Note from the editor of this Livingston Material.

"I am attaching a brief descrioption of the Modified Henry System of
numbering individuals, which I use. This should make the information
easier to interpret.

"The numbering system used in my files is the Modified Henry system. Each
unique number represents the generation (the number of digits) and the birth
order of each individual, as well as his complete ancestry, back to the
first listed progenitor (1. or A.). Starting with immigrant, or first known
ancestor as "1.", the next generation would include: "11.", "12". and "13.",
three children. Where more than 9 children were born in any family, the
letters "a", "b", "c", etc. are used to represent the individual. Where
birth order is unknown, letters at the end of the alphabet are used for the
individuals, i.e. "w", "x", "y" and "z", etc. After each 5 generations, a
"." is placed to make generation counting easier.

My files contain primarily information from secondary and tertiary sources.
Only for generations going back to my great grand-parents have primary
sources been searched. If a question exists regarding the validity of
information, a "?" is shown. If different sources conflict on data,
multiple data is given. It has been observed that some compilers have been
careless in distinguishing between birth and baptismal dates, or between
death and burial dates. This is probably the most common source of


1. The present 2-letter US Post Office abbreviations are used
for states.

2. Months are abbreviated to three letters

3. Periods are usually not used for common abbreviations, eg.
Dr, Rev, Dom, MD, US, etc.


A aunt
b. born
bp. baptized
bro brother
bur buried
ca. about (circa)
cem cemetery
ch children
Ch Church
Cyard Churchyard
Co County
d. died
dau daughter
d inf died in infancy
d um died, unmarried
Dom Domine (Reverend, as used by early Dutch Ministers)
DRC Dutch Reformed Church
dy died young
dsp, d.s.p. died sans progeny (childlesss)
dwi died without issue
E East
f father
g-f grangfather
g-m grandmother
Gov Governor
h husband
igfw in grandfather's will
igmw in grandmother's will
imw in mother's will
ifw in father's will
L. lived at
LuthC Lutheran Church
m mother
m. married
m1. married first
m2. married second
m3. married third
MC Methodist Church
N north
NE northeast
NW northwest
nfi no further information
nifw not in father's will
nimw not in mother's will
NYC New York City
RC Reformed Church
RC Roman Catholic Church
S south
SE southeast
SW southwest
sis sister
sp. sponsors at baptism
True RC True Reformed Church

U uncle
w wife
W west
wid widow
widr widower
wit. witnesses at baptism
WW II World War II
< before
> after
(?) uncertain


ADRC Albany Dutch Reformed Church
CDRC Clarkstown Dutch Reformed Church
GDRC Greenwich Village Dutch Reformed Church
HDRC Hackensack Dutch Reformed Church
PDRC Paramus Dutch Reformed Church
SRDRC Saddle River Dutch Reformed Church
SchrDRC Schraalenburgh Dutch Reformed Church
TDRC Tappan Dutch Reformed Church
NUDRC New Utrecht Dutch Reformed Church
NYDRC New York (New Amsterdam) Dutch Reformed Church





Last edited 7/26/99

not re-formatted


Compiled by Robert L. Protzmann

File 0


1.Pieter Tjercks SCHUYLER, b. 1601, Emden, Germany; d. < Jul 29, 1656; m. Oct 23, 1627, Nieuwe Kerk, Amsterdam, Holland, Geertruyt Philips van Schuylder (b. ca. 1603, d. < Sep 9, 1651) (1984) Rev John Livingston, d. 1672, m. Jul 9, 1679. Presbyterian Minister. ¨

(1985) Janet Fleming; d. Aug 1, 1728 in NYC, bur in vault in the Manor Church. ¨



11. Philip Pieterse Schuyler, bp. Feb 8, 1628, Nieuwe Kerk, Amsterdam, Holland; d. May 9, 1683, Albany, NY; m. Dec 12, 1650, Margaretta van Slichtenhorst (b. 1628, d. Jan 22, 1711), dau of Brant Arents van Slichtenhorst and Aeltje Van Wenckum.


William LIVINGSTON, Fourth Lord Callandar, d. ca. 1514.

James LIVINGSTON, d. < Oct 13, 1547. Regent during the minority of James I of Scotland.

Rev Alexander LIVINGSTON, d. ca. 1598. Rector of Monyabroch VII.

Rev William LIVINGSTON, b. 1576; d. 1641; Minister at Lanark, Scotland. His dau, m. Donald, King of the Hebrides.

Rev John LIVINGSTON, emigrated to Rotterdam, 1663.




113. Robert LIVINGSTON, b. Dec 13, 1654 (Ancrum, Scotland, but the family was settled in Rotterdam), youngest son of Rev John Livingston (d. 1672),(Presbyterian parish at Ancram, Teviotdale) and Janet Fleming; d. Aug (or Oct) 1, 1728 in NYC, bur in vault in the Manor Church; m. Jul 9, 1679, Alida Schuyler (Schuyler # 5) (b. Feb 26(8), 1656, Beverwyck; d. May 1727 (or 1729), at Livingston Manor, bur in the church at Livingston Manor, Oct moved to a vault in the church at Livingston Manor), as her 2nd h. on Jul 9, 1679. She was dau. of Philip Pieterse Schuyler and Margaretta van Slichtenhorst, and m1. Feb 10, 1675, Rev. Nicholas Van Rensselaer (b. Sep 14, 1636, Amsterdam, d. Nov 12, 1678, Rensselaerswyck) (no children), son of Killian van Rensselaer and Anna van Wely. Alida inh Nicholas' property, and debts. Robert and Alida lived in the Patroon's house, in Albany and on the Greenbush farm. He battled with Maria Van Cortland, wid of ___ Van Rensselaer, over property right at Rensselaerswyck. House on Pearl St (Albany). IMMIGRANT, 1673.

He had a small shipping business in the Netherlands, before emigrating to America, in Apr 1673. He originally arrived from Rotterdam, via Scotland, at Charlestown, MA, arriving Dec, 1673. He met with the powerful Winthrops, who were connected t his father. He met John Hull, the silversmith, who convinced him of the money to be made in the fur trade. He went to Albany, 1674, where he became ingratiated with Rev Nicholas van Rensselaer. He was Secretary to town of Albany, Secretary to Rensselaerswyck. He became First Lord of the Manor of Livingston, 1686, created by Gov Thomas Dongan, originally 2000 acres (Nov 4, 1684), across the Hudson from the Catskills, through which Roeliff Jansen's Kill flowed. He added two more small parcels, and mysteriously by Jul 22, 1686, when the manor was granted, it had grown to 160,000 acres. He was bur in the church, Albany, Apr 21, 1725; Mayor of Albany 1710-1719. He was descended from William, 4th Lord Livingston of Callendar, Earls of Linlithgow. Appointed secreatry to the first Board of Indian Affairs, then town clerk. Collector of the Excise, at Albany. Speaker, Provincial Assembly, May 27, 1718. Family lands increased to about 1 million acres through purchase and marriage by the end of the second generation.

He was an opponent of Leisler, and a leader of the anti-Leislerians, a prominent force in the Albany Convention, which defied Leisler, and the author of an official Jan 1690 letter denouncing the Leisler regime. After the massacre at Schenectady, Feb 9, 1690, they reluctantly accepted Leisler's troops for protection. He was present at the hanging of Leisler and Milbourne, in MYC, May 16, 1691. Gov Sloughter made him victualer of the garrisons at Albany and NYC.

He was a part owner of a brigantine, which returned in 1694, from a Caribbean voyage with a 500 % return on investment. Gov Fletcher ordered the ship siezed, and the owners charged with violations of the Navigation Act (for trading with the French). The charges were dropped when the Grand Jury refused to indict. The Grand Jury chairman, was Livingston's good friend, Capt William Kidd. He had met the new Governor (1698), Lord Bellomont, while in England and realizing that he sided with the Leislerians, Livingston changed sides and became a member of the Governor's Council, when he returned to NYC, along with Abraham de Peyster, Dr. Samuel Staats and Robert Walters (Nicholas Bayard, and Willett being among those dismissed). House at State and Pearl Sts, Albany. He bought Capt. Kidd's house, on Dock St, in NYC and later gave it to Margaret as a wedding present. He was a personal friend of Capt William Kidd, privateer and later pirate and had introduced him to Lord Bellomont (in England), who recommended him to the King. It was Livingston's plan to send Kidd to the Red Sea, as a Privateer, with Lord Bellomont securing the official documents, and Royal backing. In 1696, Kidd set forth in the "Adventure Galley. Kidd became a pirate, and paid for it with his life (hanged May 23, 1701), but Livingston is said to have profitted immensely (some say that Kidd's treasure was buried on Livingston land. In 1701, he was removed as Collector of the Excise, and threatened with confiscation of all his property, including the Manor, because of the questions over £20,000 expenses. His Leislerian enemies turned on him. he was expelled from the Governor's Council. He was saved by the pleas of his Indian friends, and the death of Lord Bellomont. Lord Cornbury re-instated Livingston and purged the Council of the Leislerians. Cornbury also returned the "Mary" to John and Sam Vetch. He built ships at the mouth of Roeliff Jansen's Kill.

1700, built Manor House, at mouth of Roeliff Jansen's Kill.

In 1710, he worked with Gov Hunter and Queen Anne to settle a large group (ca. 3000) of Palatines in the Hudson Valley (on his land) in order for them to produce naval stores for the British Navy. They were fleeing the effects of the War of Spanish Succession, and the effects of several severe winters in the Palatinate. East Camp and West Camp were set up on each side of the Hudson. Livingston gave back 6000 acres to the Crown, which he claimed contained the right pine trees for making tar. In exchange, he was given the right to provision and supervise the Palatines. The plan was a failure because the immigrants did not have the proper skills and the pine trees were not of the appropriate variety. The Palatines rebelled in the Spring of 1711. The project was a failure. The government subsidization ended in 1712, and the Paltines were left on their own. They eventually moved west into the Mohawk Valley, and some went down to PA.

1131. Johannes/John LIVINGSTON, b. Apr 26, 1680; d. wi. Feb 19, 1720; m. Apr 1, 1701 at New London, Mary Winthrop (b. , d. Jan 1712/13 at Newport), only child (and a bastard) of Fitz-John Winthrop, of Boston; m2. Oct 1 (or 2), 1713 at Boston, by Rev. Increase Mather, Elizabeth Knight, dau and only child of widow Sarah Knight, a renowned schoolmistress. He was irresponsible and arrogant. Died before his father. Owned a sloop, with Sam Vetch, "Mary", traded illegally with the French in Canada. No children. The ship went aground on the second voyage, and was found with incriminating evidence of the illegal trip. It and its cargo were ordered confiscated. In 1709, he left his gravely ill wife (suffering from breast cancer), with her family in New London, and went off to war with Sam Vetch. He went to Quebec to arrange an exchange of prisioners, committed the plans of the fortifications to memory and returned to Boston and committed them to paper for the use of the American Forces. The attack on Quebec, Sep 11, 1711, failed when the fleet was engulfed in a dense fog, and the troops were forced to retreast and fall back to Annapolis Royal. Mary had a mastectomy in NYC on Sep 7, 1711 and was brought back to New London by Joanna, her sister-in-law. She had 3 more operations in 1712, but died the following Jan. They lived in New London.

1132. Margaret LIVINGSTON, b. Dec 5, 1682, Albany, NY; d. Jun 1758; m. Dec 20, 1700, Col Samuel Vetch, (b. Dec 9, 1668, Edinburgh, Scotland, (sp. William Livingston, bro of Robert), d. 1732, London debtor's prison), a Scotsman, son of a Presbyterian minister and friend of Rev John Livingston. He came to New York as a soldier in 1699 (IMMIGRANT). He appeared in NYC, with a shipload of goods from the abandoned Scottish Colony of Darien, in the Caribbean (most of which was probably sold through her f.) He was accused of illegally appropriating goods from the site.

They l. in the house of Capt. Kidd. He was a merchant and ship's Capt. He was Secretary of Indian Affairs and had illict dealings with the French in Canada, which almost cost him his ship and goods. He went to England to mend fences. He was back in 1709, with the position of Adjutant General, in charge of an invasion of French Canada. He went to Boston with his family and set up a headquarters. John joined him. He first led an attack against the French at Port Royal, Nova Scotia, which was captured and re-named Annapolis Royal. He was Governor there, 1715-1717, then returned to England to handle personal affairs, where he died in debtor's prison. She followed her husband to England in 1717, but returned after his death. She survived her children. Her grandchildren were Loyalists and left the country after the war.

11321. Alida VETCH, b. Dec 25, 1701; m. Mar 12, 1724, NYDRC, Stephen Bayard (bp. May 31, 1700, NYDRC, d. 1757, Bergen, NJ), son of Samuel Bayard and Margaret Van Cortlandt. He m2. Eve Schuyler (Schuyler # 43) at New Barbadoes, NJ. She was poss widow of Peter Bayard. (No children of Schuyler marriages). 1744, Mayor, NYC. He had a farm called Hooboken in Bergen County, (East) NJ, inh by William. Yeoman. He had bro Nicholas.


11321.1. Samuel, bp. Jan 16, 1726, NYDRC; dy. nifw.

11321.2. Nicholas, bp. Oct 18, 1727, NYDRC; dy.

11321.3. William, bp. Jun 15, 1729, NYDRC; d. ifw.

11321.4. Stephen, bp. Mar 5, 1731, NYDRC; dy.

11321.5. Stephen, bp. Oct 15, 1732, NYDRC, d. Dec 2, 1733, nifw.

11321.6. Nicholas, bp. Apr 16, 1735, NYDRC; dy.

11321.7. Vetch, bp. Sep 15, 1736, NYDRC; d. nifw.

11321.8. Nicholas, bp. Apr 26, 1738, NYDRC; d. nifw.

11321.9. Robert, bp. Jul 15, 1739, NYDRC; d. ifw.

11321.a. Margaret/Margarita, bp. Aug 30, 1741, NYDRC; d. ifw.

11322. son

11323. child, b. 1712/3.

1133. Johanna Phillippina LIVINGSTON, b. Feb 1, bp. Feb 3, 1684, Albany DRC; d. Jan 24, 1690.

1134. Phillip(us) LIVINGSTON, Second Lord, b. Jul 9, bp. Jul 25, 1686, ADRC; d. Feb 4, 1749, NYC, bur Feb 6, brought to manor Mar 27, 1749, and bur in the vault in the manor church; m. Sep 19, 1707, Catharina Van Brugh, (bp. Nov 10, 1689, d. Feb 20, 1756, NYC, kept in vault until spring, returned to manor, Apr 15, 1756) dau. of Capt Pieter Van Brugh (a mayor of Albany) of Albany. Apprenticed with with an Uncle Schuyler, in Albany. Merchant in Albany. Active in Canada trade. Built first iron forge in NY, 1740, Ancram Furnace,took 3 years to build. Produced true molten iron. The ore came from "Ore Hill" and the Chatfield and Davis ore beds at Salisbury, 15 miles away, transported by horse and muleback. Here were made links for the second chain across the Hudson, at West Point, much heavier than those broken by Gen Vaughn in his upriver raid on Kingston and Clermont. The Livingstons owned a portion of the Salisbury mines. Followed father as Secretary of Indian Affairs. Highway Commissioner and Supervisor, Albany County. Expanded trade throughout NY, the Caribbean and to Europe. Replaced father on Governor's Council. Livingston Dock, East River, NYC. He had an elegant house on Broad St, NYC. He offered large leaseholds and attracted a large number of tenants to the manor. He built a church in each tenant village. He died after the truce in the hostilities with the French, 2 funerals were held, one in NYC, and one on the Manor.


Robert - 1135

Robert, Jr.


9 children, 5 sons (dau Catrina)

11341. Col Robert LIVINGSTON, Jr, Third Lord, b. Dec 16, 1708, bp. Dec 25, 1708, ADRC; d. Nov 27, 1790, Clermont, NY; m1. May 20, 1731, NYC, Maria Thong; m2. Sep 27, 1766, NYC Geertruy/ Gurtruy Van Rensselaer (VR # 58) (b. Oct 1, 1714, bp. Oct 3, 1714, ADRC, d. ?), dau of Kiliaen Van Rensselaer and Maria Van Cortlandt. She had m1. ca. 1740, at Albany, Adonijah Schuyler) (Schuyler # 42) (b. ca. 1720 at New Barbadoes, NJ, d. (will proven May 20, 1762), New Barbadoes, NJ). No issue of second marriage. 1738, assumed manor seat in Colonial Assembly.

He was educated at New Rochelle, then became father's agent in NYC. Mansion, 5 Broadway. Moved from NYC to the Manor, on his father's death. In 1751, a rent strike occured, followed by a border dispute with Massachussetts. When the Seven Years War broke out in 1754, he became Provissioner for the Colonial troops. Operated Ancram Furnace during American Revolution, 40 mi NE of Poughkeepsie. It was located at a small falls on the Roeliff Jansen's Kill and the easternmost edge of the manor. Forged bar iron for iron chain links, for chain across the the Richelieu (Sorel) River, to prevent the English from coming down into Lake Champlain. Triphammers worked the 1.25 inch square rods into chain links. Dismantled, 1854. In 1775, he constructed a new grain mill.


11341.1. Catharina LIVINGSTON, bp. Aug 6, 1732; m. (John) Patterson. He was a Tory. They retreated upriver to the manor to escape Patriotic fervor in NYC.

11341.2. Philip R. LIVINGSTON, b. ca. 1733; d. Apr 15, 1756 of bladder/kidney problem, at the manor. School in Boston (Harvard ?).

11341.3. Col Peter Robert LIVINGSTON, "Fourth Lord", bp. 1737; d. 1794; m. Jun 6, 1758, NYC, Margaret (Peggy) Livingston (d. 1797), g-dau of "The Nephew" (# 1141x.x.), and dau of James. Schooled in Boston (Harvard ?), then Newark College (Princeton). Assemblyman, represented the Manor. Sons of Liberty, donated land for a Liberty Pole. Col, NY Militia, 1775. The Hermitage. Received the Manor House on death of father and 1/4 of the property, house in Albany, which he had to pass intact to his eldest son. (He had profligate tendencies). Widow returned to Hermitage, then property rented to a series of relatives. Bulldozed in 1980's. President of the 2nd Provincial Congress - 1776.

10 children

11341.3q. Robert Thong/Tong LIVINGSTON, m. Margaret Livingston. Eldest son, vial tempered. Moved to Manor House on death of father. He tore it down and built a grander house up the bank. By 1825, at the opening of the Erie Canal, Livingston Manor operated 11 gristmills for the grinding of wheat. Wiothin 20 years, most were closed do to the competition from the newly opened Midwest.

11341.3r. James William LIVINGSTON, 5th son

11341.3s. William LIVINGSTON

11341.3t. Moncrief LIVINGSTON, 4th son,

11341.3tx. William LIVINGSTON, pioneer in the express business, Philadelphia.

11341.3ty. Crawford LIVINGSTON, pioneer in the express business,


11341.3x. Walter Tryon LIVINGSTON, m. _____ Blatner, who was pregnant. Built Richmond Hill, on Livingston Manor lands. He is said to have later exchanged it for The Bouwerie. He inh The Hermitage, let it run down. Property bought as a horse farm in 1980's, house was bulldozed.

11341.3x1 Peter (Robert or Schuyler) LIVINGSTON. Harvard.

11341.3p. Polly LIVINGSTON, d. Jul 11, 1775, at the Manor.

11341.3q. Margaret LIVINGSTON, b. Jun 3, 1768; d. Jan 21, 1802; m. Dec 20, 1795 John de Peyster Douw (Douw # 89) (b. Jan 20, 1756, d. Feb 22, 1835) son of Volkert P. Douw and Anna de Peyster, as his 2w. He was m1. Dec 23, 1787, Deborah Beeckman, (b. Nov 26, 1763, d. Jul 23, 1791), dau of Johannes J. Beeckman and Maria Sanders (1 child). He m3. Jan 22, 1811, Catharine D. Gansevoort (b. May 11, 1782), dau of Leonard Gansevoort and Maria Van Rensselaer (4 children)

11341.3q1. Ann de Peyster, b. Jan 31, 1797; d. Aug 15, 1871; m1. Samuel S. Lush, m2. William Cuyler

2 children, dy

11341.3q2. Margaret Livingston, b. Nov 26, 1798; d. Apr 5, 1878; m. Nov 14, 184, Alanson Abbey, MD of Boston, MA

No issue

11341.3q3. Louisa, b. Jul 11, 1801; d. Apr 20, 1802.

11341.4. John LIVINGSTON, m. Apr 11, 1775, NYC, Maria Anna LeRoy, dau of Jacob Leroy of NYC.


Anthony Rutgers LIVINGSTON, m. Anna Maria Hoffman, dau of Martin Hoffman and Beulah Murray (desc of Mary Lindley Murray, of Murray Hill, heorine of Putnamís Retreat from NYC).

Beulah Murray LIVINGSTON, m. Edward J. C. Atterbury, son of Lewis Atterbury and Catherine Boudinot.

Justina Livingston ATTERBURY, b. NJ. Member, DAR. (# 9198, Vol 10)

Ellen LIVINGSTON, m. Theo Russel Wetmore. Member DAR (# 9432, Vol 13).

m2. no children

For step-children, see Van Rensselaer list

11341.y. Walter LIVINGSTON, b. Nov 27, 1740; d. May 14, 1797, NYC, bur in Trinity Churchyard, NYC, in family vault; m. Mar 13, 1767 at New Brunswick, by Mr. McKeane, Cornelia Schuyler (Schuyler # 205), (bp. Jul 26, 1746, Albany DRC, d. 1822) dau of Peter Schuyler (# 70) and Gertrude Schuyler (# 123). Newark College (Princeton). Built Teviotdale at Linlithgow, shortly before the start of the Revolution, stood in 1950's owned by non-family member. Judge, Albany County, Dep Provisioner General, Northern Dept, Continental Army, Speaker of the NY Assembly (Kingston, 1778), Continental Congress 1784-85.

11341.y1. Henry Walter LIVINGSTON, bp. Jun 12, 1768, Linlithgo; d. Dec 22, 1810, Linlithgo; m. Mary Penn Allen (Lady Mary), (d. 1855) g-dau of Chief Justice Allen of PA. Yale, 1786, Lawyer, NYC, Private Secty to Gouverneur Morris, Judge -Columbia County, NY Assembly (1802-10), US House of Reps (1803-1807), Court of Common Pleas. Built The Hill, 1800, next to Teviotdale, burned Jul 1812, by a band of tenants (re-built ?). They entertained Lafayette, Joseph Bonaparte, Louis Phillipe and many others. The Hill was empty and abandoned by 1950's.

7 children

11341.y1x. Henry Walter II LIVINGSTON, b. 1798; d. 1848; m. Caroline deGrasse Depau, dau of Francis Depau, sister of Sylvia who m. ? (#211xx.v). Wealthy NY shipowner and merchant.

11341.y1xx. Sylvie LIVINGSTON, b. 1827; d. 1873; m. Johnston Livingston (# 11341.u2x)

11341.y2. Maria LIVINGSTON, bp. Aug 18, 1770; m. Philip Henry Livingston (# 11345.1t.).

For children, see (# 11345.1t.).

11341.y3. Peter Schuyler LIVINGSTON, bp. Sep 24, 1772.

11341.y4. Robert L. LIVINGSTON, bp. Feb 15, 1775; d. 1843; m. Margaret Maria Livingston (b. 1783, d. 1818) (# 11351.2t), dau. of The Chancellor. Inherited the Chancellor's house.

9 children

11341.y41. Robert Montgomery LIVINGSTON, b. Mar 5, 1810.

11341.y42. Eugene Augustus LIVINGSTON, b. Aug 31, 1813; d. 1893; l. NYC. Inherited Chancellor's house, swapped for brother's empty piece of land by the river, he built Eversleigh there. Little else was left. One of Mrs. Astor's Patriarchs.

11341.y42x. oldest son LIVINGSTON, d. Civil War, of Typhoid.

11341.y43. Matilda Corinna LIVINGSTON, b. Feb 22, 1815

11341.y44. Montgomery LIVINGSTON, b. Aug 24, 1816; d. 1855; m. Mary Swartwout, dau of Samuel Swartwout, Collector of the Port of NY, caught embezzling $1 million, he forfeited his entire estate to the US government. (The term "Swartwouting" was once used to represent embezzelment.) Moved into Chancellor's house to take care of Robert L. A landscape painter. No children. She m2. Clermont Livingston (# 11345xx.w)

11341.y45. Margaret Maria LIVINGSTON, b. Nov 17, 1817; m. Schuyler Livingston (#11341.y??)

11341.y4v. Maria LIVINGSTON, m. John Tillotson, her cousin


11341.y4x. Adelaide LIVINGSTON, m. William Bayard Clarkson


11341.y4xx. Howard, b. 1840; d. ?

11341.y4xxx. Alice Delafield, m. 1906, John Henry Livingston (# 11345.1xwy) (b. 1848, d. 1927) in 1906. Inherited the Chancellor's house (?). She sold it to NYS in 1962 for State Historic Site.

11341.y4xxy. Nellie, spinster; L. at Holcroft, next to sister Alice, formerly the Ludlow's Pine Lawn. Two doors down, Midwood was built in the 1890's by a son (Robert L.) of the Southwood Clarksons (son Edward inherited)

11341.y5. Gertrude LIVINGSTON, bp. Feb 9, 1777, d. 1864; m. William Cutting (b. 1773, Hempstead, LI, NY; d. 1820), one of 2 sons of Rev Leonard/Leonidas Cutting (1724-1794), an Anglican Minister (the IMMIGRANT, from Norfolk, England) and Frances Ann Gombauld (or Ann Frances Pintard), bro of Charles Spencer (b. 1782). He was co-owner of first steam ferry NY-Brooklyn, 1814, with his brother-in-law, Robert Fulton. New York and Brooklyn Steamboat Ferry Association, operated from Beekman's Slip. Columbia, 1793. Lawyer. He continued Fulton steamboat operations after Fulton's death.


11341.y51. Francis Brockholst, b. 1804; d. 1879

11341.y52. Ann, b. 1887

11341.y53. Robert Bayard., b. 1812; d. 1887; m. Elizabeth McEvers. 5 Ave Mansion. A Founder of the Academy of Music.

Fulton Cutting, m. Elizabeth Justine Bayard.

Robert Fulton CUTTING, m. Helen Suydam.

Fulton CUTTING, b. Dec 27, 1886, NYC; d. Dec 4, 1967, NYC; m. Jun 22, 1914, Boston, MA, Mary Josephine Amory, dau of Francis Inman Amory, of Somerset, MA. manufacturer and educator. Havard, 1099, AB, AM, 1910, MEE, 1911, SD-1915. Cutting & Washinton Radio Corp., Colonial Radio Corp, 1921(sold radios only to Sears, GM and Chrysler, first $10 bedside radio), sold to Sylvania Electric Products, 1945. 1947 - Prof of Physics, Stevens Institute, Hoboken.

Episcopalian, Republican.

[EAB, v52, 387]

Mary Josephine CUTTING, m. Watson K. Blair.

Justine Bayard CUTTING, m. Alexander Cushing.

Robert Fulton CUTTING

Grace Minot CUTTING, m. Gordon R. McGrath.


11341.y54. Julia, b. 1834

11341.y55. William L., b. 1826; d.

11341.y56. Charles Grenville, b. 1840

11341.y57. Fulton, b. Apr 18, 1814, NYC; d. 1875, Paris, France; m. 1849, Elise (Elizabeth) Justine Bayard (b. 1823, d. 1852), dau of Robert and Elizabeth Bayard. Columbia, lawyer. He moved to France after his wife's death.

11341.y571. (William) Bayard, b. Jan 12, 1850, 53 Irving Place, NYC, NY; d. Mar 1, 1912, of heart ailment; m. Apr 26, 1877, Olivia Peyton Murray (b. 1855, Ottawa, IL, d. Nov 15, 1949, at "Westbrook"), dau of Bronson and Eliza Peyton Murray. Columbia, Valedictorian, 1869. Columbia Law School. Lawyer, Bayard Cutting Arboretum of LI, NY, was his estate, "Westbrook" and was established in his honor. He worked with his maternal g-f, Robert Bayard, in re-

organizing the St. Louis, Alton, and Terre Haute RR, and became it's Pres in 1878. He developed land in South Brooklyn, organized the Improved Dwellings Corp, Pres 1879-1895, then Trustee of the City and Suburban Homes Company. Director of banks, insurance companies and trusts. VP, NY Chamber of Commerce, Director, Metropolitan Opera. Trustee, Columbia. Director, NY Botanical gardens. Episcopal. [Bronson Chanler was her great-nephew, through Murray family.] She had townhouse, 72 St, NYC. Estate, "Westbrook", facing Connetquot River, South shore of Long Island, near Islip.

11341.y5711. William Bayard, Jr, b. Jun 13, 1878, NYC; d. Mar 10, 1910, Aswan, Egypt; m. 1901, Lady Sybil Cuffe. Harvard, didn't graduate. Diplomat, always in ill-health, travelled to aid his health. L. NYC.

11341.y5711.1 Iris, b. 1902; m. _____ Irigo. Author, books on Leopardi and Byron.

2 dau

11341.y5712. Justine Bayard, b. Aug 7, 1879, Morristown, NJ; d. Nov 27, 1975, Washington, DC; m. George Cabot Ward. Pianist, converted to Catholicism. Created Ward Method of School Music. Music building at Catholic University of America named after her.

11341.y5713. Bronson Murray, b. Jun 23, 1888, "Westbrook"; d. May 6, 1935. Harvard, 1910, US Senator (1927-1935), died in a plane crash, returning to Washington, DC.

11341.y5714. Olivia Bayard, b. Sep 5, 1892, "Westbrook; d. Mar 12, 1963; m. Jun 11, 1917, Henry James. In 1951, she made arrangements to transfer "Westbrook" to the Long Island State park Commission, became the Bayard Cutting Arboretum.

11341.y572. Robert Fulton, b. 1852; d. 1934; m. Helen Suydam. Financier, philanthropist. Founder of the Citizen's Union. Mansion, 1010 5 Ave, boarded up or torn down, 1926.

11341.y572x. Fulton, b. Dec 27, 1886, NYC; d. Dec 4, 1967, NYC; m. Jun 22, 1914, Boston, MA, Mary Josephine Amory, dau of Francis Inman Amory, lawyer of Sommerset, MA. Harvard, 1909, S.D., 1915. Cutting and Washington Radio Corp, Boston, MA, Chm of the Board, acquired by Sylvania, 1945. 1947, Prof of Physics, Stevens Institute, Hoboken, NJ; Vice chrm - Board of Trustees, 1955-67. Designed first receivers and transmitters for airplanes, WW I, and ship-to-shore radio equipment. His Colonial Radio Corp supplied Sears Roebuck, General Motors and Chrysler.

11341.y572x.1. Mary Josephine, m. Watson K. Blair

11341.y572x.2. Justine Bayard, m. Alexander Cushing

11341.y572x.3. Robert Fulton

11341.y572x.4. Grace Minot, m. Gordon R. McGrath

11341.y58. Walter Livingston, b. 1817; d. 1885

11341.y5x. Robert Bayard, m. Elizabeth McEvers

11341.y6. Walter Thong LIVINGSTON, bp. Dec 4, 1778; d. 1827. Yale.

11341.y6x. Jane LIVINGSTON, b. 1804; d. Oct 27, 1871; m. John Sanders, (b. 1802, d. 1883), son of Johannes Sanders and Albertina Ten Broeck, on Oct 2, 1826

11341.y6x1. Albertina, b. Dec 22, 1828; d. Nov 19, 1834.

11341.y6x2. Walter T. L., b. Sep 7, 1832

11341.y6x3. Eugene L., b. Nov 1, 1835; m. Lizzie A. Passage, dau of David of Glenville, Schenectady County, NY

11341.y6x4. Mary Elizabeth, b. Jan 8, 1841; d. 1926; m. Harold Wilson (b. 1836, d. 1919) of Clermont, Columbia County, NY in 1863.

11341.y6x4x. Ann Hulme, b. 1867

11341.y6x4y. Harold, b. ca. 1875

11341.y7. Cornelia LIVINGSTON, bp. Sep 12, 1780

11341.y8. Catharine LIVINGSTON, bp. Oct 21, 1782

11341.y9. Harriet LIVINGSTON, bp. Dec 12, 1783; m. Jan 7 (or 8), 1808, Robert Fulton, Jr. (b. Nov 14, 1765, Little Britain Twp, Lancaster Co, PA, d. Feb 24, 1815, NYC, bur in Trinity Churchyard, NYC in the Livingston family vault) in 1808, son of an Irish (Scotch) immigrant farmer, from PA (Robert Fulton and Mary Smith). Inh Teviotdale. He was a student of artist Benjamin West in London, but got interested in engineering and studied canal navigation. He worked on submarines and tried to interest the British and French in them. He later turned to steamboats. Chancellor Livingston announced their engagement on board the "Clermont" (originally called the "Hudson River Steamboat"), on its maiden voyage (Aug 1807), just before the boat reached Clermont. One of major inventors of the steamboat (along with John Stevens of Hoboken and Nicholas Roosevelt). Together with Chancellor Livingston, he had a monopoly for steamboat navigation on the Hudson River, until it was ruled unconstitutional by the US Supreme Court. First steam ferry service, NYC to Brooklyn, 1814, with William Cutting. In 1810, Fulton and Chancellor Livingston sent Nicholas Roosevelt to Pittsburgh to survey a route down the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers to New Orleans by steamboat, which Roosevelt succeeded in doing. He completed the trip, in 1811, on the "New Orleans", which he built in Pittsburgh. Fulton's third steamboat on the Hudson, "Paragon", built 1811, hit a rock and sank, 1821.

He had patents for a canal dredging machine, a marble sawing device and a flax spinning machine. He interested Napoleon in his submarine and torpedoes. He was commissioned to sink British ships with his submarine "Nautilus", which failed to sink any ships and Napoleon lost interest. His first steamboat, built on the Seine, in 1803, at the request of Robert Livingston, then minister to France, promptly sank.

Tablet, Hall of Fame, NYU. Bust - NY Historical Society, from copy of bust in National Academy of Design. Fulton Street - from the foot of the Fulton Ferry (to Brooklyn), across Manhattan to a ferry on the Hudson River.

She painted pictures and played the harp.

11341.y91. Robert Barlow FULTON,b.16 Oct 1808, died unmarried in 1841

11341.y92. Julia FULTON b 13 April 1810, d. 1848; m. Charles Blight

11341.y921. Charles BLIGHT (married, but no issue)

11341.y922. Mary Fulton BLIGHT; m. Francis Macrea (no issue)

11341.y923. Robert Fulton BLIGHT d. 1899; m. Mary Still (no issue)

11341.y93. Cornelia Livingston FULTON b. 6 Aug 1812; m. Edward Charles Crary m. 20 June 1831.

11341.y931. Robert Fulton CRARY, D.D.(Rev) - resided in Poughkeepsie, NY; m. Agnes Boyd Van Kleeck.

11341.y9311. Amy CRARY

11341.y9312. Cornelia Fulton CRARY

11341.y9313. Alice CRARY; m. Arthur Taylor Sutcliffe

? Alice Crary Sutcliffe

11341.y9314. Edith Livingston CRARY; m. Charles H. Van B. Roberts.

11341.y9315. Robert Fulton CRARY, Jr.

11341.y932. Edward Francis CRARY (not married)

11341.y933. Charles Franklyn CRARY (unmarried)

11341.y934. Ella Cornelia CRARY; m. Herbert. H. Cammann or Cameron, Esq.

11341.y9341. Edward Crary CAMERON

11341.y9342. Robert Fulton CAMERON

11341.y9343. Hermann Muhlenberg CAMERON

11341.y9344. Herbert Schuyler CAMERON

11341.y935. Lena Herbert CRARY.

11341.y94. Mary Livingston FULTON; m. Robert M. Ludlow

11341.y941. Robert Fulton LUDLOW resided in Claverack, NY; m. Catelina Philip

His desc of Ludlow family still l in the Ludlow House, Claverack, built 1786.

Based on the above line, there can be no descendants of steamboat Robert FULTON bearing the FULTON surname.




Book: Genealogy of the Fulton Family Being Descendants of John

Fulton, Born in Scotland 1713, Emigrated to America 1753, Settled in

Nottingham Township, Chester County, PENNA., 1762, by Hugh R. Fulton,

Lancaster PA. 1900. Appendix p 196-201. Copy at New York State

Library at Albany, NY. Abstracted Robert Fulton (steamboat)

children s names and subsequent generations. He lists Robert Fulton s

marriage to Harriet Livingston as 1806 rather than 1808. Also lists a

Ella Crary instead of an Alice Crary. Since Alice Crary wrote to

Scotland Highland ( referenced below) I went with Highland's version.

He references CAMERON versus Scotland Highland references



Manuscript: Fourth Annual Christmas Plea, An Historical and Genealogical

Narrative, by Scotland G. Highland, Clarksburg, West Virginia, Dec 25,

1926. No page numbers - used about sixth through ninth pages.


Book: Robert Fulton, A Biography by Cynthia Owen Philip, 1985.

p. 3 (Kilkenny, Ireland origin of Robert Fulton, Sr.), p 216 marriage

date of 7 not 8 Jan 1808


Newsletter: Fulton Family Letter by Patrice Fulton Stark, Editor

pages 92:71-74 - Abstracted Scott-Moore-Willis line


Newsletter: Fulton Family Letter by Patrice Fulton Stark, Editor

pages 92:103 Regarding marriage status of Abraham Smith Fulton

(brother of steamboat Robert Fulton):

Abraham Smith Fulton (Robert 1), younger brother of THE

Robert Fulton, born after 1765. Although a genealogy has been

received purporting to be that of a descendant of this man, {10}

no evidence has been found suggesting that Abraham Smith Fulton

ever married or had children...

WARNING! There is another Abraham Fulton with a brother

named Robert living nearby. Abraham & Margaret (Guthrie)

Fulton came to North America ca 1772 and settled at Derry,

Westmoreland Co., PA. They attended the Sewickley Presbyterian

Church and their two sons were Robert, b 1751, and Abraham,

b 1753. Both men served as Rangers of the Frontier ca 1778.

Some researchers have confused deeds and family information

of Abraham, son of Abraham, as referring to Abraham Smith

Fulton, son of tailor Robert Fulton. - Ed.

{10}The Sanner Family in America by Wilmer Mackey Sanner,

unknown publication date, claims that a Margaret S. Fulton, b ca. 1792

was the daughter of Abraham Smith Fulton.


I have seen the conflicting information on the Abraham

Fulton family group as follows:

1 Abraham FULTON

+ Mary A ------

2 Margaret S. FULTON 1792-1850

+ Michael SANNER 1790-1866

3 Lewis Fulton SANNER 1811-

3 Jacob Fulton SANNER 1813

3 Hugh Fulton SANNER 1815

3 Jonathan Fulton SANNER 1816

3 Catherine SANNER 1819

3 Adam Fulton SANNER 1821

3 Margarite SANNER 1823

3 Mary Ann SANNER 1825

3 Alexander Fulton SANNER 1828

3 Michael Fulton SANNER 1831

3 Sarah Ann SANNER 1833

3 Alfred Fulton SANNER 1838


Robert Fulton's will and codicil available at Surrogate Court

31 Chamber st. NYC, NY (Entries mention his wife, brother

and sisters by name, but not the names of his children.)

Proved 27 Feb 1815 Liber 52 Page# Old Liber=134, new=112

Proved 18 Oct 1816 Liber 53 Page# Old Liber=362, new=322

Proved 13 May 1826 Liber 60 Page# Old Liber=422, new=366



11341.ya. Louisa LIVINGSTON, bp. Dec 31, 1785, again Apr 17, 1786.

11341.yb. John LIVINGSTON, bp. Nov 17, 1787

11341.u. Robert Cambridge LIVINGSTON, b. 1742; d. 1794, bur in Trinity Churchyard, NYC, in family vault. Newark College (Princeton). Cambridge Univ. L. in NYC, engaged in international trade, wealthy and respected.

11341.u1. Robert Swift LIVINGSTON, b. 1780; d. 1867; purchased Almont, in 1815, originally called The Meadows by its builder, Gen. John Armstrong. Had trotting track on grounds. Womanizer.

11341.u2. John Swift LIVINGSTON, b. 1785; d. 1867; m. ? Returned to Hudson Valley in 1815, purchased Green Hill, near Tivoli, built by Gilbert in 1790's.

9 children.

11341.u2v. Sarah LIVINGSTON, eloped.

11341.u2z. Cambridge LIVINGSTON, Union College. Lawyer, NYC. Helped finance Morse's telegraph.

11341.u2x. Johnston LIVINGSTON, b. 1817; d. 1911; m. 1852, Sylvie Livingston (b. 1827, d. 1873). (#11341.y1xx.), gd of Lady Mary. Union College. 1852 purchased Sunning Hill, changed name to Callendar House, near Tivoli (next door to Green Hill, his boyhood home. In 1857, he purchased many items at auction from the Chancellor's House. He built church at Tivoli, near his birthplace, 1867-8. He took his ailing wife and 2 dau to Europe.

He was surveyor for NY & Erie RR. Worked for Perth & Amboy RR, NJ. [Livingston, Wells & Co, 1841, internationally oriented, offices in Paris and London, but did poorly in Europe (Crawford Livingston, George Pomeroy and Henry Wells)]. In 1845, he went to Philadelphia to work with cousins William (#11341.3tx) and Crawford (#11341.3ty), and brother-in-law, DeGrasse Livingston, in the express business. The next year he was a partner. In Sep 1853, Wells, Fargo bought out Livingston, Wells & Co.

By 1855, he had purchased stock in a number of other freight companies. He was adept at financing and re-organization, and became an officer of almost every major company in the business. He was involved with Southern Express Co and Adams Express Co (founded by Alvin Adams, Johnston Livingston, William Dinsmore, Edward S. Sanford, Jul 1, 1854, in NYC; affilliated with B&O RR and PRR.), bought into Livingston, Wells & Co. He became on officer of National Express (founding member, secretary or office manager), US Express (Henry Wells owned part of stock), Overland Mail (Set up in 1857 to develop line from CA to El Paso, to Memphis to St Louis, by James McKay and 4 of 10 directors from Wells Fargo. Adams Express, American Express, and National Express were also involved. John Butterfield was President. He bought stock, 1859, and was Secretary Pro-tem. Horace Greeley, editor of the NY Tribune, went west on Overland and publicized the trip. Butterfield was expelled in 1860, replaved by William B. Dinsmore, from the board of Adams Express.), Livingston, Fargo & Co., Livingston, Wells and Co., Wells-Fargo (founding member, treasurer, 1852; secretary), and American Express (founding member, secretary or office manager). 1850, Livingston, Fargo & Co (West of Buffalo) and Wells, Butterfield & Co (East of Buffalo); together they owned a joint stock corporation, American Express Co, headquartered in Buffalo (which became one of the greatest firms of the nineteenth century, expanding through acquisition and merger. (By 1855, Wells, Fargo had 55 offices, by 1860, 147 offices, then enlarged into banking. It's largest competitors were Adams Express and Page & Bacon (of St Louis), also in banking. They both lost their CA operations during the panic of 1857.) 1858, Secretary, Butterfield's Overland Mail. 1869, resigned as Trustee of Wells Fargo, when the Pacific Union Express Co gained control. He resigned from Board of American Express, Nov 1869. President, National Express Co, 1865-1910.

The Pony Express was set up in March, 1861, from the Missouri River to Salt Lake City, with William H. Russell of CA Overland & Pike's Peak Express and with William Dinsmore and the Overland Mail Co handling from Salt Lake City to CA. Russell lost his equipment and business to Ben Halladay's Overland Mail & Express Co, 40,000 shares were owned by Wells, Fargo. The Great Consolidation brought almost total control, west of the Missouri River into the hands of Wells, Fargo. They gained control of Overland Mail and Halladay's Lines. Halladay controlled Pioneer Stage Co (owned by Louis McLand) (VA City, Nevada, Dutch Flats and Folsom, CA). McLand was also Gen Supt of Overland Mail and Wells, Fargo.

children and g-children

11341.u2y. Estelle LIVINGSTON, b. 1819; d. 1898; m. Brig Gen John Watts de Peyster, a cousin (desc from Gilbert). Built Rose Hill, next to Green Hill, her home. Donated land to St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Tivoli, then coverted to Methodism after a spat with the minister, and donated money for a new Methodist Church. Built fire house for John Watts de Peyster Hook and Ladder Co. He survived his sons. Willed Rose Hill to the Leake & Watts Orphan Home of New York City. Republican. Financed fire house in Tivoli, the John Watts de Peyster Hook and ladder Co.


11341.u2yx. Frederic, m. Mary Livingston, sister of John Henry. He became an alcoholic.

Johnston Livingston (youngest)

11341.u2u. Mary LIVINGSTON, m. Henry Livingston (#212xx.t)., son of Grandma Grundy.

11341.t. Polly LIVINGSTON, d. 1821, bur under Episcopal Ch, Duanesburgh; m. Oct 21, 1759, James Duane (b. Feb 6, 1732/3, d. Feb 1, 1797, bur under church, Duanesburgh), 3rd son of Anthony Duane from Cong, County Galway, Ireland and w2. Altea Kettletas (w1. was Eva Benson ?, w3. Margaret Riker) (sons, Abraham, James, Cornelius (d. 1781, bur Trinity Churchyard)). He was a prominent NY attorney. Interested in boundary disputes. Member of Second Continental Congress, member of the Presbyterian Party. Mayor of NYC. He was a landlord, but often let his leases go without paying for 5-10 years. He may have been educated by Rev. Mr. Charlton, one of his f executors. He studied law in the office of James Alexander. Attorney of the Supreme Court, Aug 3, 1754. Attorney and Counsel of Trinity Church, NYC, in defense of the lawsuits by the descendants of Anneke Jans. Clerk in chancery. He inh, with 3 bro, 6000 acres of wild land in Duanesburgh, to which he eventually became sole owner. In Mar 1765, 16 Germans from PA, made the first permanent settlement there. Deputy, Continental Congress, Sep 1774. 1785, Chief Magistrate, NYC. He presided over the case of Rutgers vs. Waddington. Presided over Mayor's Court for 6 years. State Senator until 1790. He served on a commission to settle boundry disputes with MA, with John Jay, Robert R. Livingston, Egbert Benson, Walter Livingston. 1788, member NY Convention to ratify the US Constitution. District Judge, District of NY. Vestryman, Trinity Church warden, 1784-

1794. Retired to Duanesburgh, 1794, lived part time in Schenectady. Bishop Provoost consecrated the Episcopal Church he had erected in Duanesburgh. He started to build a house in Duanesburgh, but didn't live to complete it.

DUANE 5 year old son drowned Aug 9, 1774, when he fell from wharf at Livingston's.

Cornelius DUANE, d. Mar 8, 1781, bur. Mar 9, 1781, Trinity Church Yard.

James DUANE, Jr., one surviving son, l. Duanesburgh and Schenectady.

James DUANE, of Franklin Co, owns portrait painted by C. W. Peale, copy at City Hall, NYC.

a dau 4 DUANE, l. Duanesburgh

3 other dau survived him

dau 1 DUANE, m. Gen North, of Duanesburgh.

dau 2 DUANE, m. George W. Featherstonhaugh, from England. He returned there after her death. Cosul at Havre.

Adelia DUANE, m. Alfred Sands Pell, Esq., son of Benjamin Pell and Mary Ann Ferris. L. NYC.

a gg-dau is Mrs. Weston, of Augusta, ME, owns his portrait painted by Coply.

James Duane PELL, m. Mary Livingston.

Walden PELL, m. Melissa Augusta Hyatt. Importer.

F{rancis} Livingston PELL, b. Sep 23, 1873, NYC; d. Sep 7, 1945, NYC; m. Oct 9, 1899, NYC, Ellen Van Buren Morris, dau of Stuyvesant Fish Morris. 1895, Columbia. 1899, McKim Traveling Scholarship. Worked with George B. Post. Worked on buildings of CCNY. Architect. Established firm of Pell & Corbett, with Harvey W. Corbett.

Walden PELL

Stuyvesant Morris PELL

Francis Livingston PELL.

11341.s. Alida LIVINGSTON, m. Valentine Gardiner. He was an Englishman and a Tory and went to England. She later went to London. son

11341.r. Johnston/John LIVINGSTON?, Built Forth House, near Post Road. Yale. He bought land across the river, built towns and farms and sold them for a profit. Then he built Oak Hill between 1790-1800.

probable connection

Henry Livingston, m. Anna Eliza Van Ness, dau of William Van Ness. His f built Talavera at Claverak for her, several miles from The Hill. House now owned by Mr. and Mrs. J. Van Ness Philip



11341.q. Margareta LIVINGSTON

11341.p. Gen. Henry LIVINGSTON, b. 1752/3; d. 1823. Poor student, apprenticed to a Boston merchant.


File 1

11342. Pieter/Peter Van Brugh LIVINGSTON, b. Oct, bp. Nov 3, 1710, Albany; d. Dec 28, 1792, Elizabethtown, NJ; m. Nov 3 (14?), 1739, Mary Alexander (b. 1721, d. Sep 24, 1767, NYC, bur family vault, Trinity Church) in NY. She was daughter of James Alexander, and bro of Gen. William Alexander, Lord Stirling, and sis (-in-law ?) of David Provoost. He m2. Apr 9, 1771, at Elizabethtown, NJ, Mrs. Elizabeth Ricketts wid of William Ricketts, Esq. Yale, 1731. He was a trader, privateer and prominent merchant. Naval Officer. Supplied military and financed privateers during French and Indian War and made a fortune. Revolutionary Patriot. Trustee, College of NJ (now Princeton) (1748-1761). Member, Committees of 51, 60 and 100, Presiding Officer. Signed Non-importation agreement prompted by the Sugar Act. Presiding Officer, NY Provincial Congress 1775. Gov of NY Province - 1775. L. NYC, moved to Elizabeth Town, NJ. 1769, he wrote a family genealogy - NYPL. L. NJ.

2 sons were Tories

11342.1. "Gentleman" Philip P LIVINGSTON, bp. Nov 12, 1740, NYDRC; d. 1810; m. Cornelia Van Horne, of NYC, dau of David Van Horne and Anna French, g-dau of Philip French and Susanna Brockholst, in NYC, 1790. Her aunt, Susanna French m. William Livingston, Gov of NJ. "Gentleman" Phil, went to England in 1775. Tory. Columbia, Lawyer, studied at the Temple in London, Registrar of the Prerogative Court of NY and Secretary to Governor Sir Henry Moore. As a Loyalist, he was leniently treated and he returned to the US and represented Westchester County in the NY Convention in 1788, which ratified the US Constitution. Bought house in Dobbs' Ferry, called Livingston House, Oct 10, 1785, 233 acre farm, where he l until his death.

11342.2. Maria LIVINGSTON, bp. May 27, 1742, NYDRC; d. inf.

11342.3. Catharina/Catharine LIVINGSTON, bp. Oct 2, 1743, NYDRC; m. Apr 20, 1762, NYC, Nicholas Bayard, Jr., of NYC. Merchant.

11342.3x. Eliza BAYARD, m. John Houston McIntosh.

11342.3xx. Eliza Bayard McINTOSH, m. Duncan Lamont Clinch.

11342.3xxx. Elizabeth Bayard CLINCH, m. Robert Anderson. He was commander at Fort Sumpter.

11342.3xxxx. Maria Latham ANDERSON, m. Woodbury Blair.

11342.3xxxx.x. Ethel BLAIR, m. William Brooks Clift.

11342.3xxxx.xx. Montgomery CLIFT, b. Oct 17, 1920, Omaha, NE; d. Jul 23, 1966.

11342.4. James Alexander LIVINGSTON, bp. Oct 10, 1744, NYDRC; d. y.

11342.5. Maria LIVINGSTON, bp. Oct 29, 1746, NYDRC; m. Brown

11342.5x. George van Brugh LIVINGSTON

11342.6. Peter Van Brugh LIVINGSTON, b. Mar 31, bp. Apr 5, 1753, NY Pres. Ch.; d. < 1792; m. Susan _________

11342.6x. Mary LIVINGSTON

11342.7. Sarah LIVINGSTON, b. Apr 30, bp. May 18, 1755, NY Pres. Ch.; m. Ricketts


11342.7x. Maria Pen

11342.7y. Philipp

11342.7z. James Otto

11342.8. William Alexander LIVINGSTON, b. Feb 10, bp. Feb 20, 1757, NY Pres. Ch.

11342.9. Susannah LIVINGSTON, b. Mar 23, bp. Apr 5, 1759, NY Pres Ch.; m. John Kean. She m2. Count Julian Ursyn Niemcewicz, and l at Liberty Hall, her uncle's mansion, at Elizabethtown, while he was Gov of NJ, during the American Revolution. John was a member of Congress.

Kosciuszko had become Commander in Chief of the Polish Army until he was defeated and imprisoned by the Russians. He was released when Empress Catherine, died along with his friend, Niemcewicz, provided they go to France or America. They came here in 1800 and Niemcewicz became tutor to Peter Kean. After 5 years of marriage, he returned to Poland to recover his family estates, as Napoleon had freed Poland. After the Russians pushed Napoleon back, he went to Paris where he spent the next 30 years supporting Polish exiles in their attempts to free Poland. His wife sent him $100/month to support his activities. He claimed to have adopted his step-son, making him a Polish citizen.


Hamilton Fish is g-g-gson

11342.9x. Peter

His desc was Thomas Kean, Gov of NJ, ca. 1980.

11342.a. Elizabeth/Eliza LIVINGSTON, b. Jun 20, bp. Jun 28, 1761, NY Pres. Ch.; d. 1788, in childbirth; m. 1787, Louis Otto of Philadelphia, a former French Diplomat. He m2. ? Eliza

11342.b. James Alexander LIVINGSTON, b. Jul 27, bp. Aug 14, 1763, NY Pres. Ch.

11342.c. Ann LIVINGSTON, b. Sep 14, bp. Oct 4, 1767, NY Pres. Ch.

11342.??. Peter Van Brugh LIVINGSTON, interested in family genealogy, toured Europe and Scotland in 1816-1819.

?? 11343. Pieter LIVINGSTON, bp. Apr 20, 1712; m. Zella Holland, dau of Henry Holland II on Nov 13, 1728

11343.1. Robert LIVINGSTON, bp. Jul 27, 1729

11343.2. Henry Holland LIVINGSTON, bp. Sep 25, 1730

11343.3. Margarita LIVINGSTON, bp. Jul 2, 1732

11343.4. Thomas LIVINGSTON, bp. Oct 5, 1733

11343.5. Jane LIVINGSTON, bp. Jun 18, 1735

11343.6. Margarita LIVINGSTON, bp. June 23, 1736

11344. Johannes LIVINGSTON, bp. Apr 11, 1714; d. 1786; m. Catharyna Ten Broeck on Sep 6, 1739. Yale. Trader, privateer, merchant prince.

11344.1. Robert LIVINGSTON, bp. Mar 16, 1740

11344.2. Philip LIVINGSTON, bp. May 28, 1741

11344.3. Dirck LIVINGSTON, b. Jun 6, bp. Jun 8, 1743;

11344.4. Catharina LIVINGSTON, bp. Aug 25, 1745

11345. Philippus (Philip the Signer) LIVINGSTON, bp. Jan 15, 1716/7, Albany, NY; d. Jun 12, 1778, York, PA, bur. Prospect Hill Cemetery, York, PA (historical marker) or Uptown Trinity Church Cemetery, NYC; m. Aug 14, 1740, Christina Ten Broeck, dau of Col Dirck Wesselse Ten Broeck (1638-1717) and Christina Van Buren (1644-1729). Yale, 1737. Trader, privateer, merchant prince, NYC. Alderman, NYC, 1754-63 (East Ward). Member First Colonial Convention - 1765, Stamp Act Congress, 1765. 1770, founded the first Chamber of Commerce. Committee of 51. Signed the Articles of Association, Oct 20, 1774. Member, Committee of Sixty, Committee of One Hundred. Jul 8, 1775, Presidentof the Provincial Congress of NY. Signed the Declaration of Independence for NY (Aug 2, 1776). Member of First and Second Continental Congress, 1774-78. Member, Committees of 60, 100. NY Assembly, 1758. NY H of Reps, NY Senate (1777), a framer of the NY Constitution, a founder of King's (now Columbia) College. Continental Congress at York, PA (until his death). NYC Merchant. Established professorship of Divinty at Yale, named for him. One of the builders of the meeting house on John St, NYC of the Methodist Society in America. Organizer, NY Society Library, 1754. Land, and residence, Duke St, Brooklyn Heights, Brooklyn, Kings Co, NY. Houses and lots in NYC. He may have been the Philip who owned a distillery on LI.

11345.1. Philip Philip LIVINGSTON, b. May 28, 1741 (OS) (Jun 8, (NS); d. Nov 2, 1787, NYC; m. Jun 29, 1768, Island of Jamaica, by Rev Mr John Poole, Rector of St Andrews, Sarah Johnson (b. Mar 23, 1749 (OS), Apr 2 (NS), d. Nov 6, 1802, NYC); of Surrey County, Island of Jamaica. (bro-in-law Thomas Jones, John H. Livingston)

11345.11. Philip Henry LIVINGSTON, b. Oct 30, 1769, bp. Nov 26, 1769, Rev Mr Thomas Coxeter, Rector of Kingston, Jamaica (gp. Henry Livingston, Daniel Moore, Nathl Grant, Esqs, Mrs Mary Burke, Mrs Mary Fitch); m. May 8, 1788, Maria Livingston (# 11341.yu) (d. Aug 1828, NYC), dau of Walter L. Livingston, (g-d of Third Lord), and sister of Robert L. (11421.yw). Bought Callendar House from his cousin Henry Gilbert, renamed it Sunning Hill, near Tivoli. He sold it in 1828 to his kinsman Robert Tillotson. House was renamed Callendar House when purchased by John Henry Livingston in 1860, Clermont Village. Henry had bought the house from it's builder, (1773) Samuel Ten Broeck.

11345.1?? Schuyler LIVINGSTON, m. Margaret Livingston (#11312.ywu)

11345.1tx. Livingston LIVINGSTON, b. 1809

11345.12. George LIVINGSTON, b. Oct 14, 1771, bp. Jan 6, 1772, by Rev Mr Coxeter (gp. Mr Richard Cargill, Mr (tear in paper), Mr Joseph Fitch, Mrs Catherine Van Rensselaer, Mrs Fran (tear in paper) Orgill, Mrs Ann Grant, Mrs Frances Ingles).

11345.13. Catherine LIVINGSTON, b. Oct 13, 1772, bp. Jan 6, 1773, by Rev Mr Coxeter (gp. Philip Livingston, Jr, of Pensacola, Esq, Mrs Eliz Cargill, Mrs Sarah McDonell, Miss Margaret Livingston); d. Mar 20, 1819, St Mary's, Jamaica; m. Oct 13, 1796, NYC, John Saunders (d. Dec 1818, Jamaica).

11345.14. Christina LIVINGSTON, b. Sep 26, 1774, NYC,bp. Nov 18, 1774, by Rev John Livingston (gp. Abraham Livingston and Miss Sarah Ph Livingtson); m. Mar 29, 1797, J. N. Macomb.

11345.15. Sarah LIVINGSTON, b. Feb 29, 1776, Kingston, Jamaica, bp. Jun 16, 1776, by Rev Mr Coxeter (gp. Mr John Cargill, Mr Muscoe Livingston, Mrs Thopmas Cargill and Mrs (Muscoe) Livingston); d. Apr 12, 1797, age 21, NYC.

11345.16. Edward P. LIVINGSTON, b. 1780 in Jamaica; d. 1843; m. Elizabeth/Betsey Livingston (b. 1780, d. 1829), dau of Robert, The Chancellor. (# 11431.y.). He m2. Mary Broome of Hyde Park (no children). She m2. Charles H. Ruggles, Justice of NY Court of Appeals, Gov of NY, 1831.

2 sons, 3 dau.

11345.16v. Elizabeth LIVINGSTON, m. 1833, Dr. Edward Hunter Ludlow (b. 1810, Greenwich St, NYC, d. Nov 27, 1884). Mansion, N. of Clermont, Pine Lawn, near Tivoli-on-Hudson. Dr, NYC 1831, Westchester Co. He was Pres, NY Real Estate Exchange. Office, corner Wall and New Sts, then 11 Broad St, later (1850) business at 14 Pine St, NYC, for 25 years. Retired, 1845, to country estate, Pine Lawn, then returned to NYC. Acquired an ample fortune.

Great-grandparents of Eleanor Roosevelt

11345.16v1. Elizabeth, d.y. May 16, 1847.

11345.16v2. Edward Philip Livingston, b. Aug 10, 1835; m. Margaret T. Hall, dau of Valentine G. Hall

11345.16v21. Susan, m. Dec 13, 1884, Henry Parish, Jr.

11345.16v22. Edward Hunter

11345.16v3. Gabriel Augustus, b. 1838; d. Apr 26, 1844

11345.16v4. Mary Livingston, b. 1843; m. Valentine G. Hall, Jr, on Apr 25, 1861, son of Valentine G. Hall, built Oak Lawn, next to Pine Lawn.

11345.16vxy. son

11345.16v41. Anna R., b. ; d. Dec 7, 1892; m. Dec 1, 1883, Elliot Roosevelt

11345.16v41.x Anna Eleanor, m. Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

11345.16v42. Elizabeth Livingston, m. Stanley Mortimer

11345.16v43. Edward Livingston, m. Josephine B. Zabriskie, dau of Augustus Zabriskie

11345.16v44. Valentine G., alcoholic

11345.16v45. Edith Livingston, m. 1903, W. Forbes

Morgan, Jr.,

11345.16v46. Maude Livingston, m. Apr 21, 1900, Lawrence Waterbury, son of James Montaudevert Waterbury.

11345.16x. dau LIVINGSTON, m. David A. Clarkson

Mansion N. of Clermont (Southwood ?)

11345.16xx. Edward, m. Rachel Coons,late in life, dau. of cook. Inherited Southwood.

11345.16xy. Robert L., built Midwood ?

11345.16z. Mary LIVINGSTON

11345.16w. Clermont LIVINGSTON, b. 1817; d. 1895; m. Cornelia Livingston ( d. 1852); m2. Mary Swartwout, widow of Montgomery Livingston (# 11341.ywz), summer 1857. Inherited Clermont.

11345.16wx. Mary LIVINGSTON, b. 1845; d. 1876; m. Frederic Livingston ?? (b. 1842, d. ?)

11345.16wy. John Henry LIVINGSTON, b. 1846; d. 1927; m. 1906, Alice Delafield Clarkson (11341.y4xxx.) (b. 1872, d. 1964)

11345.1y. Jaspar Hall LIVINGSTON

11345.2. Dirck/Richard LIVINGSTON, b. 1743.

11345.3. Catherine/Catharina LIVINGSTON, b. Aug 25, 1745, NYC; d. Apr 17, 1810, Albany; m1. Jan 23, 1764 at NYC, Stephen Van Rensselaer (VR # 108), the Eighth and last Patroon (bp. Jun 2, 1742, Albany DRC, d. Oct 19, 1769), son of Stephen Van Rensselaer and Elizabeth Groesbeck; m2. Jul 12, 1775, Rev Eliardus Westerloo (b. 1737, d. 1790). Stephen built the Manor House at Albany, which was moved to Williams College, Williamstown, MA. When it was torn down, one of the rooms was rebuilt in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC. Stephen was a State Senator and Lt Gov.


11345.3x. Elizabeth, (VR # 194), b. Aug 15, 1768, bp. Aug 17, Albany DRC; d. Mar 2, 1841; m. John Bradstreet Schuyler (Schuyler # 280) (b. Jul 12, 1765, d. Aug 19, 1795 at Saratoga), son of Major Gen Philip Schuyler. She m2. Nov 17, 1799, at Albany, John Bleeker, son of John Bleeker and Elizabeth Staats and g-son of Catalyn Schuyler (Schuyler #20) and John Rutgers Bleeker.

For siblings and children, see Schuyler and van Rennselaer (VR # 192 ff) Genealogies


11345.3y. Rensselaer, b. 1776; d. Apr 15, 1851, Albany; m. May 5, 1805, Jane Lansing, (Lansing # 302) (b. Jan 27, 1785, d. Jun 15, 1871), dau of Chancellor John Lansing and Cornelia Ray

11345.3y1. Katherine, d. um.

11345.3y2. Cornelia Lansing, d. s.

11345.3y3. Mary Lansing, d. s.

11345.3y4. Eliardus, d. s.

11345.3y5. Elizabeth V. R., d. s.

11345.3y6. Joanna, d. s.

11345.3z. Catharine, b. 1778; d. 1846; m. John Woodworth (b. 1768, d. 1858)


11345.3z1. Dr. Robert, b. ca. 1808, m. ____ Robbins

11345.3z2. Westerlo, b. 1809; d. 1846

11345.3z3. John, b. 1817; d. 1847

11345.3z4. Catharine Livingston, b. ?; d. 1880; m. Charles D. Gould (b. 1815, d. 1866)

11345.3z41. Dr. John Woodworth, b. 1839; d. 1911; m. 1878, Harriet Van Rensselaer (b. 1844, d. 1920)

11345.3z411. Eliza Woodworth, b. 1880; d. 1880

11345.3z412. Edmund Westerlo, b. 1881; d. 1907; m. 1903, Elizabeth Tripp

11345.3z412.1. Edmund Elmendorf, b. 1903; d. 1907

11345.3z412.2. Catherine Livingston, b. 1905; m. 1928, Asher Joslin

11345.3z412.21. Asher David Gould J.

11345.3z412.211. Barbara

11345.3z412.212. Amy

11345.4. Margaret LIVINGSTON, b. ca. 1747.

11345.5. Peter Van Brugh LIVINGSTON, b. 1751.

11345.6. Sarah LIVINGSTON, b. 1752.

She or Alida prob m. Dr. Thomas Jones.

Margaret JONES, m. David S. Jones, son of Judge Samuel Jones, and Cornelia Haring, g-son of William Jones and ggs of Maj Thomas Jones, the IMMIGRANT. He m2. Susan Le Roy (d. May 26, 1832), dau of Herman Le Roy (Her younger sis, was w2. of Daniel Webster.) He m3. Jun 11, 1833, Mary Clinton, dau of Gov DeWitt Clinton.


Henry JONES, dwi.

Philip L. JONES, dwi.

William Alfred JONES, dwi.

his m2. - 2 children

Herman Le Roy JONES, m. Augusta L. Kingsland, dau of Mayor Ambrose Kingsland.

Herman Le Roy JONES.

Kingsland JONES.



his m3. - 4 children

De Witt Clinton JONES, b. Jun 30, 1834, at home, No. 2 Bond St, NYC; m. Dec 18, 1860, Josepha Crosby, dau of William Henry Crosby and Josepha Neilson, g-s of Dr Ebenezer Crosby, and niece of John T. Crosby. Educated at school of Rev Dr Muhlenberg at College Point, LI, and at Churchillís Military Academy, Sing Sing, NY. Trinity College, Hartford, 1854. Attended RPI. 1859, admitted to bar. Crosby (John P.), Ostrander and Jones, 1867, law partnership.One of incorporators of the Greenwich St elevated RR. 1871, went with his family to Portland, OR. She was also desc from Gen William Floyd and Johannes DePeyster.

De Witt Clinton JONES, Jr., b. Dec 28, 1862; m. Bessie Duncan Cannon, dau of Henry Rutgers Cannon and Mary Brinkerhoff.

De Witt Clinton JONES, III.

Rutgers Brevort JONES.

Mary Franklin JONES.

Henry Crosby JONES.

Ellen Roosevelt JONES, m. Frederick Glover Pyne.

Frederick Cruger JONES.

Schuyler Neilson JONES.

Charles Crosby JONES.

Walter Franklin JONES.

Julia C. JONES.

Florence C. JONES.

Catharine JONES, m. as his w2., DeWitt Clinton.

11345.7. Abraham LIVINGSTON, b. ca. 1754.

11345.8. Alida LIVINGSTON, b. 1757.

11345.v. Henry LIVINGSTON


File 2

11346. Hendrick LIVINGSTON, bp. Apr 5, 1719, did poorly in school and was apprenticed to a Boston merchant after a few years of schooling.

11347. Sara LIVINGSTON, bp. May 7, 1721;

11348. William S. LIVINGSTON, b. Nov, bp. Dec 8, 1723, Albany; d. Jul 25, 1790, Elizabethtown, NJ; m. 1745, Susannah French (d. 1777, Van Wyck/Jay House, East Fishkill, NY), dau of Philip French and Susanna Brockholst. He got her pregnant when his parents would not consent to the marriage. Yale, 1741. LLD (Hon), 1778. Lawyer. NJ Bar, 1748. He was an early Patriot and political writer, a member of the "NY Triumverate", with John Morin Scott and William Smith, Jr. (the Historian). Newspaper editor, weekly, "The Independent Reflector" - 1752-1753, Founding President of exclusive laywer's club, "The Moot". Member Committee of Correspondence (Essex Co, NJ), Continental Congress, Lt. Col Webb's Rgt, Jan 1, 1777-Oct 10, 1778, Brig Gen in command of Ny (or NJ ?) Militia, Oct 1775 - Aug 31, 1776. Editor, A Digest of Laws of New York, 1691-1762. War (First) Governor of State of NJ 1776-1790. US Constitutional Convention, 1787. L. Elizabethtown, NJ.

13 children

11348.1. son LIVINGSTON, b. 1746; d.i.

11348.2. son LIVINGSTON, b. 1747; d.i.

11348.3. Susanna LIVINGSTON, b. 1748; d. ifw; m. John Cleve Symmes

11348.4. Catherine (Kitty) LIVINGSTON, b. Sep 16, 1751; d. ifw; m1. Mathew Ridley, m2. John Livingston

11348.5. Mary LIVINGSTON, b. Feb 16, bp. Feb 25, 1753; d. ifw; m. James Linn

11348.6. William LIVINGSTON, Jr., b. Mar 21, bp. Mar 31, 1754; disinherited.

A William Smith LIVINGSTON of NY was Maj, Lasher's Rgt, NY Militia, Jul 1776. Aide-de-camp to Gen Greene, Aug 12, 1776-Jan 14, 1777; Lt COl, Webb's Rgt, Jan 1, 1777; resigned, Oct 10, 1778.

11348.7. Philip Van Brugh LIVINGSTON, bp. Jul 28, 1755; d. nifw.

11348.8. Sarah/Sally Van Brugh LIVINGSTON, bp. Aug 2, 1756; d. ifw; m. Mar 28, 1774, John Jay (b. Dec 12, 1745, NYC, d. May 17, 1829, at Bedford, his summer home, later owned by g-s), son of Peter Jay and Mary Van Cortland, at her father's home near Elizabethtown, NJ. Member of Committee to draft the Declaration of Independence. He was first Chief Justice of US Supreme Court. Ambassador to Spain, 1779, during American Revolution. Ambassador to Paris, Negotiated Jay Treaty with Britain - 1794, Ambassador to England 1794-1801, President of the Continental Congress. Governor of NY. NY Provincial Congress. Drafted NY Resolution to support the Declaration of Independence. Drafted NY Constitution. Co-author of Federalist Papers (wrote first 5). First Chief Justice NYS Supreme Court - until 1779. President, American Bible Society. Van Wyck-Jay House, built 1740, by Dr. Theodorus Van Wyck, East Fishkill, where he l during early part of the American Revolution. He returned here in 1778 for a much needed rest. Home at Katonah now owned by NYS and open to public. Jay St, Manhattan, Fort Jay on Governor's Island named after him. She was the acknowledged queen of Federalist NY society, which included many of her Livingston relatives.

11348.8x. Peter Augustus, b. Jan 24, 1776, Elizabethtown, NJ; d. Feb 20, 1845 (3 ?); m. Jul 26, 1807, Mary Rutherford Clarkson (b. Jul 2, 1786, d. Dec 24, 1838), dau of Mathew Clarkson. Columbia Law School, Secty to f in England. Studied law with Peter Jay Munro. NY Assembly, 8th President, NY Historical Society. Recorder of NYC. L. NYC, Elizabethtown, NJ

11348.8x1. John Clarkson, MD, conchologist

11348.8x2. Peter Augustus

11348.8x3. Mary, m. Frederick Prime

11348.8x4. Sarah, m. William Dawson

11348.8x5. Catherine Helena, m. Henry DuBois, MD

11348.8x5x. Dr John Jay

11348.8x6. Anna Maria, m. Henry Evelyn Pierrepont, (b. Aug 8, 1808, Brooklyn, d. Mar 28, 1888, Brooklyn), son of Hezekiah Beers Pierpont (wealthy Brooklyn landowner and gin distiller) and Anna Maria Constable. He was a founder of Greenwood Cemetery. In 1835, he was appointed chairman of the commission to lay out the streets of the new City of Brooklyn. He made provision for 11 parks and reserved space for what was to become Greenwood Cemetery (the farmland). For 20 years he supervised it's construction and operation. It's success as an urban park inspired the creation of Central Park, in 1856. 1st Pres, Brooklyn Academy of Music, supporter of Long Island Historical Society. Sr Warden, Grace Church. VP Union Ferry Co.

[Note: Evelyn Pierrepont and his uncle, Benjamin Waddington, had occupied the brewery and alehouse of the widow, Elizabeth Rutgers during the British occupation of NYC during the American Revolution. The brewery was destroyed before the British evacuation of the city. Mrs. Rutgers sued Joshua Waddington as agent for his uncle Benjamin and Evelyn Pierrepont, for damages under the Trespass Act, passed by NYS. She was the aunt of Egbert Benson, NYS Attorney General. Alexander Hamilton represented the US Government which claimed that the Treaty of Parios, which forbade claims against Britain or British subjects, resulting from the war, superceded NYS law. Hamilton won the case and the widow Rutgers lost.


11348.8x61. Mary Rutherford, b. Aug 25, 1842, Brooklyn, NY; d. Dec 31, 1870, NYC; m. Oct 13, 1863, Brooklyn, NY, Rutherford Stuyvesant.

11348.8x62. Henry Evelyn, Jr., b. Dec 9, 1845, Brooklyn, NY; d. Nov 4, 1911, Brooklyn; m. Ellen Almira Low (b. Jun 30, 1846, Brooklyn, d. Dec 30, 1884), dau of Abiel Abbot Low and Ellen Almira Dow. Columbia, Warehouse business (Pierrepont Bonded Warehouses), Pierrepont Stores, incorporator of Franklin Trust Co, Trustee - Brooklyn Savings Bank, Home Life Insurance Company, Brooklyn Hospital. Sr Warden Grace Church, Trustee General Theological Society of NY, Fidelity Insurance Co. L. Columbia Heights in mansion which replaced his g-f., on Pierrepont Place.

11348.8x621. Anne Low, b. Sep 23, 1870, Ventnor, Isle of Wight, England; m. Lea Mc Ilvaine Luquer (b. Sep 4, 1864, Brooklyn.

11348.8x621.1. Lea Shippen, b. Sep 21, 1897, Brooklyn

11348.8x621.2. Evelyn Pierrepont, b. Oct 20, 1900, NYC

11348.8x621.3. Thatcher paine, b. Jul 20, 1905. Bar Harbor, ME

11348.8x621.4. Ellen Pierrepont, b. Jul 28, 1909, Bar Harbor, ME

11348.8x622. Ellen Low, b. Apr 15, 1872, Brooklyn; m. Jun 5, 1895, R. Burnham Moffatt (b. Jan 7, 1861, Brooklyn)

11348.8x622.1. Jay Pierrepont, b. Jul 18, 1896, Rye, NY

11348.8x622.2. Elizabeth Barclay, b. Jun 26, 1898, Rye, NY

11348.8x622.3. Abbot Low, b. May 12, 1901, NYC

11348.8x623. Henry Evelyn, b. Sep 7, 1873, Brooklyn; d. um. Mar 3, 1903, Brooklyn

11348.8x624. Robert Low, b. Aug 22, 1876, Luzerne, Warren County, NY; m. Nov 22, 1900, in Brooklyn, Kathryn Isabel Reed (b. May 18, 1879, South Weymouth, MA) dau of Josiah Reed and Helen Maria Flanders. L Brooklyn. Columbia. Director, Low Moor Iron Company, Home Life Insurance Co, Trustee - South Brooklyn Savings Institution, Brooklyn Trust Co, Greenwood Cemetery, Church Charity Foundation. Owns Gilbert Stuart painting of Washington

11348.8x624.1. John Jay, b. Mar 15, 1902, Brooklyn

11348.8x624.2. Samuel Duryea, b. Jul 20, 1909, Bay Shore; d. Jul 21, 1909, Bay Shore.

11348.8x624.3. Henry Evelyn, b. Jul 20, 1909, Bay Shore; d. Jul 21, 1909, Bay Shore.

11348.8x625. Rutherford Stuyvesant, b. Jul 5, 1882, Luzerne, NY; m. Dec 5, 1911, Roslyn, NY, Nathalie Leon de Castro (b. Aug 2, 1885, NYC), dau of Alfred de Castro and Annie Godwin. Columbia. Director, Hanover Fire Insurance Co, Low Moor Iron Co. L. NY

1 child

11348.8x625.1. Mary Rutherford, b. Dec 6, 1912, NYC

11348.8x626. Seth Low, b. Dec 25, 1884, Brooklyn; m. Nathalie Elizabeth Chauncey (b. Jul 14, 1887, NYC), dau of Elihu Chauncey and Mary J. Potter. Columbia, Diplomat

11348.8x63. John Jay, b. Sep 3, 1849, Rye, NY; m. Apr 26, 1876, NYC, Elsie de Rham (b. Jul 18, 1850, NYC) dau of Charles de Rham and Laura Schmidt. Brooklyn Polytech. Pierrepont Brothers, bonded warehouse with bro Henry Evelyn and Ferdinand N. Massa, Brooklyn Waterfront below home on Brooklyn Heights. L in old family mansion with his sisters. Philanthropist.

1 child

11348.8x631. John Jay, b. Mar 19,1877, NYC; d. Jan 6, 1878, Brooklyn.

11348.8x64. William Augustus, b. Jul 16, 1855, Brooklyn; d. Jan 6, 1902, Brooklyn.

11348.8x65. Julia Jay, Sep 14, 1857, Newport, RI; um.

11348.8x66. Anna Jay, b. Jan 1, 1861, Brooklyn; um.

11348.8x7. Susan Mathilda, m. Mathew Clarkson

11348.8x8. Elizabeth Clarkson

11348.8y. William, b. 1789; d. 1858, NYC; d. 1858; Jurist. Wrote "Inquiry into the Formation of Washington's Farewell Address". Active in Anti-slavery and other reform movements. Author The Life of John Jay and other books.

11348.9. (Henry) Brockholst LIVINGSTON, b. Nov 25 (26?), 1757, NYC, bp. Dec4, 1767; d. Mar 18, (or 19) 1823, Washington, DC, ifw; m1. Catherine Keteltas, m2. Ann Ludlow, m3. Catherine (Seaman) Kortright. Princeton, 1774. Studied law with Peter yates, Albany, 1782-3. NY Bar, 1783. Hon LLD, Havard, 1810. Battle of Saratoga, Lt and Capt, Aide-de-Camp to Gen Philip Schuyler. Major, Third NY Rgt, Aug 2, 1775-Mar 8, 1776, under Col James Clinton; Aide-de-camp to Gen St Clair, 1776-1777. Lt Col, Rev War, seige of Fort Ticonderoga, Col, NY 4th Rgt, Nov 1776-78, Brig Gen Enoch Light's Brigade. Private Secty to John Jay, was granted 12 months leave to accompany him to Europe, was captured by the Bristish on his return (1782), sent to NYC and released there. Purchased property between Linwood and Staatsburgh, built The Locusts. He was co-council with Alexander Hamilton and Morgan Lewis for the US in the famous Rutgers

vs Waddington lawsuit in 1784, heard in the Mayor's Court before cousin James Duane, Jun 29, 1784. The court consisted of the Mayor, (Duane), Recorder, Richard Varick and 5 aldermen. Representing the widow Rutgers was NY Attorney Gen, Benson, acting privately for his aunt, and unofficially for the state, to uphold the state's Trespass law (along with William Wilcox, John Lawrence and Robert Troup) [8890]. NY State Supreme Court 1802-7. Assoc Justice, US Supreme Court (1806-1823). VP, NY Historical Soc.

11348.a. Judith LIVINGSTON, b. Dec 30, 1758, bp. Jan 7, 1759; d. ifw; m. John W. Watkins

11348.b. Philip French LIVINGSTON, b. Sep 1, bp. Sep 4, 1760; d. nifw.

11348.c. John Lawrence LIVINGSTON, b. Jul 15, bp. Jul 25, 1762; d. nifw.

11348.d. Elizabeth Clarkson LIVINGSTON, b. Apr 5, bp. Apr 25, 1764; d. nifw.

11349. Sara LIVINGSTON, bp. Nov 7, 1725, Albany; d. 1804; m. Maj Gen

William Alexander, Lord Stirling (b. Dec 27, 1725, d. in US Service, Jan 15, 1783), on Mar 1, 1748, son of James Alexander (1691-1756) and Maria Spratt, (widow of Samuel Provoost).

11349.1. Lady Mary. bp. Apr 12, 1749, DRC-NY; m. Robert Watts, (b. Aug 23, 1743, d. Sep 16, 1814, Philadelphia, bur Trinity Churchyard) son of John Watts and Ann de Lancey.

11349.2. Lady Catherine, (Lady Kity), m. Jul 27, 1779, Col William Duer, b. Devonshire, England, Mar 18, 1747, to NY >1768, d. May 7, 1799) at "The Buildings", near Baskingridge, NJ. He came to America in < 1768, to acquire lumber for his f in the West Indies, purchased land at Ft Miller, established 3 saw mills there. Militia Col, Judge of County Court. 1777- Committee to draft NYS constitution. He was a Patriot, Member of the Continental Congress, 1777-8, Commissary General, Committee of Safety, NY Legislature, Asst Secretary of the Treasury, under Hamilton, Secretary of the Treasury Board. They l at Rhinebeck, where she was a leader of society. Duer St, NYC. She was a leader of NY Society, called Lady Kitty.

11349.2w. William Alexander, b. Sep 8, 1780, Rhinebeck, NY; d. May 30, 1858, NYC; m. Miss Denning of NYC; Midshipman under Stephen Decatur, 1798. Fifth Pres -Columbia College 1829-1842. Lawyer, business partner with Edward Livingston, Mayor of NYC, later with his brother-in-law, Beverly Robinson. Moved to New Orleans, but returned to NYC, law office in Rhinebeck. State Assembly - 1814. Author, "Steamboat Controversy", 'Life of William Alexander, Earl of Stirling".

11349.2x. John, b. Oct 7, 1782, Albany; d. Aug 8, 1858, Staten Island, at home. Lawyer, Orange County, NYC. 1820, NYC, Insurance lawyer. Associate Judge, Superior Court; Chief Justice, NY Superior Court - 1857. Writer on legal matters.

1134a. Alida LIVINGSTON. bp. Jul 18, 1728; d. 1755

son, d. 1755

1134b. Catharina LIVINGSTON, bp. Apr 15, 1733

1135. Robert LIVINGSTON, Jr. (of Clermont), b. Jul 24, bp. Jul 29, 1688, Albany DRC; d. Jun 27, 1775 at Clermont, after hearing of the news of Bunker Hill, his last words were, "What news from Boston?"; m. Nov 11, 1717, at NYC, Margaret Howarden/Howarding (b., d. 1748). Schooled in Edinburgh, at age 12, in 1698. Lived with his Aunt Barbara. Prepared for Law. In 1708, he was apprenticed with Mr. Wordford, the first American to be apprenticed at the Middle Temple of the Inns of Court. He returned in 1711, and boarded briefly with Aryaentje Veplanck, in NYC. During the summer, he returned to the manor. Clerk of the Chancery, Albany. His father willed him a 13,000 acre tract of the manor, (the manor representing the southern third of modern Columbia Co, NY). Built brick, Georgian-style house 1730-50, Clermont. Purchased about 500,000 acres of Hardenberg Patent between 1740-1743. Moved to Clermont, 1743. Followed father (1728) in Colonial Assembly seat for Livingston Manor, but turned it over to Gilbert the next year. Failed to proper in Albany, retreated to NYC, fell in love and married, over his parent's objections. With a new round of French Wars, 1745, with 3 of Philip's sons, he got into privateering. Built Callendar, a brick Georgian house, on the Clermont lands, changed name to Ancram when Philip protested that the name of old family title should belong to him, another protest caused him to change it again to Clermont. Between 1740-43, he purchased 500,000 acres of Hardenburgh Patent. In 1743, he took up full-time residence at Clermont.

1 child

11351. Robert R(obert) LIVINGSTON, The Judge, (of Clermont), bp. Aug 3, 1718, NYC; d. Dec 9, 1775, of apoplexy; m. Dec 19, 1742, Margaret Beekman (#2131) (b. 1724; d. 1800), only surviving child of Col Henry Beekman II of Esopus (b. 1688, d. Jan 3, 1776) (Beekman Patent, Dutchess County, NY, 240,000 acres) and Janet Livingston, (# 213) of Rhinebeck. She rebuilt Clermont (1779-82) after it was burned by the British, under Gen Sir John Vaughn, in 1777, and lived there until her death. She inh her father's lands (240,000 acres) - the Beekman Patent was inland, E of Poughkeepsie and Fishkill. Another parcel bordered the Hudson River, across from Kingston. There were also lands in Ulster Co, NY.

Yale. Law. For 30 years represented Dutchess County in the Assembly. Sheriff of the City and County of NY. Profited immensely from the Seven Years War. NY Assembly, 1758-68. Admiralty Court, 1759. Member, First Colonial Convention -1765. Judge, Admiralty Court, 1759-63. Justice, Supreme Court, - Province of NY -1763. Chief Justice, Supreme Court of NY (province), 1763-8. Served on NY Committee of Correspondence. 1775, constructed gunpowder mill. Had house in NYC, survived fire of 1776. She d. Summer 1800. Member, Chairman (1765) Committee of Correspondence, 1765, Delegate, Stamp Act Congress. L. on lower Broadway, removed to Clermont during the Revolution. She had a house in NYC, on Pearl St, which survived the great fire during the Revolution, and was lived in by a British officer. She returned to the house with her unmarried daughters to spend the winter of 1783-4.

11351.1. Janet LIVINGSTON, b. 1743; d. 1828; m. 1773, in the parlor at Clermont, Maj Gen. Richard Montgomery (d. Dec 31, 1775, at the Battle of Quebec, first bur at Quebec, then ashes returned to US, 1818). Capt, British Army, resigned. He was Anglo-Irish, emigrated in 1771 or 1772, father was a landowner. Brig Gen, Jun 22, 1775, one of first appointments by Washington. Maj Gen, Continental Army, Dec 9, 1775 - Dec 31, 1775. He won the Battle of Montreal, but died at Battle of Quebec (Dec 31, 1775), American Revolution, serving under Gen. Schuyler. He was the first American General to die during the Revolution. Built Grasmere, started by husband, near Rhinebeck, sold to sister Johanna. Widow - built Chateau de Montgomery (Montgomery Place), in 1802-5 (north pavilion, west veranda added 1844) in Barrytown, S. of Armstrongs. His ashes were disinterred from Quebec in 1818 and buried at St. Paul's Church, NY. Fort Montgomery on Island Point, an island in Lake Champlain was named after him, also Fort Montgomery, opposite Constitution Island and Anthony's Nose, near present Bear Mountain Bridge, built by Gen George Clinton to prevent the British from sailing up the Hudson. The frigate General Montgomery was launched Nov 1776 on the Hudson River.

no children

11351.2. Robert R. LIVINGSTON, Jr., The Chancellor, b. Nov 27, 1746, NYC; d. Feb 25(6), 1813 of apoplexy, at Clermont, bur Clermont; m. Sep 9, 1770, at his country seat at Hunterdon, NJ, Polly" Stevens (d. 1814), only dau of Hon John Stevens of Hoboken, wealthy landowner, sister of John of the Steamboat and railroad family. (He had one blue eye and one brown eye.). Her father had a house in Lebanon, NJ where she stayed while her hus was in Phialdelphia.

King's College, 1765 (1 of a class of 8). NY Bar, 1770. Recorder, NYC, 1773-5. LLD (Hon) SUNY, 1792. Lawyer, partner with John Jay. NY Provincial Congress, 1775. Chairman of a civilian commission to operate behind enemy lines in Canada (never got past Fort Ticonderoga), 1775. Continental Congress (1775-9, 79-81, 84-85), Committee (of 5) to draft Declaration of Independence, 1776, overshadowed by Jefferson, Adams and Franklin, he contributed none of the final words. NY Convention, White Plains, failed to return to Philadelphia in time to sign the Declaration of Independence. NY State Constitutional Conv, 1777. Helped draft Constitution of NYS, written by John Jay. Chancellor, NYS, 1777-1801, administered oath of office to George Washington, 1789, NYC. In 1779, he built a gristmill on Roeliff Jansen's Kill, which led to a long feud with the Manor Livingstons over water rights. Was the First Secretary for Foreign Affairs (State), 1781. Minister to France, 1801-4, and presented Treaty of Paris to Washington. Helped negotiate Louisiana Purchase (825,000 square miles), with James Monroe. He tarnished his reputation by trying to claim full credit for the purchase. It cost him the NY governorship. He presided over the Society for the Promotion of Agriculture, Arts and Manufactures.

Built Belvedere, just S of Clermont. It was burned to the ground by the British (under Gen Vaughn) when they burned Clermont. 1793, built Arryl House, (also called Clermont) (designed by Bunel) on grounds of Clermont. It burned to the ground, in the twentieth century (1909). His library contained 4000 volumes. [Clermont property later owned by Mrs. John Livingston.] His elegant town house was at No. 3 Broadway (after the Revolution).

Was partner in steamboat ventures, first with brother-in-law, John Stevens, and Nicholas Roosevelt, then with cousin-by-marriage, Robert Fulton (m. Harriet Livingston), whom he met while in Paris as Ambassador, in the North River Steam Boat Company (from original name of the Clermont). 1807, The Hudson River Steamboat, re-named The Clermont, made itís firt trip from NYC to Albany. He had a monopoly on Hudson River steamboat transportation with Robert Fulton, until the US Supreme Court declared such monopolies unconstitutional in 1824, Gibbons vs. Ogden. L at #3 Broadway, NYC.

11351.2t. Elizabeth/Betsey LIVINGSTON, b. 1780; d. 1829; m. Edward P. Livingston (b. Jamaica, d. 1843) (# 11345.1x), son of Philip Philip Livingston. He m2. 1833, Mary Broome (b. ca. 1810), a young woman from a Hyde park family. She inherited main house of her father. They went to Paris with her f, 1801. Mary inh the original Clermont house, from her grandmother, Margaret Beekman Livingston, who had lived there until her death, but a lawsuit from her step-children caused her to give up the house. She m2. Charles H. Ruggles, Justice, NY Court of Appeals.

8 children



11351.2t3. Clermont LIVINGSTON, b. 1817; d. 1895; m1. Cornelia Livingston, of Oak Hill; m2. ca. Aug 1857, Mary Swartwout Livingston, wid of Montgomery Livingston (# 11351.2uy). He took Clermont.

11351.2t3w. Mary LIVINGSTON, b. 1845; d. 1876; m. Frederic Livingston (?) (b. 1842)

11351.2t3x. John Henry LIVINGSTON, b. 1848; d. 1927; m1. Catherine Livingston Hamersley, his cousin; m2. ?; father objected to m2 and didn't speak to son. Moved to Philadelphia. Received Clermont from daughter. m3. ? at age 58 (1906?), Alice Delafield Clarkson, ( (b. 1872; d. 1964), a distant cousin (desc from Rev John, by 3 separate lines, he was desc in 4 lines), only 1 yr older than Catherine, she had dau at age 37. Purchased old Chancellor's House from the "Clarkson aunties", re-named it Arryl House. It burned to the ground a few months later (1909). Alice inherited Clermont. He became a genealogist. In 1911, he founded the Order of Colonial Lords of Manors in America, and was its first President. His cousin Charles Livingston was secretary. Another cousin, Edwin Brockholst Livingston wrote "The Livingstons of Callendar and their Principal Cadets" (privately published and inaccurate). Spent 5 years in Europe with wife and daus, l. in Florintine Villa. She and her husband re-modelled Clermont in the 1920ís, in the Colonial Revival style. Alice lived in Clermont until the onset of WW II, when she moved into Clermont Cottage (the gardenerís cottage). She sold Clermont to NYS, in 1962. Opened to the public as Clermont Historic Site. US National Historic Landmark, 1973.

11351.2t31. Catherine LIVINGSTON, b. 1873; m. Timpson. She was willed grandfather's estate with father only getting life tenancy. She deeded it to her father, changed her name to Katherine, moved to England, became citizen 1919. Returned to US, became founding patron of Rhinebeck Historical Society. Helped in revision of "The Livingstons of Callendar".

11351.2t31x. Robert Clermont Livingston TIMPSON, m. former Dutchess of Argyll (d. ashes bur half in Rhinebeck Cemetery, half in Scotland). Returned to US, 1972, bought Grasmere. Had been a boarding school for girls during depression. Founding Patroness of the Rhinebeck Historical Society.

11351.2t31x.x son TIMPSON, Grasmere sold in 1972 to 6 NYC couples and repaired. He became Duke of Argyll.


11351.2t32. Honoria Alice LIVINGSTON, m. 1931, Clermont, ____ McVitty. 1991, she gave 71 additional acres at Clermont to the people of NY.

11351.2t33. Janet LIVINGSTON,

11351.2ty. dau LIVINGSTON, m. David A. Clarkson. Built house on Hudson (1843-65) Southwood ?


11351.2tyx. Edward Clarkson, m. Rachel Coons, dau of a Southwood cook. L. Southwood

11351.2tyy. Robert L., Built in 1890's Midwood, 2 doors down from Holcroft. He never met his brother's wife. Frequented Morey's Tavern, Tivoli.

11351.2tz. Elizabeth LIVINGSTON, m. Edward H. Ludlow. Built house on Hudson (1843-65)


(Mary Livingston LUDLOW). dau m. (Valentine) Hall She built Oak Lawn, next to her parent's Pine Lawn. Formed Edgewood Club of Tivoli, for tennis, built across the road from Clermont and Eversleigh, 1884.


(Anna Eleanor HALL) . dau m. (Elliot) Roosevelt

11351.2tzxx.x. Eleanor ROOSEVELT, m. Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

. son, with brother, held US Tennis Doubles Championship.

. Valentine/Vallie, alcoholic.

11351.2tw. Mary (youngest)

11351.2ts. Robert E., Built house on Hudson (1843-65)

m2. - no children

11351.2u. Margaret Maria LIVINGSTON, b. Apr 1783; d. 1818; m. Robert L. Livingston (d. 1843, going senile) (11341.y4), son of Walter, of Teviotdale. Inherited newer mansion of her father. He sold off land to finance his daughter's stays in NYC, and his son's tours of Europe. He became President of the steamboat co. Went to Paris with her f, 1801.

11351.2u1. Maria LIVINGSTON, m. John Tillotson, a cousin. Moved into Chancellor's House to take care of father.

11351.2u2. Adelaide LIVINGSTON, m. William Bayard Clarkson


11351.2u2x. Howard, b. 1840

11351.2u2xx. Alice, b. 1872; d. 1964

11351.2u3. dau LIVINGSTON, b. ca. 1802, Paris

dau Margaret LIVINGSTON, m. Schuyler Livingston, g-s of Walter of Teviotdale

11351.2ux. Eugene Augustus LIVINGSTON, b. 1813; d. 1893 (older son). L. NYC. Inh Chancellor's House (run down), swapped with Montgomery. Built Eversleigh on the land. L. NYC.

son LIVINGSTON, oldest, d. of Typhoid, in training camp, Civil War, age 17.

11351.2uz. son LIVINGSTON

11351.2uy. Montgomery LIVINGSTON, b. 1816; d. 1855; m. Mary Swartwout, dau of Samuel Swartwout, Collector of the Port of NY, who embezzeled over a million dollars. (youngest). She m2. 1857, Clermont Livingston (# 11351.2t3.). Painter, landscapes. Moved into Chancellor's House to take care of father. Inh a parcel of land near riverfront, overlooking mouth of Esopus, on opposite shore. Swapped with Eugene. Died broke, intestate and childless. Chancellor's House sold to satisfy creditors, leaving widow literally out in the cold, his personal property was auctioned off. The house was auctioned to 4 Clarkson sisters of William Bayard Clarkson, for $61,250.

11351.3. John R. LIVINGSTON, b. 1750; d. 1822; m. Elizabeth Mc Evers; Oak Hill (still owned by family). He served with Montgomery at Battle of Quebec as junior officer. Built Massena, 1797, next S of Montgomery Place. He bought into Hudson River Steamboat Co.

11351.4. Col. Henry Beekman LIVINGSTON, b. 1750; d. 1831; m. Mar 14, 1781, Philadelphia, Nancy Shippen. She was a first cousin of Peggy Shippen, wife of Benedict Arnold. He fathered many bastard children before his marriage. He inherited Kipsbergen through mother, from step-grandmother, Gertrude Van Cortland. Capt, 4th NY, Jun 28, 1775; He served with Montgomery (as aide-de-camp) at Battle of Quebec as junior officer; Maj, Aide-de-camp to Gen Schuyler, Feb-Nov, 1776. Col, 4th NY, Nov, 1776. Missed Battle of Long Island, went to Huntington to harass the British and captured Col Gardiner. Fought under Benedict Arnold at the Battle of Sarotoga. Fought at Monmouth, Quaker Hill and Newport, camped at Valley Forge, winter 1777-78; resigned, Jan 13, 1799. They were separated for most of their lives, but never divorced. They had lived in the old Dutch farmhouse of his g-f Beekman, near Rhinebeck.

He fathered many bastard babies of many hues, religious persuations and social classes in Dutchess Co, NY.

one child

11351.41. Margaret/Peggy Beekman LIVINGSTON, b. Dec 1781, Philadelphia; d. um., bur in grave with her mother. She was raised by her grandmother and namesake, and was with her mother after age 16. She and her mother both lived to ripe old ages.

11351.5. Gertrude LIVINGSTON, b. 1757; d. 1833; m. 1779, Gen. Morgan Lewis, son of Francis Lewis, the Signer of the Declaration of Independence, for NY (a furrier and tanner). He was also an aide to Gen. Horatio Gates, later General, he was later Governor of NY. Staatsburgh mansion, (Dutchess County) S. of Linwood. NY State Chief Justice, 1800. He was co-council to Alexander Hamilton and Brockholst Livingston in the famous Rutgers vs. Waddington lawsuit in 1784.

11351.5x. Margaret "Grandma Grundy", b. 1780; d. 1860; m. Maturin Livingston (# 11412.1x). Ellerslie, designed by Benjamin Latrobe.

For continuation of this line, see father's listing.

11351.6. Catherine LIVINGSTON, m. Jun 30, 1793, Freeborn Garretson (b. 1752 in MD, d. 1827). B. an Anglican, but became a Methodist Minister in 1776. Circuit rider, 1817-1827. Wildercliff, built 1799, S. of Massena and W. of Grasmere, town of Rhinebeck, turned into a retreat for persecuted Methodists. Was later purchased by Suckleys (relatives), who enlarged it. Now owned by Mrs. E. D. Hawkins. She underwent a religious epiphany in 1787, was introduced to the teachings of John Wesley, by her mother's housekeeper, and was converted almost overnight.

GARRETSON - 1 child

11351.61. Mary, d. 1879 at Wildercliff.

11351.7. Johanna LIVINGSTON, m. Peter R. Livingston, (# 11412.1y. from nephew's line). L. at Grasmere.

For children, see # 11412.1y.

11351.8. Margaret LIVINGSTON, m. Dr. Thomas Tillotson of Maryland. She was eduacated in New Rochelle. Linwood, 1 mi. S. of Wildercliff. NY Secretary of State, 1800.

dau, m. Lynch


Julia M. given 66 acres of Glenburn by g-f. House built ca. 1830. The Olins, Montgomerys and Lynches spent their summers here. Present owner Olin Dows, g-son of Stephen H. Olin, direct line from Livingstons.

Robert Philip Livingston sold Sunning Hill to him. It passed through several ownerships until John Livingston acquired it and re-named it Callendar House. Present owners, Mr. and Mrs. William H. Osborn

11351.9. Alida LIVINGSTON, b. 1761; d. 1822; m. 1789, John Armstrong (b. Nov 25, 1758, Carlise, PA, d. Apr 1, 1843, at home, Red Hook, bur family vault, Rhinebeck). Left Princeton to become a Pvt in PA Rgt. He was a Major in the Continental Army, and Aide-de-Camp to Gen Horatioo Gates, later a General. House - The Meadows, built 1790, 4 mi. S of Clermont, sold shortly thereafter & built Mill Hill, just to the South. Secty of State, PA to Gov Franklin. US Senator, NY, 1800. Ambasador to France - 1804-1811. Secretary of War during War of 1812, resigned in disgrace over burning of Washington, DC. He had had designs on the Presidency. He wrote the Newburgh Letters. Owned Bard Property at Annandale and mill at Cedar Hill. Built 3rd La Bergerie, in 1813, after his return from France, renamed Rokeby, by Margaret, sold to W. B. Astor, 1836, her h. Alida received 25,000 acres from her mother. Built a smaller house at Red Hook, to his son Henry, his last surviving child.



only dau.


11351.9x. Margaret Rebecca (Peachy) ARMSTRONG, b. 1799; d. 1872; m. 1818, William Backhouse Astor, (b. Sep 19, 1792, NYC, d. Nov 24, 1875, NYC), son of John Jacob Astor I (d. Mar 29, 1848 in house on Broadway) and Sarah Todd. L. Rokeby. His estimated worth at time of his death $200,000,000. His father's estimated worth at the time of his death Mar 29, 1848, had been $20,000,000. First house - Broadway and White Sts; 1824 - house Lafayette Place, (renamed Astor Place), NYC (Near Broadway/Bowery). She was the 7-

g-gd of Alexander, Fifth Lord Livingston of Callendar. She signed a pre-nuptual agreement to waive dower rights to his inheritance, in exchange for a lump sum payment.

For continuation see ASTOR.LST



11351.9w. Col Henry Beekman. L. in f house, Red Hook. Last surviving child, last survivor of Margaret Beekman's grand-children. Officer, War of 1812. Capt, 13th Rgt, wounded, Queenstown Heights; Maj 23rd Inf, Stony Creek; 4th Rifles, Lt Col.

11351.9y. Horatio Gates, L. Baltimore. His possessions from Rokeby were consumed in a fire in his Baltimore house. US Army, War of 1812.

11351.9z. James Kosciuszko, bachelor.

11351.9v. William. US Army, War of 1812.

11351.9t. John, Jr. US Army, War of 1812.

11351.a. Edward R. LIVINGSTON, b. May 26, 1764, Clermont, Columbia Co, NY; d. May 23, 1836 at Montgomery Place, Rhinebeck, NY, bur fam vault, Clermont, reinterred Rhinebeck; m. Apr 10, 1788, Mary McEvers (d. of scarlet fever ca. 1800), sister of John R.'s wife, Eliza; m2. Jun 3, 1805, Madam Louise D'Avezac de Castera Moreau de Lassy, 19 yr old widow and dau. of a Haitian planter and refugee (D'Avezac). Princeton, 1791. Lawyer. NY Bar, 1795. Congressman, (1795-1801, 1823-29); US District Attorney, NY. He owned vast amount of Hardenburgh Patent, mortgaged it to support his political campaigns. US Attorney for NY (1801-3). Mayor of NYC, 1800-3. He laid the cornerstone on the new City Hall in 1803. He left NY in disgrace, Dec 1803, and went to Louisiana, after one of his assistants embezzaled almost $50,000 from government funds. Eventually, he personally repaid all those funds. He helped revise code of law for Louisiana. Elected Louisiana State Legislature. Congress, LA. US Senate, LA, 1828. Advisor to Gen Jackson at Battle of New Orleans, US Senator from LA (1829-31). Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs under Jackson (1831-3), Minister to France - 1833-5. He became sister Janet's heir, inheriting Montgomery Place.

3 children of m1., 2 died before Lewis

Lewis LIVINGSTON, d. 1821 while on a voyage. He brought back Gen Montgomery's ashes from Quebec, in 1818.


11351.a4. Cora/Coralie l. there as life tenants, then went to Maturin Livingston Delafield. (# 212xx.xx). Montgomery Place was inh by three of her New Orleans Cousins, as life tenants, then to Edward Livingston's g-g-nephew, Maturin Livingston Delafield, g-s of "Grandma Grundy". LIVINGSTON, b. 1806; d. 1873; m. Thomas Barton, a Quaker from Philadelphia. No children. Inherited Montgomery Place, her cousins Julia LIVINGSTON

?? 11351.c. Maj. John Robert LIVINGSTON, b. 1775; d. 1851; m. Peggy _____, moved to Boston


File 3

Descendents of Gilbert

1136. Gysbert/Gilbert LIVINGSTON, b. Mar 3, bp. Mar 5, 1689/90, Albany DRC; (sp. Dom. Godefridus Dellius, Livinus Van Schayk and Jenneken Schuyler); d. Apr 25, 1745, Kingston, NY; m. Dec 22, 1711, Kingston, NY, Cornelia Beekman (b. 1692/3), dau of Col Henry/Hendrick Beekman and Johanna Lopers. Her brother Henry m. Janet Livingston (# 11413.), and sis Cathrine, m. John Rutsen. Settled in Poughkeepsie. L. at Esopus, on Beekman land. Escheator-General, Tax farmer, hardc liquor excise, went bankrupt, imprisoned for debt, bought his way out by selling some of wife's NYC property. Supervisor, Ulster County. Inh some land near Saratoga, (Saratoga Patent) and elsewhere in NY (Dutchess Co), but cut off completely from manor, controlled by brother Philip, with income to be used to pay off his debts. Filled manor seat in Colonial Assembly, 1729-1738.

14 children

11361. Robert Gilbert LIVINGSTON, m. Catharine _______ (d. Feb - Aug 1792). L. Rhinebeck, Dutchess Co, NY. She l. NYC. A rigid personality.

11361.z. Catherine/Kitty LIVINGSTON, d. imw; m. Apr 6, 1774, NYC by Rev Dr Livingston, John Reade, son of late Joseph Reade, Esq; Built Green Hill - 1790, village of Tivoli, sold to Henry Gilbert Livingston - 1794, his brother-in-law.


11361.zx. Catherine, m. Nicholas William Stuyvesant, (#11362ww) son of Petrus Stuyvesant and Margaret Livingston.

For children, see listing under # 11362wx.

11361.x. Henry Gilbert LIVINGSTON, d. imw. Bought Green Hill, then built (or bought from Samuel Ten Broeck, who built it in 1773) second mansion Callendar House (between Tivoli and Barrytown), renamed Sunning Hill, which he sold to distant cousin Philip Henry Livingston, of manor branch, # 11325.xy.

11361.y. Gilbert R. LIVINGSTON, d. imw; m. Martha Kane, dau of John Kane, a Loyalist. Built Prospect Hill, near Freedom Plains (built ca. 1788) on land from f through g-m Cornelia Beekman. He sold Prospect Hill in 1797 to Gen Augustus Barker, who sold it to Philip J. Schuyler of The Grove, at Rhinebeck in 1819. Loyalist. [Another Gilbert - Ensign, 1st NY, Feb 1776; 2nd Lt, 3rd NY, Nov 1776; deserted Oct 1776 (sic), captured and hanged.]

11361.w. Robert G. LIVINGSTON, d. nimw; m. Margaret ____.

11361.??. Samuel LIVINGSTON

11361.??. Helena Hake LIVINGSTON

11362. Henry Gilbert LIVINGSTON (of Dutchess County), b. Sep 8, 1714; d. Feb 10, 1799; m. Susanna (or Sarah ?) Concklin, dau of John Concklin, a farmer, and Joanna Storm on Dec 2, 1742; Poughkeepsie. Surveyor. Provincial Council. Clerk of Dutchess County. In 1737, he rented the Van Kleeck house, from Francis Filkin, his son-in-law.

4 sons, 6 dau.

11362.x. Col Henry LIVINGSTON, Jr., b. Oct 13, 1748; d. Feb 29, 1828; m. May 18, 1774, Sarah Welles, (b. Nov 7, 1752, d. Sep 1, 1783), dau of Rev. Dr. Noah Weles and Abigail Woolsey of Stamford, CT. 4 children; m2. Jane Patterson, (7 children); built, 174, Locust Grove, 2 mi S of Poughkeepsie, 79 mi from NYC, later replaced by the summer home of Samuel F. B. Morse. At Locust Grove he wrote "A Visit from St. Nicholas", (T'was the Night Before Christmas) (according to family tradition) which was first published anonymously in a Troy, NY "Sentinel". Later Clement Moore claimed credit for authorship, and it has long been attributed to him. Officer in 3rd Rgt under Gen. Montgomery in Canada. Col, NY Militia, 1776-1780. He was later a Judge.

11362.x1. Henry LIVINGSTON, b. 1775; dy

11362.x2. Henry Welles LIVINGSTON, b. ca. 1777; d. um, Utica

11362.x3. Catherine LIVINGSTON, b. ca. 1779; m. Arthur Breese (b. 1772, Shrewsbury, NJ, d. Aug 13, 1825 at NY), son of Judge Samuel Breese and a dau. of Rev. John Anderson. He was a laywer at Whitesboro, NY., in 1805 moved to Utica. He m2. Ann Carpenter. He was uncle of Samuel F. B. Morse.

11362.x31. Samuel Livingston BREESE, b. 1794, Utica, NY; d. Dec 17, 1870, Mt. Airy, PA; m. Frances S. Stout; m2. Emma Lovett. Naval Officer, War of 1812. Union College, 1813. Mexican War, Rear Admiral - Jul 1862, Lighthouse inspector, Port Admiral, Philadelphia, 1869.

no children

11362.x32. Sarah Ann BREESE, b. 1811; d. . 1874; m. Barent Bleeker Lansing (b. , d. 1853). He was a merchant in Utica; m2. Jan 1855, Hon James Platt (b. , d. May 8, 1870), son of Zephaniah Platt and Mary Van Wyck. Barent was a merchant in Utica, banker in Utica. James was Merchant in Utica (1812-36), a banker in Oswego (1836-



11362.x321. Capt. Arthur B., m. Louisa Lovett; m2. Jeanette Suffern. West Point. L. NYC.

11362.x33. Henry Livingston BREESE, m. Catherine Gibson, dau of William B. Gibson, of Canandaigua. He L. Buffalo.

11362.x333. Seymour BREESE, m. Jane, dau. of Capt. Henry White of Utica

11362.x334. Mannette Antel BREESE, m. Charles Walker Morse, son of Prof. Samuel F. B. Morse and Lucretia Walker; L. Saybrook, CT. She was a g-dau of Livingston Breese (?).

11362.x335. Bleeker BREESE, m. Sophia Williams of Buffalo

11362.x34. Elizabeth BREESE, m. William Malcolm Sands, son of Joshua Sands and _____ Ayscough. Purser, USN.

11362.x341. Catherine Livingston SANDS, d. um.

11362.x342. Joshua Ayscough SANDS, d. um.

11362.x343. William Henry SANDS, m. Catherine Campbell Halsey

11362.x35. Hon. Sidney BREESE, b. Jul 15, 1800, Utica (Whitesboro), Oneida County, NY; d. Jun 27, 1878, Pinckneyville, IL; m. Eloise Morrison; Union College, 1818. IL Legislature (1850, 1855). State Attorney, US Attorney, Circuit Judge, Supreme Court Judge, Chief Justice (1873-) (IL). One of originators of the Illinois Central RR. L. Carlyle, IL

11362.x351. Eloise BREESE

11362.x352. Mary BREESE, dy.

11362.x353. Samuel Livingston BREESE, Capt., USN

11362.x354. Lt. James Buchanan BREESE, USN

11362.x355. William BREESE

11362.x356. Alida BREESE

11362.x357. Livingston BREESE, dy.

11362.x36. Catherine Walker BREESE, m. Capt. Samuel B. Griswold, USA, first cousin of Mary E. Griswold (see below ?)

11362.x361. Cornelia Platt GRISWOLD, William M. Goodrich of New Orleans. L. Poughkeepsie

11362.x362. Sarah Elizabeth (or Sarah Ann, or Mary E.) GRISWOLD, m. Prof. Samuel F. B. Morse (b. Apr 27, 1791, Charleston, MA, d. Apr 2, 1872), as his 2nd wife. He was m1. Oct 1818, Lucretia Walker. He was the son of Rev. Jedidiah Morse, Congregational minister and Elizabeth Ann Breese (sis of Arthur Breese, who m. Catharine Livingston (#11362.x3)), gs of Judge Samuel Breese and ____ Finley, g-gs of Rev Dr Samuel Finley and Ann Clarkson, gg-gs of Matthew Clarkson and Cornelia de Peyster, ggg-gs of Col Johannes de Peyster and Anna Bancker, gggg-gs of Gerrit Bancker and Elizabeth Van Eps.

Painted "The Death of Hercules", 1813. L. Albany, then NYC. Studio, Broadway, opposite Trinity Church. 1824 - 96 Broadway, May 1825 - No. 20 Canal St. 1826, First President, National Academy of Design to 1845. 1828 - No. 13 Murray St. 1835 - Professor of the Literature of the Arts of Design, University of the City of NY, Washington Square. Met Daguerre in Paris, 1839. 1843 - The Atlantic Cable - Cyrus W. Field, Peter Cooper, Moses Taylor, Samuel F. B. Morse. 1849 - No. 5 W 22 St. Inventor of telegraph, submarine cable. One of first to introduce photography to US. She l. Poughkeepsie. He built Locust Grove, s of Poughkeepsie. Property was once owned by Judge Livingston (# 11362.x.) and original house was called Locust Grove. His dau (?) (wife's g-m) Catherine (1136.x3) m. Uncle Arthur Breese.

Cambridge Livingston (L# 11421.uyz.), Lawyer. Helped finance Morse's telegraph.

11362.x362t. James Edward Finley MORSE.

11362.x362u. Charles Walker MORSE, m. Mannette Antel Lansing (see A1x24. below), g-dau of Livingston Breese

11362.x362v. Elizabeth Ann MORSE

11362.x362w. Susan Walker MORSE

Charles MORSE

11362.x362x. Finley MORSE

? Catherine MORSE, m. ??(Uncle) Arthur Breese, of Utica.

11362.x362y. Edward Lind MORSE

11362.x363. Arthur Breese GRISWOLD, m. Fanny Newman of New Orleans

11362.x364. Edward GRISWOLD dy.

11362.x365. Bleeker Lansing, GRISWOLD dy.

11362.x4. Cornelia LIVINGSTON, b. ca. 1782; d. um.

11362.y. Rev. John Henry LIVINGSTON, b. May 30, 1746, near Poughkeepsie, NY; d. Jan 20, 1825, New Brunswick, NJ; m. Sarah Livingstone on Nov 26, 1775; DRC minister, NYC 1770-1810. Studied at Utrecht, Netherlands, last Dutch Reformed minister to be ordained in the Netherlands. A founder of Queen's College, New Brunswick, NJ; founder of the School of Theology (Dutch Reformed, only the second theology school in America). Prof of Theology, President, Queens (now Rutgers) College (1810-1825). Author of religious texts. Frequently chaplain for Provincial Congress. Styled "Father of the Dutch Reformed Church in America".

1 child

11362.w. Margaret LIVINGSTON, b. Jun 1738; m. 1764, Petrus Stuyvesant (b. Oct 1727, NYC, d. Aug 31, 1805, NYC), only son of Gerardus Stuyvesant and Judith Bayard to marry, and therefore, carry on the family name in NY (He was a g-gs of Gov Stuyvesant. He was a philanthropist. He induced the Vestry of Trinity Church to build a new church on the site of Peter Stuyvesant's Chapel. It is now known as St. Mark's in the Bowery, and houses the tomb of the late Gov (g-gf of Petrus). He had family farm laid out in streets, incl Stuyvesant St (which still survives. (Land overlapped 10 and 11 Sts, between 2 and 3 Ave.)


11362.wu. Judith, b. Dec 25, 1765; d. Mar 7, 1844; m. Jan 19, 1785, Benjamin Winthrop, g-gs of John Winthrop of MA.



11362.wuxxx. Rutherford, by provision of the will of Peter Stuyvesant (# 142wz), he adopted the family name Stuyvesant. Built first apartment house in 1869, at 142 E 18 St, NYC, designed by Richard Morris Hunt.

11362.wv. Cornelia, d. 1825; m. Dirck Ten Broeck, (bp. Nov 3, 1765, Albany DRC) of Albany

11362.ww. Nicholas William, b. NYC; d. Mar 1, 1833, at home "Bowery House"; m. Jan 31, 1795, Catharine Livingston Reade, (# 141zx). Philanthropist, Church supporter.

9 children

11362.ww1. Peter, m. Julia, dau of Edward Martin.

11362.ww2. Nicholas William, m. Catherine Augusta Cheeseborough

11362.ww3. John Reade, b. 1792; d. 1853; m1. Catherine Ackerley, m2. Mary Austin Yates (d. > 1870). He lived in the "Walton Roosevelt House", in Hyde Park, NY, until he built a new house across the road. The estate was called "Edgewood". It was sold by the family to become St. Andrew's Novitiate of the Jesuit Order.

11362.ww3x. Katherine Livingston

11362.ww4. Gerard, b. Mar 4, 1806, NYC; d. Jan 18, 1859, NYC; m. Nov 24, 1836, Susan Rivington Van Horne, dau of Augustus Van Horne.

11362.ww41. Robert Reade, b. Sep 16, 1838; d. Mar 30, 1906; m. Amelia Schuchardt, dau of Frederick and Catharine Anna (Remsen) Schuchardt.

11362.ww42. Augustus Van Horne, b. NYC; m. Harriet Le Roy Steward, dau of John Steward. Mansion at 5 Ave, SE corner 79 St, designed by Stanford White, now Ukranian Folk Art Museum

11362.ww421. Catherine E. S.

11362.ww422. Augustus Van Horne, Jr., b. 1870; d. 1953, bur family vault at St. Mark's, NYC. Last of male line in descent from Gov Peter Stuyvesant (8th generation). 5 Ave Mansion at 79 St, summered at Newport, RI. He spent last 25 years of his life as a recluse in mansion, venturing out only to pay his respects at St Mark's in the Bowery. Spinster sister l with him. Mansion now the Ukranian Cultural Center.

11362.ww423. Anne W.

11362.ww5. Robert Reade, d. 1834; m. Aug 1, 1833, Margaret Augusta, dau of Christopher Middleburger.

11362.ww6. Joseph Reade, m. Jane Ann Browning

11362.ww7. Catharine Ann, m. Jun 8, 1826, John Mortimer Catlin

11362.ww8. Helen, m1. May 25, 1831, Henry Dudley, m2. Frances Olmstead, m3. Nov 25, 1851, William S. Mayo.

11362.ww9. Margaret Livingston, m. Feb 1, 1835, Robert Van Rensselaer

11362.wx. Margaret, d. um. 1824.

11362.wy. Elizabeth, m. Apr 30, 1803, Col Nicholas Fish (b. Aug 28, 1758, NYC, d. Jun 20, 1833, NYC). He worked in law office of John Morin Scott. He was a Revolutionary officer, of NY Rgt; Maj in Brig Gen Enoch Light's Brigade, 4 Rgt, Continental Line; Aide-de-Camp to Gen Charles Scott. Friend and Military subordinate to Alexander Hamilton. He was youngest Col in Army. Was with Hamilton at Yorktown. Adjutant General, NYS. Home - 21 Stuyvesant St, NYC, (built 1803-4) a wedding gift from his father-in-law. He entertained Lafayette there, on the latter's tour of America, in 1824. (House still stands.)

11362.wyx. Hamilton, b. Aug 3, 1808, at 10 Stuyvesant St, NYC; d. Sep 7, 1893, at Glen-Clyffe, his country residence; m. Dec 15, 1836, Julia Kean, desc of William Livingston, Gov of NJ. Gov of NY 1849-51. US Senator, Advisor to Pres Lincoln. Secretary of State under Grant 1869-1877. Pres NY Historical Society, President General of the Society of the Cincinnati as was his f, Trustee of Columbia College

8 children, 3 sons.

11362.wyxs. Nicholas, b. Feb 19, 1846, NYC; m, at Newport, RI, Clemence S. Bryce. Diplomat, banker, partner in Harriman and Co. Columbia 1869. Havard Law School 1869.

11362.wyxsx. Hamilton, d. Santiago, w. Rough Riders in Spanish American War, during the first charge.

11362.wyxsy. dau

11362.wyxt. Hamilton, b. ca. 1830; Private secty to f when Secty of State. Congressman, Speaker, NY Assembly, Asst Treasurer of US, at NY. House at 810 5 Ave.

11362.wyxtx. Hamilton, b. ca. 1855

11362.wyxtxx. Hamilton, b. Dec 7,1888, in Garrison, NY; m. Grace Chapin, dau of Alfred Chapin, former Mayor of Brooklyn. Havard, Havard Law, VP of John C. Paige & Co, insurance. NYS Assembly, Congressman. USA Inf Major, WWI. Reserve Col.

11362.wyxtx.xx. Hamilton, b. ca. 1905 Hamilton, b. ca. 1930

11362.wyxu. Stuyvesant, b. Jun 24, 1851, NYC; d. Apr 10, 1923, NYC; m. Jun 1, 1896, Marion Graves Anthon, dau of William Henry Anthon, lawyer, NYC. Became financier and RR executive (Pres Illinois Central). Vestryman, Trinity Church, NYC. Home at 21 Stuyvesant St, NYC. House in Newport, RI. House at 78 St and Madison (Mrs. Fish)

11362.wyxu1. Livingston

11362.wyxu2. Marion Anthon, m. Albert Zabriskie Gray, Westbury, LI

11362.wyxu3. Stuyvesant

11362.wyxu4. Sidney Webster

11362.wz. Peter G., b. 1778, NYC; d. Aug 16, 1847, Niagara Falls, NY; m1. Susan Barclay, m2. Helen Sarah Rutherford. Columbia grad, lawyer, Principal founder of the New York Historical Society and its President 1836-1881 (?)

11362.wz1. child, dy.

By a provision of his will, Rutherford, g-g-s of his sister, Judith, adopted the name Stuyvesant.

Other children who dy.

1136t. Philip LIVINGSTON, d. < 1755, late of Curacao

1136u. James LIVINGSTON, b. Mar 29, 1728, Esopus, NY; d. Jun 2, 1790, prob Poughkeepsie, NY; m. Nov 11, 1751, Judith Newcomb (b. May 31, 1733)

1136ux. Gilbert James [Courtland ?] LIVINGSTON, b. Oct 14, 1758, Poughkeepsie, NY; d. Apr 7, 1833, Rome, NY; m. Feb 28, 1779, Troy, NY, Susanna Lewis (b. Mar 25, 1761)

1136u.xx. Judith LIVINGSTON, b. Sep 4, 1785, Poughkeepsie, NY; d. Feb 28, 1858, Columbus, OH; m. Jun 26, 1806, Waterford, NY, Samuel Herrick Butler Courtland Philip Liivingston BUTLER, b. Mar 8, 1813; m. Elizabeth Pierce

1136u.xxxx. Mary BUTLER, m. Robert Sheldon

1136u.xxxxx. Flora SHELDON, m. Samuel Bush

1136u.xxxxx.x. Prescott BUSH, m. Dorothy Walker

1136u.xxxxx.xx. George Herbert Walker BUSH, b. 1924; m. Barbara Pierce. President of the United States

1136x. Samuel LIVINGSTON, he became a seaman at 17, later a drunk, and disappeared from sight.

1136z. Cornelius LIVINGSTON, Stood trial for raping a 14-year old girl, but acquited. He also became a seaman, Captain, drunk, and disappeared on voyage from Africa to Jamaica, ca. 1761.

1136y. Joanna LIVINGSTON, m. Pierre Van Cortland, Left NYC, moved to Van Cortland Manor House year-round in 1749. He served in the Provincial Assembly for the manor from 1768-1775.

For continuation of this line, see Van Cortlandt List

1136v. Alida LIVINGSTON, b. May 20, 1716, NYC; d. Nov 1799; m1. Jacob Rutsen, built stone house before 1740, near Rhinebeck; m2. Nov 20, 1762, Capt Hendrick Van Rensselaer (VR # 79), (bp. Apr 20, 1712, Easter Sunday, Albany DRC, d. Jul 9, 1753, Claverack, NY), son of Hendrick Van Rensselaer and Catharine Van Brugh, as his second w. He was m1. to Elizabeth Van Brugh, (Mar 26, 1712, NYDRC, d. Jul 7, 1753, Claverack, NY), dau of Johannes and Margaritjie (Proovost) Van Brugh.

RUTSEN - m1.

1136v.x. Cornelia, m. Gen Robert Van Rensselaer (VR # 155)

For children, see Van Rensselaer Genealogy

1136v.y. John, d. ca. 1771, age 28; widow m2. Robert Sands. Mill, river transportation

m1. 2 dau

1136v.y1. Sarah, m. Philip J. Schuyler (Gen or son?), The Grove, built by Philip I. Schuyler, son of the Gen

m2. children

Robert Sands House (also called Bowne House, built ca. 1796)

1137. Willem/William LIVINGSTON, b. Mar 17, bp. Mar 20, 1692, Albany DRC; d. Nov 5, 1692.

1138. Joanna/Johanna LIVINGSTON, b. Dec 10, bp. Dec 16, 1694, Albany DRC; d. ca. Apr 6, 1735; m. Jul 7, 1720, Albany DRC, Cornelius G. Van Horne, merchant


11381. Alida

1139. Catrine/Catherine LIVINGSTON, b. May 22, bp. Jul 17, 1698, Albany DRC; dy, Dec 6, 1699.



Descendents of Robert, The Nephew"

Numbering system reflects Schuyler Family Lists

1141. Robert LIVINGSTON, "The Nephew", b. 1663; d. 1725; m. Aug 26, 1697, Margarita Schuyler (S# 21) (# 1141.) ; Deputy Secretary of Albany 1699. IMMIGRANT, 1687. Mayor of Albany.

11411. Angelica/Engeltie LIVINGSTON, b.p. Jul 17, 1698, Albany DRC; d. 1747; m. Col Johannes Van Rensselaer of Ft Crailo (b. Jan 3, 1708, bp. Jan 11, Albany DRC, d. Feb 21, 1783 at Ft Crailo). He m2. Gertrude Van

Cortlandt (bp. Feb 23, 1715, NYDRC), dau of Stephanus Van Cortlandt and Cathalina Staats. He inh estates at Greenbush and Claverack from his f.


11411.1. Catharine/Kitty, bp. Nov 3, 1734, Albany DRC; d. Mar 1803; m. Maj Gen Philip Schuyler (Schuyler # 128) (b. Nov 10, 1733, bp. Nov 11, 1733, Albany DRC, d. Nov 18, 1804, Albany, NY). She was pregnant at time of marriage.

For continuation of this line see Schuyler Family List

11411.x. James, m. Jun 3 (or 26), 1789, Elsie Schuyler (S# 268) (b. Feb 5, bp. Mar 9, 1760, Albany DRC, d. 1838), dau of Harmanus Schuyler (# 121) and Christina Ten Broeck. She had m1. Jun 15, 1783, at Stillwater, NY, Dr. Nicholas N. Bogart of NY (1759-


For continuation of this line see Van Rensselaer Family List

(155 ff). For siblings, see VR # 152 ff.

11412. Jacobus/James LIVINGSTON, bp. Dec 21, 1701, ADRC; d. 1763; m. May 18, 1723, Maria Kierstedt/Kierstede (b. 1704; d. 1762). Owned property in Patent of Wallomscot, Albany County.

He could be the same as:

Col. James LIVINGSTON, Commander of fortifications at Ver Planck's Point, shelled Vulture, Major Andre's ship, causing it to flee down river and stranding him. L. Dutchess County.

if the above date of death is incorrect. Col James is said to be the father of Margaret, below.

11412.1. Robert James LIVINGSTON, b. 1725 or 1729; d. Jul 25, 1771, at his house, NYC; m. Susan Smith. Merchant.

11412.1x. Maturin LIVINGSTON, b. 1769; d. 1857; m. Margaret Lewis, (11351.5xx.) (Grandma Grundy) (d. 1860), dau of General Morgan Lewis and Gertrude Livingston (d. 1860). Lawyer. L. at Staatsburgh, built by her parents, 1792, he gave up his NYC law practice. He started small cloth factory nearby. Had house on Leonard St, NYC.

12 children.

11412.1x1. Morgan LIVINGSTON

11412.1xs. Lewis LIVINGSTON

11412.1xu. Alfred LIVINGSTON, favorite son, alcoholic.

11412.1xv. son LIVINGSTON m. Sylvia deGrasse Depau, dau. of Francis Depau, wealthy NY merchant and shipowner. Her sis, Caroline, m. Henry Walter Livingston II, son of Lady Mary.

11412.1xx. Julia LIVINGSTON, d. 1882; m. Major Joseph Delafield

11412.1xxx Maturin Livingston LIVINGSTON, Inherited Montgomery Place from Coralie Barton.

11412.1xy. Gertrude LIVINGSTON, m. Lowndes from NC and moved there.

11412.1xz. Mary LIVINGSTON, m. Lowndes from NC and moved there.

11412.1xt. Henry LIVINGSTON, m. Mary Livingston

(# 11141uy.u)

?? 11412.1?x. Ruth LIVINGSTON, m. 1882, Ogden Mills, son of Darius Ogden Mills, a 49-er who struck it rich. Inherited Staatsburgh from her father in the 1890's. Had Stanford White re-vamp it. [Now Ogden Mills Mansion, in State Park.] 5 Ave mansion. They were said to be the models for Judy and Gus Trenor in Edith Wharton's "The House of Mirth". She held many "house parties".

11412.1?xw. Ogden Livingston, Secretary of the Treasury, Pres Hoover.

11412.2. Janet LIVINGSTON, b. 1729; d. Nov 1, 1819; m. Nov 3, 1752, Hon. William Smith, Jr. ("The Historian"), (b. Jun 25, 1728, NYC; d. Dec 3, 1793, Quebec); eldest son of William Smith Sr. (b. Oct 8, 1697, Newpot-Pagnell, Buckinghamshire, d. 1769, NYC) (lawyer for Rip Van Dam and John Peter Zenger, Judge and founder of King's College, Sr. Chief Justice of the NY Supreme Court), and Mary Het/Hett (dau of Rene Het from La Rochelle and Blanche DuBois). He followed his father to Yale (1745), studied law with William Livingston, the later Governor of NJ, in his father's law office, and he formed a partnership with Livingston, Oct 22, 1750. They revised and codified the laws of the NY colony. He was a historian and close Livingston friend, writing of the politics of the Revolutionary Era. He was a member of the NY Triumvirate, with William Livingston and John Morin Scott. He replaced his father, as a member of the King's Council, in 1767. He was the last Chief Justice of NY under the British (appointed by the king, and sworn in May 4, 1780.) He was a reluctant Tory, wanting England to treat her colonists properly, but remaining loyal. He had given Washington the use of his residence, when he entered the city in 1776, while he retreated to his country seat in Haverstraw. He was held under house arrest at Livingston Manor, at The Hermitage, then banished to NYC in 1778. He was present when George Washington met with Sir Guy Carleton, at the DeWint House, in Tappan, NY, in May of 1783, to discuss the withdrawl of the British Forces from NYC. He recorded those events. He went to England, with his son, William, then to Canada, becoming Chief Justice of Quebec and later, Lower Canada (Sep 1, 1785), under Sir Guy Carleton, Governor. His Memoirs have been published. He arrived in Quebec on Oct 23, 1786, and was joined by his wife and children, who had remained in NYC. In 1752, he published Laws of New York from 1691 to 1751, Inclusive. In 1757 he published in London, his History of the Province of New York, from the First Discovery to the Year MDCCXXXII. His youngest brother was Joshua Hett Smith, at whose house in Haverstraw, Rockland Co, NY, now the site of The Helen Hayes Hospital, Benedict Arnold and Major Andre met to discuss the betrayal of West Point. He and another brother also had homes in Haverstraw.

[The New York Triumvirate - A Study of the Legal and Political Careers of William Livingston, John Morin Scott and William Smith, Jr. Dorothy Rita Dillon, AMS Press, NY, 1968, NCL - RR 320.922DIL.]

SMITH - 4 surviving children

11412.yw. Janet, m. John Plenderleath

11412.yx. Mary

11412.2y. William Jr., b. 1769; d 1847, M. Susannah (dau of Admiral Charles Webber, RN). Historian. Clerk of the Legislative Council, Lower Canada for nearly 50 years; Master in Chancery. Wrote - History of the Province of Canada, from its first discovery to the year 1791, (2 Vols., 1815). He also produced a new edition of hi8s father's NY History, with additions.

6 Children

11412.2y1. William Robert Brudenall, m. Caroline (dau of Col. Grierson of the same Rgt.). He was Col of the 15th Rgt.

2 Children

11412.2y11. Son

No issue

11412.2y12. Emily Susannah, d. 1885; m. Maj-Gen Augustus Edmund Warren, (d. 1916), a g-son of Sir Robert Warren, first Baronet of Warren's Court, County Cork.

Large family

11412.2z. Henrietta (Harriet)

11412.3. Elizabeth LIVINGSTON

11412.4. Margaret LIVINGSTON, b. Jul 4, 1738; m. Peter Robert. Livingston (#11321.w.)

11412.5. Mary LIVINGSTON, d. Jan 11, 1774, NYC, bur Old Presbyterian Ch; m. Major Thomas Moncrieffe.

11412.51. dau, (only child).

11412.1. dau LIVINGSTON, m. Oct 26, 1773, John Moore, Esq, of NYC


(not blood-related)

Darius Ogden Mills m. Jane Templeton Cunningham; m2. Apr 26, 1848, Sylgania, OH, Nancy Maria Printup ((b. Mar 17, 1826; d. May 10, 1882), dau of Andrew Printup and Angeline Emmons, g-dau of Schermerhorn (11462.811.) Struck it rich during the CA Gold Rush. Trader, mining stock, banking. He was a capitalist and philanthropist. Parents of Elizabeth and Ogden Mills.


Elizabeth, b. Jan 6, 1858, NYC; d. Apr 29, 1931, at son-in-law's villa, near Nice, France; m. Apr 26, 1881, Whitelaw Reid, (b. Oct 27, 1837, Xenia, OH, d. Dec 1912), son of Robert Charlton Reid and Marion Whitelaw Ronalds. Miami University, OH. Ohio journalist, correspondent for Union Army, Civil War. Took over Tribune from Horace Greeley, Ambassador to Great Britain. Minister to France. He was treasurer and majority stockholder of a syndicate formed to finance the Morgenthaler Linotype. Machine was perfected at the Tribune. Regent, SUNY, Vice Chancellor. Trustee, Stanford. Author. House 50 St, Madison Ave. He lived in the 50th St corner of the Villard Houses, on Madison Ave. He had McKim, Mead and White enlarge his wing in 1909, with an 8 story addition on 50th St. It was later owned by the archdiocese of NY.

She was a Philanthropist, social leader of NY. She was an incorporator of the National Red Cross - 1905, helped establish the Army Nursing Corps. With her brother, Ogden Mills, and her sis, Mrs. Louis F. Monteagle, she established St Luke's Hospital, San Francisco. She also contributed to the Cathedral of St John, the Divine, NYC.


Ogden Mills, b. May 16, 1882, NYC; d. Jan 3, 1947, NYC; m. Mar 14, 1911, Racine WI, Helen Miles Rogers, dau of Benjamin Talbot Rogers, of Appleton, WI. Took over Tribune, Pres. Pres. Tribune Fresh Air Fund, founded 1877. Editor. Purchased NY Herald from Frank A. Munsey, 1835 for $5,000,000 (founded by James Gordon Bennet). Combined with Tribune as NY Herald-Tribune. The plant of the Paris Herald was taken over in 1945 to print the Stars and Stripes. Republican, liberal. VP, Mills Estate, Inc. Trudeau Sanitorium, Saranac Lake, NY, Trustee. Fanily had "Summer Camp" in Adirondak Park, still owned by a Whitelaw Reid (1997).


Elizabeth, d. childhood.

Ogden Rogers

Jean Templeton, m. Hon Sir John Hubert Ward, (d. Dec 15, 1912, Dorchester House, London, England). Ambassador to England

Charles Printup, (Schermerhorn 14281.1xxx.) b. Apr 27, 1861; d. Aug 8, 1935; m. Apr 21, 1888, Maumee, OH, Annie May Johnston (b. Sep 21, 1868, d. May 9, 1949.


(end of not blood-related)


11412.1y. Peter R. LIVINGSTON, m. Johanna Livingston (# 11341.3), sis of Gertrude Livingston. L. at Grasmere.

11412.1yx. James LIVINGSTON, alcoholic

11412.1yy. Louis LIVINGSTON, alcoholic

11412.t. Elizabeth LIVINGSTON, b. ca. 1729; d. Aug 18, 1780, um., NYC.

11413. Janet LIVINGSTON, bp. Nov 24, 1703; d. 1724; m. 1721, Henry Beekman, Jr., brother of wife of Gilbert (#1146), dau of Col Henry Beekman. He m2. Gertrude Van Cortland

1 child

11413.1. Margaret, b. 1724; d. 1800; m. Judge Robert R. Livingston (# 11351.). She inh 250,000 acres of Beekman property.

11414. Pieter LIVINGSTON, bp. Jan 6, 1706

11415. John LIVINGSTON, bp. Mar 6, 1709 (sp. Philip Levingston and Margarita Vetch); d. 1791; m. Sep 6, 1739, ADRC, Catharina Ten BROECK (TB# y. ) (b.1715; d. 1801), dau of Dirck Ten Broeck and Margarita Cuyler.

11415.x James LIVINGSTON, m. Elizabeth Simpson.

11415.xx. Margaret Chinn LIVINGSTON, m. Daniel Cady. Elizabeth Smith CADY, b. 1815; d. 1902; m. _____ Stanton. Suffragette Leader.

11415.x. James LIVINGSTON, m. Elizabeth Simpson.

11415.xx. Margaret Chinn LIVINGSTON, m. Daniel Cady. Elizabeth CADY, m. _____ Stanton. Suffragette Leader.

11416. (?) Robert LIVINGSTON, bp. Aug 31, 1718, NY



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Lineage of Robert R. Livingston and Margaret Beekman, Gertrude Livingston and General Morgan Lewis, Margaret Lewis and Maturin Livingston. Lineage of Francis Lewis and Elizabeth Annesley, Col Morgan Lewis and Gertrude Livingston. Compiled by Dorothy M. Johns, Capitola, CA, 1970 (gift).

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Friends of Clermont

87 Clermont Avenue., # 2

Germantown, NY 12526

Museum Store


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The Van Horne Patent - Mohawk Valley - Philip Livingston, Abraham van Horne, William Provoost, Mary Burnett, dau of Gov Burnett. Agent David Pieterse Schuyler (Schuyler # 53), recd 1/6 share.

Livingston Sugar House, NYC, used as a prison by British during the Revolution. demolished 1840, stood next to Middle (New) Dutch Church on Liberty Street near Nassau.


R. Livingston Beekman House, NYC, now Yugoslavian Mission to the UN, 854 5 Ave

Trowbridge & Livingston, NYC architects, also Delano and Aldrich

Alice and Hamilton Fish Library at Garrison-on-Hudson. Contains Hudson River Reference Collection (paintings, slide collection).

Trowbridge and Livingston, architects for Astor's St Regis Hotel.

Delano and Aldrich, architects, early 1900's

R. Livingston Beekman House, 854 Fifth, now Yugoslavian Mission to UN (1903-4, Warren & Westmore)

Coaching Club, Central Park, Col William Jay, Col DeLancey, Astor Kane, (opening of Central Park)

Henry Livingston, painted "The Steep Rocks on the West Side of Hudson's River" (1791).

Astor House 1836, Broadway between Vesey and Barclay Sts. Built on the site of JJA's home, next to St Paul's Chapel.

Astor Library - became Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, then Public Theater, 425 Lafayette Street

Astor Hotel 44-45 St, Broadway, demolished 1967 - office building.

Philip John Livingston was a Loyalist. Former Sheriff of Dutchess Co., He was Manager of Rebel estates in NYC, for the British.



James LIVINGSTON, b. Sep 20, 1768 (or 1778), Cambria, NY; m. Alida Aarson/Orsin (b. Sep 27, 1784, Albany, NY).


Cornelia L. LIVINGSTON, b. 1802; d. 1830; m. Charles Ridgely Goodwin, (b. 1784, d. 1848), son of Dr Lyle Goodwin and Abigail Levy, g-g-g-son of Moses Raphael Levy, Sephardic Jew of Philadelphia. He changed his name to Charles Goodwin Ridgely.

Margaret M. (Ridgely), b. 1824; d. 1863; m. James Schott (d. 1860)

Rebecca C., b. 1850; m. William E. Schott

Margaret R., b. 1872; m. William O. Partridge

Margaret L., b. 1909; m. William A. M. Burden, Jr. (b. 1906), son of Florence Vanderbilt Twombly. Ambassador to Belgium (Eisenhower).

Elizabeth A., b. 1825; d. 1864; m. William H. Hunt (b. 1824, d. 1884)

William H., b. 1857; m. Gertrude Upshur

Helen U., b. 1889; m. Barnaby Conrad

Barnaby, Jr., b. 1922.


George Crary Satterlee, m. Mary LeRoy Livingston

George Bowen Satterlee, m. Sarah Wilcox. Broker.

Herbert Livingston Satterlee, b. Oct 31, 1863, NYC; d. Jul 14, 1947, NYC; m. Nov 15, 1900, NYC, Louisa Pierpont Morgan, dau of J. Pierpont Morgan. Columbia, 1833. PhD, 1885. NYS Bar, 1885. Ward, Hayden and Satterlee. 1912, Satterlee, Canfield & Stone. Satterlee & Canfield, 1924, later Satterlee, Warfield & Stephens. Corporation and commercial law. He wrote a biohgraphy of his father-in-law. Wrote the words to "Autumn Leaves and Above the Shimmering Sea.

Mabel, m. Abbott Ingalls

Eleanor, m. Milo Sargent Gibbs


Herbert Livingston (Satterlee), b. Oct 31, 1863, NYC; d. Jul 14, 1947, NYC; son of George Bowen and Sarah (Wilcox) Satterlee, g-son of George Crary Satterlee and Mary LeRoy Livingston, lawyer, author. m. Louisa Pierpont Morgan, dau of J. Pierpont Morgan.

Mabel, m. Abbott Ingalls

Eleanor, m. Milo Sargent Gibbs


Edith Stuyvessant Dresser, m. George Vanderbilt (d. 1914) in 1898, in Paris, dau of a Gen and desc of Peter Stuyvesant. H. built Biltmore, house at Bar Harbor, 640 5 Ave, 645 and 647 5 Ave (The Marble Twins), built to protect the property value. 647 5 Ave survives today. She m2. Peter Goelet Gerry.

Cornelia Stuyvesant V., b 1900

Smith (Thompson), Judge of Supreme Court with Brockholst (Livingston), m. a Livingston

Unlinked Livingstons

James, m. Elizabeth

Maritie, bp. May 19, 1777


?????.? Mrs.Lowndes Brown, owned Edgewater, Barrytown. She, as a widow, sold property and moved to Europe after RR built right next to her house. Her NC husband was a cousin to the husbands of 11412xx.y and 11412xx.z


Edwin Brockholst (Livingston), wrote The Livingstons of Callendar


Charles L. (Livingston)


desc. from Gilbert


John Ross (Delafield), Brig. General, D.S.M. of Montgomery Place

Mrs. Robert R. (Livingston), L. at Northwood

Laura, w. hus. purchased in 1927, Everleigh, old Eugene Livingston property, renamed it Teviot

Thomas Jefferson Livingston (Redmond)

James Livingston (Freeborn), wrote history of Edgewood Club in 1937.

Johnston (Livingston), President of thew Edgewood Club, 1900-

1911(when he d.)

dau. m. Count Laugier Villars

Edward de Peyster (Livingston)

Edward (Livingston), m. Caroline Ann de Peyster (b. Nov 18, 1823) Van

Rensselaer (VR # 394), dau of Captain Robert Hendrick Van Rensselaer (VR # 222) and Anna Ten Broeck

Mother - d. 1953.

Margaret "Daisy" (Suckley), b. 1891; d. Feb 18, 1985, on her first iceboat ride on the Hudson. She was last of the Suckleys. desc through father from Gilbert and mother from Clermont branch. She was archivist for local history at Hyde Park, was at Warm Springs with FDR, when he died.

Brothers Robert (Robin) and Arthur - all 3 lived together at Wilderstein.

Had 2 other sisters and a brother. Only 1 sister m.

Ridgely, built by G-Gdau of Chancellor, sold to Order of the Carmelite Sisters.

Elbridge T. Gerry, superb law library

Aspinwall Place, home of John R. (Livingston)

Herman Livingston residence n of Roeloff Jansen's Kill

Idele, property of Miss Clarkson, old Chancellor's Place

Abraham Hewitt, Mayor of NY

Suydam Cutting

Peter Smith, h. of Elizabeth Livingston, Utica, was early partner in fur trading with John Jacob Astor. Note Wm Smith m. # 1141xy, b. ca. 1725.

Louisa Dorothea Langdon, dau of Dorothea Astor and Col Walter Langdon and gdau of John Jacob Astor m. De Lancey Kane.

Charles Astor Bristead, gson of JJA, his favorite

William de Lancey Kane m. Louisa Langdon, gdau of JJA

Caroline Schermerhorn's mother was Helen White, desc from Van Cortlands.

Robert Cutting, a founder of the Academy of Music, House on 5 Ave

Elbridge Gerry, signer of The Declaration of Independence. Refused to sign the Constitution. Vice President (1813-1814, d. in office)) under Madison, was in shipping business w/father and was a privateer. Republican. Was member of Adams committee to Paris which resulted in the "XYZ Affair" (Prob his son or grandson, Elbridge T.) m. Livingston. MA governor, Republican redistricting plan to increase seats over Federalists resulted in the coining of the word "gerrymander"

dau Livingston, m. Elbridge Thomas Gerry, son of Elbridge Gerry, VP of the United States. He had a superb Law Library


Robert Livingston, m. Cornelia Harriman, dau of Edward Henry Harriman (Financier and RR builder), and Mary Williamson Averell (Harriman State Park), sis of Averell Harriman, Gov of NY. Gerry mansion, 61 St and 5 Ave, ca. 1929 became Hotel Pierre, 52 stories, bought by J. Paul Getty, 1938. Financier.

?? Angelic L. Gerry 816 5 Ave


Peter Goelet Gerry, (b. Sep 18, 1879, NYC, d. Oct 30, 1957 (sp)

Providence, RI), US Senator from RI (1917-29, 1935-1947),

P. G. Gerry m1. May 26, 1910, Mathilde Scott Townsend, dau of Richard H. Townsend of Washington, DC; m2. Oct 25, 1926, Edith Stuyvesant Dresser Vanderbilt, wid of George Washington Vanderbilt, dau of Gen George Warren Dresser.

Edith Stuyvesant Dresser, wid of George Washington Vanderbilt m2. Peter Goelet Gerry, (b. Sep 18, 1879, NYC), US Senator from RI (1917-), son of Elbridge T. Gerry and Louisa Mathilda Livingston, g-s of Thomas R. Gerry and Hannah G. Goelet. gg-s of Elbridge T. Gerry, Gov of MA and Signer of the Declaration of Independence (VP of US ?).

[Louisa, 11421.3q3., b. Jul 11, 1801, 11421.ya. bp. 12/31/1785 - Liv 1]

R. Livingston Beekman, Gov of RI, defeated by Peter Goelet Gerry for US Senate, 1922 (RI). L. 854 5th Ave, (66-67 St), NYC, now Yugoslavian Mission to the UN. (Built 1903-5, Warren & Westmore).


Edward Henry Harriman, founded Harriman & Co (Banking and RR), 1872, with James and Lewis Livingston, as partners (from Rhinebeck). His brother William M, with Nicholas Fish, and later couisn, Oliver Harriman, took over the banking part of the business. Director Illinois Central. Re-organized Erie RR with J. P. Morgan, 1893. Director, Union Pacific, President, 1904. Director, NY Central, B&O, Equitable Life, Wells Fargo, Western Union, National City bank, Guarantee Trust, and more.


John R., built in 1820, Edgewater, near Barrytown, for daughter Mrs. Lowndes Brown. House was bought in 1903 by Mrs. John Jay Chapman, then to Mr. Conrad Chapman.

Dr. Baltus Livingston (van Kleeck) of Newburgh

Rev Robert Boyd, m. Margaret Teller in charge of Episcopal Mission at home of Miss Hannah Teller. Teller house still owned by his dau desc.

General John Ross (Delafield) owned Montgomery place, he is a desc of the Chancellor, and also from Mrs. Montgomery's sis.

Mrs. John Cox Stevens, nee Maria (Livingston)

John Philip L, Esq., estate Strawberry Hill, Dutchess County (1773)

John McKenn Cutting, Esq

Catherine (L) m. 1759, John Lawrence, NYC merchant. She was dau of Hon Philip (L), Esq, desc. and g-dau of Peter and Sarah Van Brugh

Livingston Farrand, b. 1867, Newark, NJ; d. 19939, NYC. Psychologist, Anthropoligist, Public health Administrator

Samuel Livingston Mather, b. 1817, Middletown, CT; d. 1890, Cleveland, OH; Capitalist, Cleveland iron Mining Co., Pres.

Robert Livingston Stevens, Hoboken, son of Col John Stevens

R. Fulton Cutting. Mansion at 1010 5 Ave

Mrs. Bayard Cutting, g-m of Iris Origo, author, friend of Edith Wharton.

J. B. Cutting, Apothecary General, General Hospital, NY, Rev war.

Walter Cutting

John Barber Church m. Angelica Schuyler,(bp. Feb 22, 1756, Albany, DRC), dau of Catharine Van Rensselaer and Maj Gen Philip Schuyler.

John Jay Knox, b. 1828, Augusta, NY; d. 1892, NYC; financier, US Treasury official, Comptroller of the Currency, 1872-1884.

Alva Smith Vanderbilt - sister Mrs. Lucy Jay, Robert L. Cutting Fifth Ave House, a founder of the Academy of Music

A1yx. Richard Cary, b. 1795; d. 1868. Founder of the New

York Observer, a weekly in NYC. L. No. 270 East Broadway.

A1yy. Sidney Edwards, b. 1794; d. 1871. Founder of the New

York Observer, a weekly in NYC.

m2. ---

Gen John Watts de Peyster was desc from Gilbert.


James LIVINGSTON, b. ca. 1700; m. Jul 9, 1728, Kinderhook, NY, Catherine Kuhn.

8 children


Mary Augusta, m. John Turk, her first cousin. Changed their names to Mr. and Mrs. John W. Turk Livingston.

Duane: The Descendants and some of the forebears of Hon. William John Duane of Philadelphia, 1780-1865. Compiled by Richard B.

Duane II, Dec 1951, $15.00.


  1. B. Cutting, Apothecary General, General Hospital, American Revolution.
  2. ---

Florence Van Rensselaer, compiler, William Laimber, ed. "The Livingston Family in America and its Scottish Origins", NY, The William Byrd Press, Inc., 1949.


Brandt, Clare, An American Aristocrracy - The Livingstons, Doubleday & Co, Garden City, NY, 1986.

Mrs. Lowndes Brown, niece of the Chancellor. Edgewater, Barrytown, Greek revival mansion. When the RR was built within yards of her house, she sold it and moved to Europe. - Her h. from NC was cousin to Grandma Grundy's sons-in-law.

John Ross Delafield, kinsman. Brig Gen, D. S. M. President, Order of Colonial Lords of Manors in America.

Mrs. Robert R. Livingston, Northwood

Laura, m. ? Bought Eversleigh, 1927, renamed it Teviot


Thomas Johnston Livingston Redmond. ---

James Livingston Freeborn


Mr. Edward de Peyster Livingston


Margaret "Daisy" Suckley, b. 1891, d. ? [On Feb 18, 1985, age 93, she was taken on her first iceboat ride on the Hudson] (last of the Suckleys), cousin to Eleanor Roosevelt. L. Wilderstein, near Rhinebeck. Wid mother (d. 1953), 2 bachelor brothers (Robert/Robin and Arthur). Bryn Mawr, 2 years. Desc from Gilbert, also from Clermont branch. Her gf purchased the Northfield of PWildercliffP from Garretson cousin and built Wilderstein. Father involved in real estate. She was an archivist at the presidential library at Hyde Park. She was with FDR the day he died. (Also 2 other sisters and a brother, only one of whom married.) No surviving Suckleys in next generation.


g-gd of Chancellor, built, 1865, Ridgely, next to Clermont. Sold to Order of Carmelite Sisters, kept hous, added a brick wing.



Johnston Livingston, d. 1911

dau m. Count de Laugier Villars


Ludlow's Pine Lawn, became Holcroft, owned by Nellie, spinster sis of Alice Clarkson Delafield. Rebuilt after a fire in 1870's. Midwood, 2 doors down from Holcroft, was built in 1890's by a son (Robert L.) of the Southwood Clarksons. Southwood, Edward Clarkson, m. Rachel Coons, dau of a Southwood cook; bro of Robert L., both g-gs of Chancellor. ----

The Cathedral of St. John the Divine -

Organ given in memory of Lena Kearny Morton (b. 1875, d. 1904), by her parents, Levi Parson Morton and Anna Livingston Morton.

Motherhood Window - given by Eleanor Van Rensselaer Fairfax (b. 1853, d. 1926).


Philip Livingston Hoffman m. Nov 18, 1787, Helena Kissam (11212.96)

Captain Richard Varick, American Revolution. Varick St, NYC named for him. Mayor of NYC.

SENT - 10/29/98

Re: NY Marble Cemetery/Bancker and Beekman

The ancestry of the major BANCKER family is (Gilbert R. being the father of Catherine LIVINGSTON):

1136. Gysbert/Gilbert LIVINGSTON, b. Mar 3, bp. Mar 5, 1689/90, Albany DRC; (sp. Dom. Godefridus Dellius, Livinus Van Schayk and Jenneken Schuyler); d. Apr 25, 1745, Kingston, NY; m. Dec 22, 1711, Kingston, NY, Cornelia Beekman (b. 1692/3), dau of Col Henry/Hendrick Beekman and Johanna Lopers. Her brother Henry m. Janet Livingston (# 11413.), and sis Cathrine, m. John Rutsen. L. at Esopus. on Beekman land. Escheator-General, Tax farmer, hardc liquor excise, went bankrupt, imprisoned for debt, bought his way out by selling some of wife's NYC property. Supervisor, Ulster County. Inh some land near Saratoga, and elsewhere in NY, but cut off completely from manor, controlled by brother Philip, with income to be used to pay off his debts. Filled manor seat in Colonial Assembly, 1729-1738.

14 children


11361. Robert Gilbert LIVINGSTON, m. Catharine McPhaedris (d. Feb - Aug 1792). L. Rhinebeck, Dutchess Co, NY. She l. NYC. A rigid personality.

11361.z. Catherine/Kitty LIVINGSTON, d. imw; m. Apr 6, 1774, NYC by Rev Dr Livingston, John Reade, son of late Joseph Reade, Esq; Built Green Hill - 1790, village of Tivoli, sold to Henry Gilbert Livingston - 1794, his brother-in-law.


11361.zx. Catherine, m. Nicholas William Stuyvesant, (#11362ww) son of Petrus Stuyvesant and Margaret Livingston.

11361.x. Henry Gilbert LIVINGSTON, d. imw. Bought Green Hill, then built (or bought from Samuel Ten Broeck, who built it in 1773) second mansion Callendar House (between Tivoli and Barrytown), renamed Sunning Hill, which he sold to distant cousin Philip Henry Livingston, of manor branch, # 11325.xy.

11361.y. Gilbert Robert LIVINGSTON, d. imw; m. Martha Kane, dau of John Kane, a Loyalist. Built Prospect Hill, near Freedom Plains (built ca. 1788) on land from f through g-m Cornelia Beekman. He sold Prospect Hill in 1797 to Gen Augustus Barker, who sold it to Philip J. Schuyler of The Grove, at Rhinebeck in 1819. Loyalist. [Another Gilbert - Ensign, 1st NY, Feb 1776; 2nd Lt, 3rd NY, Nov 1776; deserted Oct 1776 (sic), captured and hanged.]

11361.yx. Catherine McPhaedris LIVINGSTON, m2. Henry Beeckman.

11361.yxx. Gilbert Livingston BEECKMAN, m. Margaret Atherton Foster.

11361.yxxx. Margaret Atherton BEECKMAN, m. Campbell Steward.

11361.yxxxx. Gilbert Livingston STEWARD, m. Anne Beekman Ayer, a descendant of Willem Beekman and Gerardus Beekman.

11361.yxxxx.x. Campbell STEWARD, b. 1934; m. Barbara Fairfax Glidden Bell.

11361.yxxxx.xx. Scott Campbell STEWARD. Book Review Editor, NEHGS. He supplied the above line.

11361.w. Robert G. LIVINGSTON, d. nimw; m. Margaret ____.

I can give you the line back to the immigrant, who m. a SCHUYLER (of Albany).

As far as the BANCKER Line:

125. Christopher/Christoffel BANCKER, Esq., b. Oct 27, 1695, bp. Nov 17, 1695, Albany DRC (sp. Wilhelm Bancker, Marte Krieger, Catelyntje Abeel); d. Apr 3 (or 13), 1763, NYC, age 68, after a tedious illness; m. Oct 16, 1719, NYC, Elizabeth Hooglandt (b. Oct 20, 1699, d. 1751), dau of Lt. Adrian Hooglandt and Anna Byvanck.

(His father-in-law was one of the patentees of the Kayaderosseras Patent, in Saratoga County. It covered about 700,000 acres. It had been obtained by misrepresentation, and they were forced to return a portion of it to the Mohawk Indians to obtain clear title to the rest. The shares of Adrian and Joris Hooglandt went to the Bancker, Renaudet and Rutgers families. Christopher's portion went to his sons, Evert, Adrian, Richard and William, on Nov 22, 1771, after his death. Christopher and his wife had also inh a large interest in the Wawayanda Patent in Orange County from her father.)

Merchant of silver, brother of the Silversmith, Adrian Bancker. [7196]. Alderman NYC, North Ward, 1737-1742, 1755. He was owner of the Privateer, "Stephen and Elizabeth", with Hendrick Rutgers and others in 1739. He was a Commissioner of the Fortifications, NYC in 1755 and 1756. His negro, "The Fiddler" drowned, at Hell's Gate, Aug, 1738.

9 children

1253. Adrian BANCKER (B# 309), b. Jul 25 or 28, bp Jul 29, 1724, NYDRC, (sp. Adrian Bancker, the Silversmith, and his uncle and Belitje Renaudett); d. Sep 29 (or 30), 1792, bur. NYDRC; m. Nov 7, 1753, Anna Boelen, a cousin (b. Jun 18, bp. Jul 1, 1733, NYDRC, bur. Jun 15, 1790, NYDRC), dau of Abraham Boelen and Elizabeth de Peyster (Bancker # 123) his second cousin. She was admitted to the DRC, Aug 24, 1752. He l. Castleton, Staten Island. Patriot. Supervisor, Town of Westfield, 1772-1773; Deputy, Richmond County to Second Provincial Congress, 1775-76; Member of Assembly, 1784; Surrogate, Richmond County, Mar 13, 1787 - Sep 29, 1782. Had house on Wall St, NYC as late as 1776, from which 569 pounds of sash lead was taken for the Revolution; Not Silversmith. He sold a large part of his interest in the Kayadarossas Patent in 1789 and more was sold by his executors. A considerable portion went to his heirs. He owned 5 slaves. [5061] Will [7009]. Pictures of Adrian and his wife were in the possession of Dr. DeGroot, a desc, of Mendham, NJ, in the late 1800's and were given to the NY Historical Society. L Castletown, Richmond Co, NY.

8 children

12531. Christopher (Christoffel) BANCKER, bp. Sep 25, 1754, NYDRC, (sp. Christoffel Bancker and Elizabeth De Peyster, wid of Abraham Boelen); dy

12532. Elizabet BANCKER , bp. Jun 15, 1757, NYDRC, (sp. Christoffel Bancker and Elizabeth De Peyster, wid of Abraham Boelen); dy.

12533. Abraham BANCKER, bp. May 15, 1760, NYDRC (sp. Christoffel Bancker and Elizabeth De Peyster, wid of Abraham Boelen); d. > Jun 19, 1822, < Feb 6, 1832, Morris County, NJ, um. Succeeded f as Surrogate, Richmond County, 1790-1809. County Clerk, Richmond, 1781-1784. Member of first Board of Regents. Member of assembly, 1788-1790; Member of state Convention to ratify the Federal Constitution; He was member of the Electoral College, and cast his vote for Jefferson, in 1804. He was educ King's College (Columbia). He is reputed to have been a Patriot spy during the Revolution and was given an elegant sword by G. Washington. He eventually moved to Morris County, NJ, where he was a man of substance.

12534. Christoffel BANCKER, bp. Feb 16, 1763, (sp. Evert Bancker and Elizabeth Boelen, his w. (aunt and uncle)); d. > 1792, < 1822.

12535. Elizabet BANCKER, bp. Nov 9, 1764, NYDRC, (sp. Richard Bancker and Sara Duycking, his w.); d. prob young < 1722.

12536. Anna BANCKER, bp. Aug 3, 1766, NYDRC, (sp. William Bancker and Anna Rutgers, his w.); dy. < 1722.

12537. Adrian BANCKER (B# 310), bp. Sep 2, 1770, NYDRC (sp. Richard Bancker and Sarah Duyckinck, his w.); d. < 1822; m. Oct 6, 1789, Elizabeth Decker. Large landowner, Staten Island.

11 children

12537.1. Adrian BANCKER, m. Julia Holtz

12537.2. Abraham BANCKER (B# 311), m. Feb 12, 1822, Elizabeth Lyons. Capt of harbor vessels, NYC.

12537.3. Martha Jane BANCKER (B# 313), b. 1794, NYC; d. Mar 14, 1866, NYC; m. 1814, Justice Reynolds

12537.4. Arrietta BANCKER (B# 317), b. Mar 10, 1796; d. Apr 12, 1878, Plainfield, NJ, bur Evergreen cemetery, Brooklyn; m1. 1813, John White (d. 1835), m2. 1854, Hugh Miller, of NY, as his w2.

12537.5. John BANCKER (B# 322), d. Oct 8, 1886, Brooklyn; m. Jane E. Jacques. L. Brighton, Monroe Co, NY. She l Brooklyn in 1890.

12537.6. James BANCKER, m. (?) ca. 1847, Emily Brown

12537.7. William Beekman BANCKER

12537.8. Ann BANCKER, m. a Barron

12537.9. Maria BANCKER, d. ca. 1850; m. Hugh Miller. He m2. Arietta, her sister.

12537.a. Louisa BANCKER, m. Ashley Hillyer

12537.b. Eliza BANCKER (B# 323), d. ca. 1856; m. James Dunlap

This line covers your BANCKERS except for the familiesof Henry, Edward and James. I cannot connect him. John BANCKER, Jr. appears to be # 12537.5., but I donít see why he is a Jr. I could be that Henry BANKER is from the second, unrelated BANCKER family, from Westchester Co, NY, rather than the Albany family.

I hope this helps you place these families. I can send you my entire BANCKER and BEEKMAN Family files, in Word for Windows 95 (7.0), if you can read them, and think that they might be useful.

Here are some possibilities for Henry BEEKMAN:

13536. Thomas beekman, bp. Aug 15, 1753; d. ca. 1786; m. Sarah Mathews. Gentleman of Ulster County. 2nd Lt, Lasher's Rgt, NY Militia, Jun-Dec 1776. Cornet, 2nd Continental Dragoons, Jan 1777. Lt Oct 1777-1778. [nephew Thomas Beekman].

13536.1. Fletcher M. beekman

13536.2. Verdine Elsworth beekman

13536.3. Henry W. beekman

13536.4. Sarah beekman


Bob Protzmann

I would like to find out more about the KANE family. I am trying to find the family of DeLancey KANE. Could C. V. S. KANE be Cornelius Van Schaick KANE?


Wed 10/28/98 1:30 PM


Your listing came through fine. I have searched for information on the links of these individuals, and have som guesses. I will review the information tonight and try to present it in an intelligible form. I've been out the last two nights to Genealogical meetings, so am behind on my E-Mail responses.

Thanks for the information. This is great.



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Subject: NY Marble Cemetery

Dear Mr. Protzmann,

Here are the vault listings for the Banker and Beeckman vaults in the Marble Cemetery, though I donít know what will happen to their formats in transmission.

Thank you,

Anne W. Brown


Vault no. 36 Edward Banker (1831)



All remains removed to Green-Wood.



Banker, Sarah S. 4 Apr 1831 1 yr. 2 mos. [b. Feb/Mar 1830]

Banker, Sarah Schermerhorn

Daughter of Edward Banker. Died 4 Apr 1831, 13 mos. 23 d. Born NY; died 24 Vandewater St., NY. Inflammation of the lungs. All of Vault 36 removed to Green-Wood 7 Mar 1834.

Banker, Infant daughter of E. 13 Sep 1831



Born NY; died 26 Vandewater St. Removed to Green-Wood.


Banker, Abraham 26 Nov 1831 72 yrs. [b. 1759] [# 12533.]

Son of Adriaan Bancker & Anna Boelen. [# 1253.] Bap. 15 May 1760. Held numerous public offices on Staten Island Uncle of John Bancker, Jr. Died 26 Nov 1831 Staten Is., age 72. Born Mendham, NJ; died Sheriff St. Inflammation of the lungs. Removed to Green-Wood.


Barron, Ann 25 Dec 1831 42 yrs. 9 mos. [# 12537.8.]

Barron, Ann Elizabeth Bancker

Sister of John Bancker, Jr. [# 12537.5.]; wife of Patrick Barron. Died 25 Dec 1831, age 42. Probably daughter of Adrian Bancker of Staten Is. & Elizabeth Decker. [#12537.] Born NY; died Sheriff St. Apoplexy. Cemetery records do not give vault number. Removed to L[utheran] C[emetery].

Hopson, Miles 29 Jan 1834 35 yrs. 10 mos. 5 d.

Son of James Hopson. Died 26 Jan 1834, 36th yr. Unmarried. Died 22 Duane St. Inflammation of the brain. Removed to Green-Wood.



Forbes, Catherine 14 Aug 1834 84 yrs. 11 mos. 1 d.

Probably Catherine Maria VanGelder, wife of William Gilbert Forbes? Born NY; died 50 Dey St. Married. Removed to Green-Wood.

Beahne, Benson 7 Sep 1835 33 yrs.

Berkill, Benson

Died 7 Sep 1835, age 31. Bachelor. Died Gold St. Consumption. Removed to Green-Wood.

Bogert, Mr. 29 Dec 1839

Removed to Green-Wood.


Banker, Maria 1 Apr 1842 17 yrs. 3 mos.

Daughter of Edward Banker. Born NY; died 395 Pearl St. Consumption. Removed to Green-Wood.


Hopson, Maria 29 Aug 1843 69 yrs. 4 mos. 14 d.

Wife of James Hopson. Died 29 Aug 1843. Born NY; died 24 Vandewater St. Consumption. Removed to Green-Wood.

Coles, Hannah 18 Oct 1843 54 yrs. 3 mos.

Cole, Hannah

Brother-in-law James Chalmers. Died 18 Oct 1843, 55th yr. Born NY; died 85 Cliff St. Asthma. Removed to Green-Wood.

VanWinkle, Jemima C. 13 Mar 1844 27 yrs.

VanWinkle, Jemima C. Willis

Wife of Albert VanWinkle. Died 13 Mar 1844, 28th yr. Born NY; died 50 Third St. Disease of the heart. Removed to Green-Wood.


Banker, Sarah Burkhill 24 Apr 1849 83 yrs. [b. 1766]

Burkhill, Sarah

Widow of Henry Banker. Sons Edw. Banker & Wm. Everdell Banker. Died 24 Apr 1849. Died 6 Great Jones St. Inflammation of the lungs. Register omits last name. Removed to Green-Wood. [poss bro of Adrian, b. ca. 1768].


Hopson, James 7 Apr 1854 80 yrs. 6 mos. 27 d.

Died 9 Apr 1854, 81st yr. Died 24 Vandewater St. Paralysis of six yearsí standing. Removed to Green-Wood.


Banker, Pierre S. 22 Dec 1856 5 yrs. 12 d. [b. 1851]

Son of James S. [b. ca. 1835] & Ellen Josephine Banker. Died 21 Dec 1856 NYC, age 5 yrs. 11 d. Died 55 Union Place. Scarlatina. Removed to Green-Wood.


Holgate, Francis 29 Jan 1873 19 yrs.

Son of Alexander L. & Clara A. Holgate. Died 26 Jan 1873, 20th yr. Born U.S.; died 17 Tillory St., Brooklyn. Meningitis. Removed to Green-Wood.


Banker, James H. 13 Feb 1885 57 yrs. [#12537.6. ?] [b. 1828]

Died Irvington-on-Hudson, 58th yr. Died 10 Feb 1885 Tarrytown, NY. Consumption. Removed to Green-Wood.


Vault no. 152 Henry Beeckman (1830)



Smith, Rev. Mr. 10 Nov 1835

Clergyman born CT. Removed to Sharon, CT 4 Jun 1848.

Washington, John 3 Apr 1836 5 mos.

Died 687 Broadway. Whooping cough.

Livingston, Martha 16 Apr 1843 88 yrs. [b. 1755]

Livingston, Martha Kane [11361.y.]

Daughter of John OíKane & Sybil Kent. Born 21 Mar 1758; married 29 Sep 1772 Gilbert Robert Livingston; died 17 Apr 1843. Born NY; died 11 Washington Place. Hæmorrhage of the brain.


Mills, Elizabeth 2 July 1843 43 yrs. [b. 1800]

Mills, Elizabeth Caroline Kane

Daughter of late John Kane; wife of P. L. Mills. Died 1 Jul 1843, 44th yr. Born NY; died Tenth St. Bilious fever. Removed.


Graham, Livingston 17 July 1843 1 yr. 6 mos. 3 d. [b. ca. Jan 1842]

Son of John A. Graham of NYC. Died 17 Jul 1843 Fishkill Landing. Born NY; died Fishkill Landing. Dropsy of the brain.


Kane, Deborah 26 Nov 1843 71 yrs.

Widow of Elias Kane; son C. V. S. Kane; son-in-law I. T. Gilchrist. Died 25 Nov 1843. Born NY; died 183 Fourth St. Consumption of the lungs. Removed to Green-Wood.

Graham, Still-born infant of John A. Jan 1846

Died 119 Mercer St.


Washington, James A., M.D. 30 Aug 1847 44 yrs.

Washington, William A., M.D.

Died 30 Aug 1847, 46th yr. Died 752 Broadway. Inflammation and mortification of the bowels.


Beekman, Gilbert Livingston 28 Oct 1853 1 yr. 8 mos. [b. ca. Feb 1852]

Died 28 E. 20th St. Croup.


Beekman, Eliza A. 16 Nov 1853 1 mo. [b. Oct 1853]

Died 28 E. 20th St. Erysipelas.


Beekman, Henry 14 Mar 1857 82 yrs. [b. 1775]

Married Catherine McPhaedres Livingston; died 14 Mar 1857, age 83.[b. 1774] Died 109 Tenth St., Brevoort Place. Decay of life.


Beekman, Foster 18 Mar 1858 1 yr. 2 mos.

Son of Gilbert L. Beeckman. Died 18 Mar 1858, 17 mos. Croup.


Beekman, Catherine Livingston 19 May 1863 75 yrs. [b. ca. 1788]

Beekman, Catharine McPhaedres Livingston [11361.yx.] [b. ca.1789]

Daughter of Gilbert Robert Livingston & Martha Kane. Married Henry Beeckman. Died 19 May 1863, 75th yr. Died 49 Tenth St. Catarrh.


Graham, Still-born child of Mrs. N. B. 8 Nov 1866

Died 57 W. 16th St.


Constable, John L. 21 Jun 1871 54 yrs.

Late of San Francisco. Died 19 Jun 1871, 55th yr. Born NY; died 152 Henry St. Died Strangers? Hospital. Apolplexy.


Beekman, Gilbert 26 Dec 1874 51 yrs. [b. 1823]

Beekman, Gilbert Livingston

Son of Henry Beekman & Catherine Livingston. Died 23 Dec 1874 New-Brighton, Staten Is., 51st yr. Born NY; died New Brighton, SI. Heart disease. Removed.




Vault no. 36 Edward Banker (1831)



All remains removed to Green-Wood.



Banker, Sarah S. 4 Apr 1831 1 yr. 2 mos.

Banker, Sarah Schermerhorn

Daughter of Edward Banker. Died 4 Apr 1831, 13 mos. 23 d. Born NY; died 24 Vandewater St., NY. Inflammation of the lungs. All of Vault 36 removed to Green-Wood 7 Mar 1834.

Banker, Infant daughter of E. 13 Sep 1831



Born NY; died 26 Vandewater St. Removed to Green-Wood.

Banker, Abraham 26 Nov 1831 72 yrs.

Son of Adriaan Bancker & Anna Boelen. Bap. 15 May 1760. Held numerous public offices on Staten Island Uncle of John Bancker, Jr. Died 26 Nov 1831 Staten Is., age 72. Born Mendham, NJ; died Sheriff St. Inflammation of the lungs. Removed to Green-Wood.

Barron, Ann 25 Dec 1831 42 yrs. 9 mos.

Barron, Ann Elizabeth Bancker

Sister of John Bancker, Jr.; wife of Patrick Barron. Died 25 Dec 1831, age 42. Probably daughter of Adrian Bancker of Staten Is. & Elizabeth Decker. Born NY; died Sheriff St. Apoplexy. Cemetery records do not give vault number. Removed to L[utheran] C[emetery].

Hopson, Miles 29 Jan 1834 35 yrs. 10 mos. 5 d.

Son of James Hopson. Died 26 Jan 1834, 36th yr. Unmarried. Died 22 Duane St. Inflammation of the brain. Removed to Green-Wood.



Forbes, Catherine 14 Aug 1834 84 yrs. 11 mos. 1 d.

Probably Catherine Maria VanGelder, wife of William Gilbert Forbes? Born NY; died 50 Dey St. Married. Removed to Green-Wood.

Beahne, Benson 7 Sep 1835 33 yrs.

Berkill, Benson

Died 7 Sep 1835, age 31. Bachelor. Died Gold St. Consumption. Removed to Green-Wood.

Bogert, Mr. 29 Dec 1839

Removed to Green-Wood.

Banker, Maria 1 Apr 1842 17 yrs. 3 mos.

Daughter of Edward Banker. Born NY; died 395 Pearl St. Consumption. Removed to Green-Wood.

Hopson, Maria 29 Aug 1843 69 yrs. 4 mos. 14 d.

Wife of James Hopson. Died 29 Aug 1843. Born NY; died 24 Vandewater St. Consumption. Removed to Green-Wood.

Coles, Hannah 18 Oct 1843 54 yrs. 3 mos.

Cole, Hannah

Brother-in-law James Chalmers. Died 18 Oct 1843, 55th yr. Born NY; died 85 Cliff St. Asthma. Removed to Green-Wood.

VanWinkle, Jemima C. 13 Mar 1844 27 yrs.

VanWinkle, Jemima C. Willis

Wife of Albert VanWinkle. Died 13 Mar 1844, 28th yr. Born NY; died 50 Third St. Disease of the heart. Removed to Green-Wood.

Banker, Sarah Burkhill 24 Apr 1849 83 yrs.

Burkhill, Sarah

Widow of Henry Banker. Sons Edw. Banker & Wm. Everdell Banker. Died 24 Apr 1849. Died 6 Great Jones St. Inflammation of the lungs. Register omits last name. Removed to Green-Wood.

Hopson, James 7 Apr 1854 80 yrs. 6 mos. 27 d.

Died 9 Apr 1854, 81st yr. Died 24 Vandewater St. Paralysis of six yearsí standing. Removed to Green-Wood.

Banker, Pierre S. 22 Dec 1856 5 yrs. 12 d.

Son of James S. & Ellen Josephine Banker. Died 21 Dec 1856 NYC, age 5 yrs. 11 d. Died 55 Union Place. Scarlatina. Removed to Green-Wood.

Holgate, Francis 29 Jan 1873 19 yrs.

Son of Alexander L. & Clara A. Holgate. Died 26 Jan 1873, 20th yr. Born U.S.; died 17 Tillory St., Brooklyn. Meningitis. Removed to Green-Wood.

Banker, James H. 13 Feb 1885 57 yrs.

Died Irvington-on-Hudson, 58th yr. Died 10 Feb 1885 Tarrytown, NY. Consumption. Removed to Green-Wood.


Vault no. 152 Henry Beeckman (1830)



Smith, Rev. Mr. 10 Nov 1835

Clergyman born CT. Removed to Sharon, CT 4 Jun 1848.

Washington, John 3 Apr 1836 5 mos.

Died 687 Broadway. Whooping cough.

Livingston, Martha 16 Apr 1843 88 yrs.

Livingston, Martha Kane

Daughter of John OíKane & Sybil Kent. Born 21 Mar 1758; married 29 Sep 1772 Gilbert Robert Livingston; died 17 Apr 1843. Born NY; died 11 Washington Place. Hæmorrhage of the brain.

Mills, Elizabeth 2 July 1843 43 yrs.

Mills, Elizabeth Caroline Kane

Daughter of late John Kane; wife of P. L. Mills. Died 1 Jul 1843, 44th yr. Born NY; died Tenth St. Bilious fever. Removed.

Graham, Livingston 17 July 1843 1 yr. 6 mos. 3 d.

Son of John A. Graham of NYC. Died 17 Jul 1843 Fishkill Landing. Born NY; died Fishkill Landing. Dropsy of the brain.

Kane, Deborah 26 Nov 1843 71 yrs.

Widow of Elias Kane; son C. V. S. Kane; son-in-law I. T. Gilchrist. Died 25 Nov 1843. Born NY; died 183 Fourth St. Consumption of the lungs. Removed to Green-Wood.

Graham, Still-born infant of John A. Jan 1846

Died 119 Mercer St.

Washington, James A., M.D. 30 Aug 1847 44 yrs.

Washington, William A., M.D.

Died 30 Aug 1847, 46th yr. Died 752 Broadway. Inflammation and mortification of the bowels.

Beekman, Gilbert Livingston 28 Oct 1853 1 yr. 8 mos.

Died 28 E. 20th St. Croup.

Beekman, Eliza A. 16 Nov 1853 1 mo.

Died 28 E. 20th St. Erysipelas.

Beekman, Henry 14 Mar 1857 82 yrs.

Married Catherine McPhaedres Livingston; died 14 Mar 1857, age 83. Died 109 Tenth St., Brevoort Place. Decay of life.

Beekman, Foster 18 Mar 1858 1 yr. 2 mos.

Son of Gilbert L. Beeckman. Died 18 Mar 1858, 17 mos. Croup.

Beekman, Catherine Livingston 19 May 1863 75 yrs.

Beekman, Catharine McPhaedres Livingston

Daughter of Gilbert Robert Livingston & Martha Kane. Married Henry Beeckman. Died 19 May 1863, 75th yr. Died 49 Tenth St. Catarrh.

Graham, Still-born child of Mrs. N. B. 8 Nov 1866

Died 57 W. 16th St.

Constable, John L. 21 Jun 1871 54 yrs.

Late of San Francisco. Died 19 Jun 1871, 55th yr. Born NY; died 152 Henry St. Died Strangers? Hospital. Apolplexy.

Beekman, Gilbert 26 Dec 1874 51 yrs.

Beekman, Gilbert Livingston

Son of Henry Beekman & Catherine Livingston. Died 23 Dec 1874 New-Brighton, Staten Is., 51st yr. Born NY; died New Brighton, SI. Heart disease. Removed.







Cheryl Classick [jettrink@TSO.Cin.IX.Net]

Thu 4/1/99 5:43 PM

Protzman, Robert

Re: Montgomery Clift

Note: No mention was made of his fathers side of the family.

I think you cant ake it from where I left off:

1. Montgomery Clift b: October 17, 1920 , Omaha, died July 23, 1966

2. William Brooks Clift

3. Ethel Anderson

6. Woodbury Blair

7. Maria Latham Anderson

12. Montgomery Blair

13. Mary Elizabeth Woodbury, born Portsmouth, NH

14. Robert Anderson, in charge of Fort Sumter

15. Elizabeth Bayard Clinch

23. Levi Woodbury

27. Elizabeth William Clapp

30. Duncan Lamont Clinch

31. Eliza Bayard McIntosh

52. Peter Woodbury, Jr.

53. Mary Woodbury

54. Asa Clapp

55. Elizabeth Wendell Quincy

62. John Houston McIntosh

63. Eliza Bayard

104. Peter Woodbury

105. Elizabeth Dodge

110. Jacob Quincy

111. Elizabeth Williams

126. Nickolas Bayard, J r.

127. Catherine Livingston


Anne Brown []

Fri 6/4/99 12:27 PM

Robert L. Protzmann


Dear Bob,

The book review editor at the NEHGS ( just sent me some

additions and corrections, including these, which you might want for your


"Vault 152: There is an account of the Gilbert Robert Livingston and Henry

Beeckman families in The New York Genealogical and Biographical Record 84

(1953): 104-7, 85 (1954): 234-37, 88 (1957): 43-48. The Rev. Gilbert

Livingston Smith was the son of William Mather Smith and Helen Maria

Livingston. Martha Kane and Gilbert Robert Livingston were married 30

September 1779. Dr. James Augustus Washington married Anna White Constable,

daughter of John Constable and Susan Maria Livingston. All the Beekmans

named should be Beeckmans. The still-born child of Mrs. N.B. Graham should

be listed as a child of Mrs. Henry Beeckman (H.B.) Graham.

With all best wishes, Scott C. Steward"

"Yes, I am descended from the Beeckmans (through Gilbert Livingston Beeckman

and Margaret Atherton Foster), and related to Ann Lefferts Mason (she was a

first cousin of my ancestress, Anne Beekman Finlay) and (by marriage) to

Mary Isabella (Young) Steward. (By the way, the Beekmans and Beeckmans were

distinct families; Henry Beeckman was descended from Marten Hendrickse

Beeckman, while his wife was a descendant of Wilhelmus Beekman.) I would be

very interested in the fate of the wall plaques, and would be glad to help

out however I can. Please feel free to send on my Beeckman paragraph to Mr.

Protzmann; is he also a Beeckman descendant?"

So I now have two Beeckman informants, which is great. The other vaults

should be so lucky! Best - Anne


SENT - 6/16/99




Dear Scott,

Thank you for your prompt reply. This does settle things in my mind as to why the Marble Cemetery BEEKMANs were descendants of Marten BEECKMAN, even though they were LIVINGSTON and BEEKMAN (Willem) descendants.

I guess this doesnít settle the question of the proper spelling of the surname, though. I believe that BEECKMAN would be a Dutch spelling while BEEKMAN was probably German. However, many Dutch families in America eventually dropped the "CK" spelling in favor of "K". This happened to my BLANCK family, making it difficult to find modern descendants of Juerian BLANCK, as opposed to many BLANKs known to have come directly from Germany.

I would guess that the best spellings to use in Anne Brownís book would be the spellings used in the records and on cemetery monuments, as they are most likely the spellings used by the families of those individuals.

In discussing the genealogy of these families, the BEECKMAN vs. BEEKMAN origins should be made clear.

Can you give me the line of descent of your Henry BEECKMAN from Marten BEECKMAN. I havenít been able to make the connection from the data I have.

I am attaching a copy of my BEEKMAN Family file, which contains what I have on the Albany BEECKMANs. I use the Modified Henry System of numbering, so that each individualís number shows his ancestry in the line being presented, as well as his birth order in each generation (when known). If you have any questions, please HOLLER! I have added your line from Willemus BEEKMAN and Gilbert LIVINGSTON.

Please note that these are works in progress, and are not meant to be complete. The degree of completeness reflects the amount of time that I have spent and the interest and that I have had in that line.

If you would like copies of my LIVINGSTON and SCHUYLER Files, I can send them too.

Pleased to meet another cousin.




Fri 6/11/99 10:44 AM

'Protzman, RL (Robert)'


Dear Bob:

I am descended from both the Beeckmans and the Beekmans, since Henry

Beeckman married Catherine McPhaedris Livingston, a descendant of Wilhelmus

Beekman as follows:

Wilhelmus Beekman = Catherina de Boogh

Henry Beekman = Johanna (Lopers) Davidson

Cornelia Beekman = Gilbert Livingston

Robert Gilbert Livingston = Catherine McPhaedris

Gilbert Robert Livingston = Martha Kane [11361.y.]

Catherine McPhaedris Livingston = (2) Henry Beeckman

Gilbert Livingston Beeckman = Margaret Atherton Foster

Margaret Atherton Beeckman = Campbell Steward

Gilbert Livingston Steward = Anne Beekman Ayer (a descendant of Wilhelmus

Beekman's son Gerardus)

Campbell Steward = Barbara Fairfax Glidden Bell

Scott Campbell Steward

If you look in the Record article on the descendants of Gilbert Livingston,

you will find mention of my father (b. 1934), under the entry for the family

of Henry and Catherine McPhaedris (Livingston) Beeckman.

I would be very interested in seeing what information you have. The Beekman

genealogy is rather patchy -- good on some things, not on others. There are

a number of good articles in the Record on various branches.

All best, Scott

-----Original Message-----

From: Protzman, RL (Robert) []

Sent: Thursday, June 10, 1999 12:38 PM

To: ''




Your message to Anne Brown was forwarded to me as I am interested in these

families and have been helping her with some of the genealogy of the

Permanent Residents of NY Marble Cemetery.

It was my feeling that the BEEKMANs and LIVINGSTONs buried there were

probably descendants of Gilbert LIVINGSTON, or close relatives, through

subsequent marriages with BEEKMAN cousins. You have stated that these

BEEKMANs were actually BEECKMANs, descendants of Marten BEECKMAN of Albany.

I do not have enough information on these lines to confirm or deny this from

my records.

If your Gilbert Livingston BEECKMAN is indeed a descendant of the LIVINGSTON

clan, then we are cousins, through Pieter TJERCKS (SCHUYLER), the Dutch

ancestor of the wives of the two immigrant Robert LIVINGSTONs. Can you tell

me more about your connections, and how Gilbert Livingston BEECKMAN fits

into the BEECKMAN and LIVINGSTON families? I am willing to share my

BEEKMAN, LIVINGSTON and SCHUYLER files, and any others of interest.

My data is kept in Word for Windows 95 (7.0) text format, employing the

Modified Henry System of numbering, making it very easy to trace family

relationships within a given line.

I have a copy of the NYG&B RECORD article on the descendants of Gilbert

LIVINGSTON, but do not have any BEEKMAN/BEECKMAN articles.

Are you familiar with the published genealogy on the descendants of Willem

BEEKMAN? I came across a copy in the Huguenot Library in New paltz last

summer, but did not have much time to spend reading it.

Hoping to hear from you soon.

Bob Protzmann