15, Michigan
Son Ernest 13, Michigan
Son Doris 10, Michigan
Son Dully 08, Michigan
Daughter Garldine 04, Ohio
OhioLucas0023Joseph MomineeHusbandW65Michigan025303120249Wife Louisa 63, FR
OhioLucas, Toledo0050Joseph MomineeHusbandW41Michigan025303120122Wife Rovanna M 32, Michigan
Daughter Blanch L 06, Michigan
Son Edwin J NR, Ohio
Brother-in-law Edwin S Labadie 22, Michigan
Brother-in-law Raphel O 28, Michigan
OhioLucas0023Louis MomineeHusbandW34Ohio025303190191Wife Catherine 35, Kentucky
Daughter Beatrice 12, Ohio
Daughter Gladys 09, Ohio
1 non-relative
OhioLucas, Toledo0150Mabel MomineeServantW22Michigan025303210172Husband Oliver Trudeau (W)
OhioLucas0023P MomineeNR
NRNR025303390214Husband Toussaint Mominee (W)
OhioLucas0023Toussaint MomineeHusbandW55Michigan025303550214Wife Mary 53, Mcihigan
Wife Mary 53, Michigan
Son Orin 18, Ohio
Daughter Agnes 16, Ohio
OhioLucas0158William MomineeNephewW15Ohio025303610161Husband William Bettinger (W)
OhioLucas, Toledo0157Edward W SchwindHusbandW28Ohio035101010157Wife Cecilia A [Mominee] 27, Ohio
Son William Edw 02, Ohio
OhioLucas0024Louis F BergerHusbandW30Ohio004101340141Wife Clemenza 25, Ohio
Daughter Hazel 04, Ohio
Son Louis M NR, Ohio
NR Noah Cousmo [Cousino] 40, Michigan
Wife Gustine [Mominee] 38, Ohio
OhioLucas, Toledo0042Charles A BuckROW35Ohio001302360078Husband Frank D Navarre (W)
OhioLucas, Toledo0036Frank BellSon-in-law
27Michigan002308990316Husband Juliet Navarre (W)
OhioLucas, Toledo0036Jennie BellDaughterW25Ohio002402620316Husband Juliet Navarre (W)
OhioLucas, Toledo0036Thelma BellGranddaughter
NROhio002408390316Husband Juliet Navarre (W)
OhioLucas, Maumee0163Rachel CoderHusbandW76Ohio005805150035Daughter Mary Navarre 50, Ohio
Grandson Arnold 22, Ohio
OhioLucas0023Thomas CindelHusbandW32Ohio006800960277Wife Attie 29, Ohio
Son N.r. 03, Ohio
Son N.r. NR, Ohio
Son George Navarre 41, Ohio
1 non-relative
OhioLucas, Waterville0161James DonaldsonBoarderW69SCOT009305710080Husband Eli P Navarre (W)
OhioLucas0023Ethel ErvingGranddaughterW13Ohio010504650231Husband Philisa Navarre (W)
OhioLucas, Toledo0152Nickolas FalconeHusbandW38New York011205160328Wife Katharine 43, GER
Stepdaugther Jesse Navarre 25, Ohio
Stepson Jack Haley 24, Ohio
2 non-relatives
OhioLucas, Toledo0041Frank HiltzLOW36Ohio015809390171Husband Maud Navarre (W)
OhioLucas, Maumee0163Mary JosenhansHusbandW66Ohio018001660110Mother Julia Navarre 93, Ohio
OhioLucas, Toledo0041Otto KesslerLOW36Tennessee019104660171Husband Maud Navarre (W)
OhioLucas, Toledo0091Frederick KuehnHusbandW50GER019800250284Wife Laura E 48, PENN
Daughter Elsie E 16, PENN
Son Fred P 14, PENN
Son Charles E 10, Ohio
Daughter Gussie A Navarre 22, PENN
Son-in-law Ernest L 27, Ohio
1 non-relative
OhioLucas, Toledo0041Dorothy MackLO
24Missouri022700870171Husband Maud Navarre (W)
OhioLucas, Toledo0041Edward MackLOW45Michigan022701150171Husband Maud Navarre (W)
OhioLucas, Toledo0041Vivian MackLO
22Missouri022803760171Husband Maud Navarre (W)
OhioLucas0023Caroline MomeneeMother-in-lawW68Michigan025302480265Husband Richard Navarre (W)
OhioLucas, Toledo0152Andrew NavarreHusbandW42Ohio026508430068Daughter Pearl 13, Ohio
Son Elmer 09, Ohio
OhioLucas0023Anna NavarreHusbandW66Ohio026508440080Daughter Jennie 34, Ohio
OhioLucas, Maumee0163Arnold NavarreGrandson
22Ohio026508460035Husband Rachel Coder (W)
OhioLucas0024Edward P NavarreHusbandW30Ohio026508620143Wife Roe M 29, Ohio
Daughter Margaret E 06, Ohio
Daughter Ada M NR, Ohio
OhioLucas, Waterville0161Eli P NavarreHusbandW73Ohio026508630080 1 non-relative
OhioLucas, Toledo0091Ernest L NavarreSon-in-law
27Ohio026508690284Husband Frederick Kuehn (W)
OhioLucas, Toledo0130Frank NavarreINMAW54Ohio026508740001Husband John S Hofner (W)
OhioLucas, Toledo0042Frank D NavarreHusbandW43Michigan026508750078 2 non-relatives
OhioLucas0023George NavarreSonW41Ohio026508800231Husband Thomas Cindel (W)
OhioLucas0024George NavarreHusbandW61Ohio026508810144Wife Marie 51, Michigan
Son Elliott W 27, Ohio
Son Marcus G 11, Ohio
OhioLucas, Toledo0091Gussie A NavarreDaughterW22PENN026508850284Husband Frederick Kuehn (W)
OhioLucas, Toledo0153Hattie NavarreHusbandW57Michigan026508880205Son Melvin J 18, Ohio
Daughter Margaret M 12, Ohio
OhioLucas, Toledo0153Herman NavarreHusbandW25Ohio026508930142Wife Emanda 18, Ohio
OhioLucas, Toledo0152Howard M NavarreSon
16Virginia026508940071Husband William G Stevens (W)
OhioLucas, Toledo0155James NavarreHusbandW77Michigan026508980061Wife Maggie 69, Michigan
Daughter Selina 28, Ohio
OhioLucas, Toledo0152Jesse NavarreStepdaugtherW25Ohio026509000328Husband Nickolas Falcone (W)
OhioLucas, Toledo0042John NavarreROW33Ohio026509030138Husband Erma Miller (W)
OhioLucas, Maumee0163Julia NavarreMotherW93Ohio026509110110Husband Mary Josenhans (W)
OhioLucas, Toledo0036Juliet NavarreHusbandW47Michigan026509120316Son Frank 22, Ohio
Son Daniel 18, Ohio
Daughter Elsie 15, Ohio
Daughter Pearl 11, Ohio
Daughter Mabel 09, Ohio
Daughter Jennie Bell 25, Ohio
Son-in-law Frank Bell 27, Michigan
Granddaughter Thelma NR, Ohio
OhioLucas0021Lambert NavarreHusbandW65Ohio026509140074Wife Angaline 57, Ohio
Daughter Josiphine 28, Ohio
Son Linden D 17, Ohio
OhioLucas, Toledo0152Lewellyn L NavarreSon
10Ohio026509150071Husband William G Stevens (W)
OhioLucas, Toledo0142Louis NavarreHusbandW42Michigan026509180253Wife Marianne 44, Michigan
Daughter May 19, Michigan
Daughter Maud 17, Michigan
Son Frank 15, Michigan
Daughter Emily 13, Michigan
Daughter Phoebe 12, Michigan
OhioLucas, Toledo0152Louis R NavarreHusbandW34Ohio026509190087Wife Rhoda A 26, Ohio
Daughter Alma E 05, Ohio
Son Robert I 02, Ohio
OhioLucas, Toledo0150Ludinda NavarreHusbandW67Michigan026509200118 living alone
OhioLucas, Maumee0163Mary NavarreDaughterW50Ohio026509230035Husband Rachel Coder (W)
OhioLucas, Toledo0069Mary E NavarreServantW48Michigan026509240119Husband Clara T Maloney (W)
OhioLucas, Toledo0041Maud NavarreHusbandW38Ohio026509240171 8 non-relatives
OhioLucas, Toledo0155Melton NavarreHusbandW38Michigan026509250062Wife Josephine 35, Ohio
Son Dwight 05, Ohio
Daughter Victoria 02, Ohio
Son Donald NR, Ohio
OhioLucas, Toledo0050Nellie F NavarreBoarderW35Michigan026509280275Husband Ralph Abair (W)
OhioLucas, Toledo0154Norma NavarreGranddaughterW02Ohio026509290077Husband Oliver Navarre (W)
OhioLucas, Toledo0082O W NavarreLOW48Ohio026509300187Husband George I Sullivan (W)
OhioLucas, Toledo0154Oliver NavarreHusbandW67Ohio026509300077Wife Adelia 48, Michigan
Stepson Albert Purnia 19, Ohio
Stepson David 17, Ohio
Granddaughter Norma Navarre 02, Ohio
OhioLucas0023Philisa NavarreHusbandW66Ohio026509330231Son Rudolph 31, Ohio
Granddaughter Ethel Erving 13, Ohio
OhioLucas, Toledo0152Rachel M NavarreDaughter
14Ohio026509330071Husband William G Stevens (W)
OhioLucas0023Richard NavarreHusbandW55Ohio026509340265Wife Caroline 46, Michigan
Son Loui 18, Ohio
Son James 10, Ohio
Son William 06, Ohio
Mother-in-law Caroline Momenee 68, Michigan
OhioLucas, Toledo0152Robert R NavarreHusbandW79Ohio026509360067Wife Maria 70, Michigan
Son Adam 39, Ohio
OhioLucas, Toledo0152Rose NavarreWife
43Canada026509360071Husband William G Stevens (W)
OhioLucas0023Walter NavarreHired manW23Ohio026509450262Husband Frank Susor (W)
OhioLucas, Toledo0152William NavarreHNW46Ohio026509490071Husband William G Stevens (W)
OhioLucas, Toledo0154Albert PurniaStepsonW19Ohio029301620077Husband Oliver Navarre (W)
OhioLucas, Toledo0154David PurniaStepson
17Ohio029301870077Husband Oliver Navarre (W)
OhioLucas, Toledo0152William G StevensHusbandW49ENG033000610070Wife Katharine 45, GER
Adopted son Harold 06, Illinois
Adopted daughter Isabel Nielson 04, Ohio
HN William Navarre 46, Ohio
Wife Rose 43, Canada
Son Howard M 16, Virginia
Daughter Rachel M Navarre 14, Ohio
Son Lewellyn L 10, Ohio
OhioLucas, Toledo0041George SmithLOW33New York035106990171Husband Maud Navarre (W)
OhioLucas, Toledo0041Louise VollmerLOW26Ohio038109450171Husband Maud Navarre (W)
OhioLucas, Toledo0042Jacob WirtzROW46Ohio041003970078Husband Frank D Navarre (W)
OhioWood0208Dudley NavarreGrandson
13Ohio026508600305Husband James Navarre (W)
OhioWood0208James NavarreHusbandW59Michigan026508990305Grandson Dudley 13, Ohio
OhioLucas0021Mose PerryHusbandW80Ohio028805180128Son Henry 38, Ohio
Daughter-in-law Delia 32, Ohio
Granddaughter Helen 11, Ohio
Granddaughter Margaret 09, Ohio
Granddaughter Eva 07, Ohio
1 non-relative [Israel Faneuff]
OhioOttawa0167Samuel FriemarkHusbandW39Ohio12207970251Wife Louise M 35, Ohio
Son Clarence F 15, Ohio
Son Lawrence H 11, Ohio
Daughter Alice E 05, Ohio
1 non-relative
OhioOttawa0167John HansonHired manW22GER016307790251Husband Samuel Friemark (W)
OhioLucas, Toledo0145Nelson PerryHusbandW29Ohio028805220060Wife Clarice 24, Ohio
OhioLucas0021Frank M PerryHusbandW34Ohio028803320218Wife Elibeth 28, Ohio
Son Archie 07, Ohio
Daughter Ople 05, Ohio
Daughter Evelin 02, Ohio
[Top]Purnia / Purney
OhioLucas, Toledo0154Oliver NavarreHusbandW67Ohio026509300077Wife Adelia 48, Michigan
Stepson Albert Purnia 19, Ohio
Stepson David 17, Ohio
Granddaughter Norma Navarre 02, Ohio
OhioLucas, Toledo0154Albert PurniaStepsonW19Ohio029301620077Husband Oliver Navarre (W)
OhioLucas, Toledo0154David PurniaStepson 17Ohio029301870077Husband Oliver Navarre (W)
OhioLucas, Toledo0049Alice FettersServantW22Ohio011103620071Husband Thomas Purney (W)
OhioLucas, Toledo0091Cornelia PurneyRO 29Canada029301860298Husband Harry E Page (W)
OhioLucas0159Ednah PurneyDaughterW38Michigan029301920191Husband Emily Rickard (W)
OhioLucas, Toledo0091Frank W PurneyROW40Ohio029302070298Husband Harry E Page (W)
OhioLucas, Toledo0098Mary PurneyMotherW76Ohio029302590231Husband George F Wart (W)
OhioLucas0159Peter PurneySon-in-law 42Ohio029302700191Husband Emily Rickard (W)
OhioLucas, Toledo0049Thomas PurneyHusbandW74CAN029302840071Wife Jessie 73, ENG
Daughter Kate Thompson 47, Ohio
Son-in-law John C 55, New York
1 non-relative
OhioLucas, Toledo0049John C ThompsonSon-in-law 55New York037008270071Husband Thomas Purney (W)
OhioLucas, Toledo0049Kate ThompsonDaughterW47Ohio037008840071Husband Thomas Purney (W)
OhioLucas, Toledo0098George F WartHusbandW44Ohio040909570231Wife Grace 40, Ohio
Daughter Alta L 19, Ohio
Son Harold 16, Ohio
Son Ralph 14, Ohio
Daughter Neoma E 07, Ohio
Mother Mary Purney 76, Ohio
OhioLucas, Toledo0044Frank ReischHusbandW49New York029908240377Wife Philomene 39, Ohio
Daughter Dora M 21, Ohio
Daughter Alta E 19, Ohio
Daughter Winifred M 17, Ohio
Daughter Hazel M 13, Ohio
OhioLucas, Toledo0082Adelja RumeryLOW22Ohio031503210308Husband John Barnes (W)
OhioLucas0021Dan RumeryHusbandW36Ohio031503660178Wife Gusta L 31, Ohio
Son Clarince L 12, Ohio
Daughter Birtha B 06, Ohio
Son Reaf M 04, Ohio
OhioLucas0021Eli RumeryHusbandW42Ohio031503770169Wife Dela 41, Michigan
Daughter Ellen J 17, Ohio
Daughter Virgie S 14, Ohio
Daughter Beatris E 12, Ohio
Son Arther J 10, Ohio
Son August F 06, Ohio
OhioOttawa0168Eli RumeryHusbandW67Ohio031503770100 living alone
OhioCuyahoga, Cleveland0091George RumeryBoarderW19Ohio031504030272Husband Julius Lange (W)
OhioCuyahoga, Cleveland0091Lilian RumeryBoarder 21Oregon031504750272Husband Julius Lange (W)
OhioLogan0124William E RumeryHusbandW33Ohio031505430077Wife Mary E 27, Ohio
Son Edward L 11, Ohio
Son Arthur B 09, Ohio
Son Marvin F 06, Ohio
Son Foster 02, Ohio
Son Roger A NR, Ohio
OhioLucas, Toledo0141Frank SchroederHusbandW47Ohio036304310271Wife Hattie 40, PENN
Son Clifford 16, Ohio
OhioWood0192Charles S SiglerHusbandW33Ohio032602810079Wife Elise W 29, Ohio
Daughter Jean A 01, Ohio
OhioWood0192Franklin W SiglerHusbandW31Indiana032603050098Wife Lu L 31, Ohio
Son Gerald T 04, Ohio
OhioWood0192Lydia A SiglerHusbandW57Ohio032603590066Son Earl 24, Ohio
Son Ray 21, Ohio
OhioLucas, Toledo0057Egbert L ColeHusbandW39Virginia005808800415Wife Elizabeth H 39, Ohio
Son Emmert 19, Ohio
Daughter Alice 17, Ohio
Daughter Maurice 13, Ohio
Father-in-law Fredrick Siglow 83, GER
OhioLucas, Toledo0051Albert S SiglowHusbandW34Ohio032509040057Wife Louse A 32, Ohio
Daughter Hazel M 09, Ohio
Son Clifford A 04, Ohio
OhioLucas, Toledo0143Caroline SiglowNurseW36Ohio032509230263Husband Geo Mckay (W)
OhioLucas, Toledo0047Charles M SiglowBoarderW18Ohio032509300180Husband Len Wyatt (W)
OhioLucas, Toledo0095Fred L SiglowHusbandW40Ohio032509620236Wife Augusta 39, Ohio
Daughter Ruth 13, Ohio
Daughter Melda 08, Ohio
Son Frederick NR, Ohio
OhioLucas, Toledo0057Fredrick SiglowFather-in-lawW83GER032509640415Husband Egbert L Cole (W)
OhioLucas0160Henry C SiglowHusbandW48Ohio032600170161Wife Susan 48, Ohio
Daughter Wilma C 21, Ohio
Son Laurence H 16, Ohio
Daughter Leona M 16, Ohio
OhioLucas, Toledo0040John J M SiglowHusbandW58GER032600480191Wife Kate 57, CAN
OhioWood0197Mildred SiglowGranddaughterW09Ohio032600860121Husband Hanah Wermer (W)
OhioWood0197Norman SiglowGrandson
05Ohio032600920121Husband Hanah Wermer (W)
OhioWood0197Owlin SiglowGrandson
07Ohio032600940121Husband Hanah Wermer (W)
OhioLucas0021William H SiglowHusbandW46Ohio032601270122Wife Fannie M 42, Ohio
Son Milton P 17, Ohio
Daughter Dorthey C 12, Ohio
Daughter Pearl 08, Ohio
OhioWood0197Hanah WermerHusbandW64GER041105740121Daughter Anna 27, Ohio
Son Louis 24, Ohio
Son Herman 23, Ohio
Son August 21, Ohio
Granddaughter Mildred Siglow 09, Ohio
Grandson Owlin 07, Ohio
Grandson Norman 05, Ohio
OhioLucas, Toledo0144Etta HofbauerServantW17Ohio014408220280Husband William Susor (W)
OhioLucas0023Walter NavarreHired manW23Ohio026509450262Husband Frank Susor (W)
OhioLucas, Toledo0145Jennie OdffmerSILW24Ohio027403820105Husband Arthur Susor (W)
OhioLucas, Toledo0042Alexander SusorROW27Ohio032607310022Husband Thomas Coffe (W)
OhioLucas, Toledo0145Arthur SusorHusbandW28Ohio032607440105Wife Anna 30, Ohio
Son Granville 06, Ohio
Son Arthur 05, Ohio
Son Kermit 03, Ohio
SIL Jennie Odffmer 24, Ohio
OhioLucas0023Frank SusorHusbandW35Ohio032608240262Wife Delia 27, Ohio
Son Ray 02, Ohio
1 non-relative
OhioLucas0021Fread SusorHusbandW32Ohio032608280056Wife Violet 24, Michigan
Daughter Coliseo 06, Ohio
OhioLucas0021Isiec SusorHusbandW49Ohio032608710106 living alone
OhioLucas, Toledo0031Margaret SusorDaughterW35Ohio032609400195Husband Joseph Shinarer (W)
OhioLucas, Toledo0152Mary SusorBoarderW65Ohio032609480055Husband Fred W Morris (W)
OhioLucas, Toledo0152P Rsl SusorBoarder 21Ohio032700130055Husband Fred W Morris (W)
OhioLucas, Toledo0031Raymond M SusorGrandson 07Ohio032700240195Husband Joseph Shinarer (W)
OhioLucas, Toledo0031Walter R SusorGrandson 09Ohio032700520195Husband Joseph Shinarer (W)
OhioLucas, Toledo0144William SusorHusbandW48Ohio032700600280Wife Anna 42, Michigan
Daughter Cecelia 07, Ohio
Son Clarence 04, Ohio
Son Irvin 02, Ohio
Son Albert NR, Ohio
Son Leo 22, Ohio
Son Frederick 18, Ohio
1 non-relative
OhioLucas, Toledo0031Joseph ShinarerHusbandW74Michigan036001320195Wife Tracy 70, Michigan
Daughter Margaret Susor 35, Ohio
Grandson Walter R 09, Ohio
Grandson Raymond M 07, Ohio
OhioLucas, Toledo0031Kyle KenyonBoarderW16Michigan020208920073Husband Zeke F Suzor (W)
OhioLucas, Toledo0031Zeke F SuzorHusbandW37Michigan032700740093Wife Della May 27, Ohio
Daughter Lefa I 07, Ohio
Daughter Marie V 05, Ohio
Son Lee F 04, Ohio
Son Blain E 02, New York
Son Alvin E NR, Ohio
1 non-relative
OhioWood0192George W KlineBoarderW48Ohio019600620222Husband Otto J Westrup (W)
OhioHamilton0103Henry F WestrupHusbandW43Ohio038803300279Wife Mary E 40, Ohio
Daughter Clara L 24, Ohio
Daughter Lillian 18, Ohio
Daughter Ida E 15, Ohio
Son George H 11, Ohio
Daughter Ethel J 03, Ohio
OhioWood0192Otto J WestrupHusbandW31Ohio038803740222Wife Edna P 26, Ohio
Daughter Hazel 09, Ohio
1 non-relative


Louis S Ankeney
Color:WEnumeration District:0152
Birth Place:OhioVisit:0511
County: Lucas, Toledo
Relation: Head of Household
Other Residents:
RelationNameColorAgeBirth Place
WifeSarah M21Ohio
SonWilliam Ed04Ohio



George R Blank
Color:WEnumeration District:0157
Birth Place:OhioVisit:0116
County: Lucas, Toledo
Relation: Head of Household
Other Residents:
RelationNameColorAgeBirth Place
NRFrances Louisw39Ohio
SonCecil G02Ohio


Elmer Bladel
 Color: Enumeration District:0057
 Birth Place:MichiganVisit:0348
 County: Lucas, Toledo
 Relation: ORPH
 Other Residents:
RelationNameColorAgeBirth Place
Head of HouseholdDonalb ObrienW

Francis Bladel
 Color: Enumeration District:0057
 Birth Place:MichiganVisit:0348
 County: Lucas, Toledo
 Relation: ORPH
 Other Residents:
RelationNameColorAgeBirth Place
Head of HouseholdDonald ObrienW

Joseph Bladel
 Color:WEnumeration District:0057
 Birth Place:MichiganVisit:0348
 County: Lucas, Toledo
 Relation: ORPH
 Other Residents:
RelationNameColorAgeBirth Place
Head of HouseholdDonald ObrienW

Raymond Bladel
 Color: Enumeration District:0057
 Birth Place:OhioVisit:0348
 County: Lucas, Toledo
 Relation: ORPH
 Other Residents:
RelationNameColorAgeBirth Place
Head of HouseholdDonald ObrienW

William Bladel
 Color: Enumeration District:0057
 Birth Place:MichiganVisit:0348
 County: Lucas, Toledo
 Relation: ORPH
 Other Residents:
RelationNameColorAgeBirth Place
Head of HouseholdDonald ObrienW


Fred Blum
Age: 28State:OH
Color:WEnumeration District:0145
Birth Place:OhioVisit:0157
County: Lucas, Toledo
Relation: Head of Household
Other Residents:
RelationNameColorAgeBirth Place
WifeMabel21Ohio [d/o Geo. Navarre, s/o Rbt T.]



>Abraham Brentlinger
Color:WEnumeration District:0190
Birth Place:OhioVisit:0071
County: Wood
Relation: Head of Household
Other Residents:
RelationNameColorAgeBirth Place
WifeMary A57Ohio
SonMarion A27Ohio
SonDaniel11Ohio [m. Alyce May Faneuff]


Courchaine etc.

Files H Courchains [Felix H. Courchaine]
Color:WEnumeration District:0170
Birth Place:OhioVisit:0554
County: Ottawa, Port Clinton
Relation: Head of Household
Other Residents:
RelationNameColorAgeBirth Place
WifeMary T49Ohio
DaughterLavina F24Ohio
SonIsadore F22Ohio
SonLewis A16Ohio

Daso (Dasieux?)

Alfred Daso
Color:WEnumeration District:0047
Birth Place:OhioVisit:0248
County: Cuyahoga, Rockport
Relation: Head of Household
Other Residents:
RelationNameColorAgeBirth Place

Catherine Daso
Color: Enumeration District:0047
Birth Place:OhioVisit:0248
County: Cuyahoga, Rockport
Relation: Mother
Other Residents:
RelationNameColorAgeBirth Place
Head of HouseholdAlfred DasoW

Elmer Daso
Color:WEnumeration District:0011
Birth Place:OhioVisit:0285
County: Fulton
Relation: Head of Household
Other Residents:
RelationNameColorAgeBirth Place

Jacob Daso
Color:WEnumeration District:0023
Birth Place:OhioVisit:0035
County: Cuyahoga
Relation: Head of Household
Other Residents:
RelationNameColorAgeBirth Place

Jacob Daso
Color:WEnumeration District:0123
Birth Place:OhioVisit:0007
County: Williams
Relation: Head of Household
Other Residents:
RelationNameColorAgeBirth Place

Jacob Daso
Color:WEnumeration District:0123
Birth Place:OhioVisit:0125
County: Williams
Relation: Head of Household
Other Residents:
RelationNameColorAgeBirth Place

John Daso
Color:WEnumeration District:0101
Birth Place:OhioVisit:0051
County: Lucas, Toledo
Relation: Head of Household
Other Residents:
RelationNameColorAgeBirth Place

John S Daso
Color:WEnumeration District:0047
Birth Place:OhioVisit:0247
County: Cuyahoga, Rockport
Relation: Head of Household
Other Residents:
RelationNameColorAgeBirth Place
SonJohn, Jr08Ohio

Leora Daso
Color:WEnumeration District:0154
Birth Place:OhioVisit:0159
County: Lucas, Toledo
Relation: Stepdaugther
Other Residents:
RelationNameColorAgeBirth Place
Head of HouseholdMichael GallagerW

Mamie Daso
Color:WEnumeration District:0123
Birth Place:OhioVisit:0052
County: Williams
Relation: Servant
Other Residents:
RelationNameColorAgeBirth Place
Head of HouseholdSherman S FrazierW

Merle R Daso
Color:WEnumeration District:0102
Birth Place:OhioVisit:0072
County: Lucas, Toledo
Relation: Head of Household
Other Residents:
RelationNameColorAgeBirth Place
WifeGrace E26Ohio
Mother-in-lawJosephine E Prairie52Michigan

Peter Daso
Color:WEnumeration District:0140
Birth Place:OhioVisit:0122
County: Medina
Relation: Head of Household
Other Residents:
RelationNameColorAgeBirth Place

Sarah E Daso
Color:WEnumeration District:0123
Birth Place:OhioVisit:0034
County: Williams
Relation: Servant
Other Residents:
RelationNameColorAgeBirth Place
Head of HouseholdElliott H WhittekerW

Michael Gallager
Color:WEnumeration District:0154
Birth Place:OhioVisit:0159
County: Lucas, Toledo
Relation: Head of Household
Other Residents:
RelationNameColorAgeBirth Place
StepdaugtherMary Williams23Ohio
StepdaugtherLeora Daso10Ohio


Caleb Davies
Color:WEnumeration District:0390
Birth Place:WalesVisit:0041
County: Cuyahoga, Cleveland
Relation: Head of Household
Other Residents:
RelationNameColorAgeBirth Place
WifeRebecca C64Ohio
DaughterR Florence28Ohio


John Deshanaway
Color:WEnumeration District:0078
Birth Place:OhioVisit:0099
County: Lucas, Toledo
Relation: Head of Household
Other Residents:
RelationNameColorAgeBirth Place


Ida Drafts [MIL of Harvey Long]
Color:WEnumeration District:0116
Birth Place:GERVisit:0143
County: Lucas, Toledo
Relation: Head of Household
Other Residents:
RelationNameColorAgeBirth Place


T[homas] E[dward] Dunn
Color:WEnumeration District:0023
Birth Place:OhioVisit:0160
County: Lucas
Relation: Head of Household
Other Residents:
RelationNameColorAgeBirth Place
WifeAda M29Ohio


Stclari Durocher [near Isabelle (Courchaine) Rogers]
Color:WEnumeration District:0115
Birth Place:MichiganVisit:0111
County: Lucas, Toledo
Relation: Head of Household
Other Residents:
RelationNameColorAgeBirth Place
WifeEmma [(Courchaine)]49Ohio
SonJohn L26Michigan


Edward H[enry] Fields
Color:WEnumeration District:0024
Birth Place:CANVisit:0151
County: Lucas
Relation: Head of Household
Other Residents:
RelationNameColorAgeBirth Place
WifeJulia59Ohio [Julia (Navarre) Perry]
StepsonRichard T Snyder28Ohio

Friemark / Freimark

Samuel Friemark
Color:WEnumeration District:0167
Birth Place:OhioVisit:0251
County: Ottawa
Relation: Head of Household
Other Residents:
RelationNameColorAgeBirth Place
WifeLouise M35Ohio
SonClarence F15Ohio
SonLawrence H11Ohio
DaughterAlice E05Ohio
1 non-relative

Christina Freimark
Color: Enumeration District:0164
Birth Place:GERVisit:0328
County: Ottawa
Relation: Mother
Other Residents:
RelationNameColorAgeBirth Place
Head of HouseholdWilliam F FreimarkW

Fred Freimark
Color:WEnumeration District:0167
Birth Place:OhioVisit:0113
County: Ottawa
Relation: Head of Household
Other Residents:
RelationNameColorAgeBirth Place
WifeLena C24Ohio
DaughterEsther M03Ohio

George J Freimark
Color:WEnumeration District:0167
Birth Place:OhioVisit:0190
County: Ottawa
Relation: Head of Household
Other Residents:
RelationNameColorAgeBirth Place
WifeMartha L30Ohio
SonLester H10Ohio
SonLeonard S09Ohio
SonAlvin O07Ohio
DaughterMabel BNROhio

William Freimark
Color:WEnumeration District:0021
Birth Place:OhioVisit:0127
County: Lucas
Relation: Head of Household
Other Residents:
RelationNameColorAgeBirth Place

William F Freimark
Color:WEnumeration District:0164
Birth Place:OhioVisit:0328
County: Ottawa
Relation: Head of Household
Other Residents:
RelationNameColorAgeBirth Place


Abbie C [Betts]French
Color:WEnumeration District:0288
Birth Place:OhioVisit:0183
County: Cuyahoga, Cleveland
Relation: Head of Household
Other Residents:
RelationNameColorAgeBirth Place
SonWilliam H28Ohio
SonAlbert E22Ohio
1 non-relative

Benjamin J French
Color:WEnumeration District:0082
Birth Place:OhioVisit:0094
County: Mahoning
Relation: Head of Household
Other Residents:
RelationNameColorAgeBirth Place
WifeAlma H40Ohio
SonAlbert H11Ohio
DaughterMary A08Ohio
SonJames C04Ohio


Russel B Gorsuch
Color:WEnumeration District:0143
Birth Place:OhioVisit:0160
County: Lucas, Toledo
Relation: Head of Household
Other Residents:
RelationNameColorAgeBirth Place
WifeHattie M60Ohio


Wm E Hartshorn
Color:WEnumeration District:0149
Birth Place:IndianaVisit:0311
County: Lucas, Toledo
Relation: Head of Household
Other Residents:
RelationNameColorAgeBirth Place
WifeClara B30Ohio
DaughterIsabelle W08Ohio
DaughterEsther M02Ohio
[Mrs. Delbert M. Faneuff]

Marshall Davies Lloyd